Did you go through a phase of liking terrible music?

  • I used to have 3 different S Club 7 CDs.

    I was so lame.

  • I think I had three. Or maybe two. Either way, it doesn't take away the fact that I owned S Club 7 CDs.

    But my friend was even worse. She saw Steps in concert. Ha ha ha.

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    • 4 Oct 2006, 2:21
    I think the first CD I bought myself was Incubus' Morning View.

    Good lord. I thought that was some sort of classic when I first bought it, it was my favorite album for at least a year.

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    • 10 Oct 2006, 18:15
    ... I'm going to be a bitch here, and say.
    Actually, no.

    Not really.
    My parents both had good music taste (hence the old band love) and I have an older sister I'm /very/ close to, who has always hada slightly unusual but good music taste. She hooked me straight onto good music without the hassle inbetween.
    (These days I hook her onto bands, the favour is returned ;D)

    I won't deny certain guiltly pleasures now (those, however, I are entirely my fault...), but I never had the "music-my-friends-like" phase.
    Lucky me, I suppose

  • Older siblings are the key, I think.

    Sadly I'm the older sibling, so I had to make all the discoveries myself.

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    • 11 Oct 2006, 18:07
    Ah. Well I only had her music to follow, so I had a head start =D

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    • 11 Oct 2006, 19:59
    I was so obsessed with the Spice Girls I saw the movie

    What was I thinking?

    Also, there's something embarrasing about liking Status Quo, I'm not sure why but it is just something you don't admit.

  • Didn't the Spice Girls film feature Richard E. Grant? It can't be all that bad, then.

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    • 11 Oct 2006, 21:13
    It also has Elvis Costello, Elton John, Jools Holland, Bob Geldof, Roger Moore and Meat Loaf but it really is dire.

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 1:09
    Older sinlings won't always help. I think the fact my older brothers an sisters despised the music I liked actually strengthened my like for it.

    I only really started getting into music at the age of 11. Okay, I had liked Hanson before that (if I was born a year earlier I'd probably had bought a Hanson album) but the love didn't last long. Like everyone who was 12 in 1998 I (still, sadly) know the lyrics of My Heart Will Go On by heart and then got into Marshall Masters and Scooter, commercial hardcore. I lasted in the really commercial scene (top 50 stuff, y'know) a few years longer, but never bought much else, just Scooter albums and (argh) a Da Boy Tommy album. No too bad all in all, seeing as it could also have been Britney Spears. (Actually, I'm not sure I still know the lyrics of Baby one more time, but probably, yes) At the age of.. 14 I think I floated all off into dance, trance, techno, and then got into the early 90s stuff. (Cherrymoon Trax, Jones & Stephenson, Paragliders, Robert Armani, none of you probably knows them, but well... think Bonzai Records. Not that you will know that, but it might be a helping reference for someone) Not much later I added thunderdome (dangdangdangdanggedangdangdang 300 BPM), of which I mostly got rid. I collected the good stuff of it on 8 cd's or so. Anyways, I went looking for the roots and discovered early house, new beat and Kraftwerk. Then new wave, Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave and the rest is history.

    Oh yes, I had a 'modern music sucks' feeling until I heard:
    - Mezmerize (System of a Down)
    - Retrofuturism (Benza)
    - Venetian Snares
    Now... I listen way too much music.

  • I had a surreal Spice Girls experience today. Sitting on the stage with the rest of my class in front of the whole school while "Viva Forever" played. Year 7 looked utterly bewildered.

    As long as everyone discovers the good music eventually, I don't think it matters how many bad bands you go through in your "phase". If you end up discovering someone like Nick Cave at some point, then you can be forgiven for liking Hanson.

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 18:06
    I'm curious, why was your class on stage in front of the rest of school with the Spice Girls playing?

  • Whatever rough patches you went through, I really do envy some of you. You're so young and yet have such remarkable music taste it's shocking. I wish I'd have had some of your good sense and taste when I was a few years younger. I'd have more albums by now if I did! :)

    As for me... I didn't really get a chance to go through a phase. My house was practically a mute-zone as far as music goes (it still is really, aside from this room of course). So until about three years ago, I didn't have a music taste full stop.

