What are you listening to right now?

  • What are you listening to right now?

    Come on every music forum needs a thread like this!
    Preferably describe the artists genre if you think people might not know them.

    Typical Girls - The Slits

    All girl Reggae/Punk band.

  • Well That Was Easy - Franz Ferdinand.

    You all know who Franz Ferdinand are, so I don't bother putting them into a genre...

    I've heard the occasional song by The Slits, but I've never really got into them. They're okay. I think I need to hear the album the whole way through.

  • Before I Forget - Slipknot

    Shhhhh, I like them ok?

  • These Hands - The Damned

    Featuring Dave Vanian laughing manically for half the song. Excellent.

    You're forgiven for liking Slipknot because you like other good bands. :)

  • Hendrix. Finally got my CDs back (after several years!) from a friend this week so I've stuck them into my ripper so I finally have some decent quality rips of ol' Jimi.

    Modern music mainly mediocre? Retro rock resplendent? I Was Born Several Decades Too Late.
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  • Oh, I just realised that you're advertising the group in your signature. Thank you very much!

  • It's the least I could do! 52 members and going strong by the look of it. :)

    Modern music mainly mediocre? Retro rock resplendent? I Was Born Several Decades Too Late.
    "ooolo99ikl;i.,pyknulmmmmmmmmmm 111" - Nell Pirsig
  • I'm amazed that we've got so many members. I really wasn't expecting anyone to join. WLDP could do with a boost..but I'm not complaining.

    Anyway, the more advertising the better. :D

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 20:12
    I'll edit mine for you Alex =)

    Maybe - Stereophonics.

    I assume you've all heard of them, but if not, we'll put them dowen as rock/pop.

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 23:22
    I'm listening to Jens Lekman's Farewell Song To Rocky Dennis by Jens Lekman.

    I quite like him. Imagine if Morrissey was fronting the early incarnation of Belle and Sebastian, but he kept Stuart Murdoch's style of lyrics, and that should give you some idea what Jens is like. But the thing is, he's not English or Scottish—he's Swedish!

    • TowerU escribió...
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    • 12 Oct 2006, 23:57
    I'm currently listening to Unleash the beast
    Um, thunderdome. One of those actually rather sucky genres that managed to get stuck on me.

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    • 13 Oct 2006, 7:38
    Checkin' It Out I feel so ashamed...

  • Reverse.

    Kick arse japanese jazz pianist

    This space for sale
  • Group radio.

    *looks at members and raises eybrow*

    What a bunch of wierdos! ;) Or should I say, what an eclectic range you all have? :D

    Modern music mainly mediocre? Retro rock resplendent? I Was Born Several Decades Too Late.
    "ooolo99ikl;i.,pyknulmmmmmmmmmm 111" - Nell Pirsig
  • The group radio is fun. It comes up with the most random things. An alarming amount of heavy metal...

    I'm listening to:


  • Can You See Me - The Lords of Altamont

    Modern Garage Rock in the same vein as MC5 and The Stooges.

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    • 13 Oct 2006, 20:38
    I just had Piano man - Billie Joel and now I have Bridge over troubled waters - Simon & Garfunkel.

    I'm feeling a little mellow at the moment

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  • Success

    HERE COMES SUCCESSSSSSSS. Best victory song ever. And I'm sure you all know who Iggy Pop is, so I won't bother describing him. :)

  • Sun On The Water - Kirsty MacColl
    Mellow, pop music. Her songs seem to take bits from various genres.

  • The Young Ones.

    Shut up. Don't judge me!

  • I Don't Mind - The Buzzcocks

    Old school pop punk of the highest order!

  • Montana (single version)

    about a guy who wants to become a dental floss tycoon. Zappa rules

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  • Spirit In The Sky - Bauhaus

    Really bassy, gothic cover of the 70s song.

  • Deviant UK - What's Your Malfunction?

    Medium strength industrial with some rather strange lyrics ('your best friend is a chemical').

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  • The Second Fate

    they're an obscure 70's japanes hard/psych rock bank. Only 72 listeners on last.fm

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