    But then, I did used to be overly fond of Kylie Minogue. I never bought an album, but I did have about ten songs on my PC. And I did go through the whole 'modern music sucks!' phase too.

    On the other hand - I never liked the Spice Girls. :p

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  • I'm curious, why was your class on stage in front of the rest of school with the Spice Girls playing?

    It's a long, and not very interesting story that involves useless form teachers, non-existent projectors, problems with power point presentations and a clever idea that involved one thousand girls sitting in a hall and "reflecting" while Viva Forever played. That's the gist of it.

    I went through a "modern music sucks" phase too, but then I remembered how fond I was of Muse and started listening to newer bands again.

    As for Kylie Minogue - she's not that bad. There are worse.

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 20:25
    I've always been to accpeting of music to go through a "god -insert genre here- is awful" phase.
    I like a bit of everything. Some I'm slightly embarassed about, some I'm not.
    My family always had good music taste, but they never really /played/ music after I was born. I found old albums by myself in cupbaord, worked out how to use the record player and found my way from their.

    If I like something, I like something. No matter what the genre, era or musican

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    • 12 Oct 2006, 23:28
    If you're a younger person who discovers older music and becomes infatuated with it, you'll definitely have a "modern music sucks" phase.

    I definitely did. Fortunately, Franz Ferdinand saved me from that. I'm rather glad I didn't stay in that phase, people who think that are rather pathetic. I think now about half my music is modern, half older.

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    • 13 Oct 2006, 3:11
    I was such an asshole during that phase. This will sound so very nerdy, but let's just say a friend of mine put me into my place after I wrote some strongly worded blogs about my hatred for modern music.

    Domestic violence is wrong! And I like Cheerios!
  • Well, like Cat said, it's only natural to through phases like that. And we grew out of it in the end, so it doesn't matter.

    Even if it is embarassing looking back.

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    • 13 Oct 2006, 22:45
    Oh lord, Kim. That sounds very odd...a young person sounding like a crotchety old cane-waver on a blog.

    But actually, I belong to a message board on another site where quite a lot of people are like that. Some of them dismiss pretty much 90% of modern music, and it gets very frustrating sometimes.

  • To be fair, I think modern music did go through a phase of being genuinely, circa 2001-2003. At least, it did in Britain. I blame Pop Idol and the X Factor. All those manufactured pop band programmes.

    Anyway, it's all improved dramatically since then.

  • I never had an 'M.M.S' (Modern Music Sucks) stage. I did stop listening to a lot of modern music for a while and fell behind as far as new bands went, but I never completely dismissed it.

  • The thing with modern music seems to be that, unless you're willing to probe benath the surface you're not going to find anything any good. And that kind of Modern Music Sucks mentality doesn't really allow you to see past the manufactured, Pop Idol winner crap that is bobbing at the surface. It really does take something really popular to grab your attention (such as Franz) to give you hope in modern music and start looking.

    Or just very good friends with good tastes in more recent bands. :)

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  • The thing with modern music seems to be that, unless you're willing to probe benath the surface you're not going to find anything any good.

    Exactly! That's the exact problem I have. It seems to take too much effort looking for good new bands. I'm just too lazy. I end up waiting for a band to become relatively mainstream before I discover them properly. With old music, it just seems to jump out at you.

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    • 14 Oct 2006, 23:27
    I bet it'll be like that when we're old though. I mean, it really wasn't all good back then (Sonny and Cher were the Nick and Jessica of the past), but in retrospect it's clear what was good. At the time, a lot of stuff (i.e. the Velvet Underground) wasn't immediately noticed by the masses of people with good taste.

    Won't it be weird when we have kids, and they come up to us and are like "Have you ever heard of a group called 'Franz Ferdinand'?"

    Domestic violence is wrong! And I like Cheerios!
  • "I Got You Babe" is a good song. But no, I'm not a Sonny & Cher fan. I've just been listening to a 60's compilation CD...

    As for The Velvet Underground, there's that famous quote by Brian Eno (I think) about only a handful of people buying VU & Nico, but everyone who listened to it went on to form a band. Even if they weren't immediately noticed, at least they've been remembered.

    That thing about Franz Ferdinand is a scary thought indeed, but it's not that far-fetched.

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