What was your best/worst concert?

  • What was your best/worst concert?

    Post up a description of the best concert you've been to then hopefully this hasn't happened to you but what was the worst?!

    • JustJonas escribió...
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    • 13 Ago 2007, 2:10
    enter shikari fucking awesome :)

  • best: shakira in lisbon
    worst: hm i didn't really have a worst concert, but at bon jovi in stuttgart i had a really sucking place so hardly could see something :/

    • pascal_t escribió...
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    • 1 Oct 2007, 18:59
    whole pressure festival was awesome<3

    • Ines29791 escribió...
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    • 25 Jul 2008, 7:48
    worst concert was definitely linkin park in cologne because their minutes to midnight album kinda sucks, they didn't talk with the audience & the "kölarena" is too big for concerts in my opinion...

    best concert...mmh i don't know, i've been to a lot of very good concerts.
    for example the blackout, 36 crazyfists, anti flag & so on.

  • Mmmmm I guess it was when I saw Audioslave live and in the middle of the concert they started playing RATM songs, there were two songs one it was "Sleep Now In The Fire" and the slam and moshin' started really fast so I got excited but jajaa it was really intense, some people were throwing up people above the people in front, so like I said I was really excited jajaa and then I jumped, at the beggining I scared, and when I realized I was above of the people I saw Audioslave playing right in front of me 'cause I was on the top and no one was hindering me, I repeat this was pretty fast and in that moment I thought I was going outside falling in front of the people getting outside and then I have to see the show at the back but it wasn't like that 'cause I fell down in the middle of the people in front of the row so I spent the concert watching Audioslave very close jajaa, that was in 2005 I have 16 years old jajaa and I guess that was one of my favorite concerts 'cause now on our days Audioslave disband.

    • mircea23 escribió...
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    • 27 Oct 2008, 18:23
    Massive Attack, for sure. A psychedelic music/visuals experience, combined with some politic messages that fit in absolutely perfect.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 28 Oct 2008, 17:41
    Hard question. First I should mention Pearljam, and I agree with Mircea23 Massive Attack, Pendulum was just going crazy just like Aux Raus. I don't think I ever left a concert unsatisfied; I believe concerts are better than albums 'cause of all the feelings are always so overwelming, if the artist is good to begin with.

  • The best was either Joe Satriani or Dream Theater. Can't really recall a really terrrible show.

    • Mookie76 escribió...
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    • 21 Dic 2008, 21:03
    Best : David Bowie @ Beachrock Oostende 2002
    Worst : The Strokes @ HMH, Amsterdam 2003

    • red_tea escribió...
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    • 25 Ene 2009, 12:00
    best- chemical brothers, prodigy
    worst- fisz,waglewski&emade - i'm sure you don't know this band ;)

    you know what i mean
    • Vilichan escribió...
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    • 5 Mar 2009, 21:29
    The best- Rolling Stones in Budapest, Eric CLapton ...and the worst- Placebo(they sucks!) and Marilyn Manson, I like his songs and clips, but his concerts...
    Prodigy in Paris... I'll never forget!

  • my best concert ever was definitly protest the hero with the chariot and the human abstract. the human abstract sucked hard but the chariot were SO amazing. never had a such intensive show, never had so much fun! if they come back to germany i will definitly be there!

    worst show.. mhh. never was on a bad concert^^

  • Best concert of 2009: definitely Nine Inch Nails @ the Wiltern. Besides being historic (it was their last show ever), they played for over 3 1/2 hours, and I had a great vantage point, surrounded by a great group of fans.
    Worst concert of 2009: probably Silversun Pickups @ the Gibson Amphitheatre, due to bad sound, and horrible lighting (more specifically, the lack of), which made taking video useless.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 20 Dic 2009, 20:37
    hmmm. best would either have to be paramore or the killers.
    worst would have to be ashlee simpson. (it was in third grade, okay?) haha

    • chump86 escribió...
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    • 2 Ene 2010, 15:27
    Best - first rock am ring festival - this was a pure orgasm
    worst - rise against in offenbach it was overcrowded and i lost my girlfriend. also you didnt hear the singer of all three bands singing >.<

  • Best was Rush at MN state fair, Stones at Xcel energy center or Metallica at the target center.

    Worst was Buddy Guy at Prior Lake Jazz and Blues Fest.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 28 Dic 2011, 16:54
    bets: all of the concets I've been exept for the:

    worst: therion. The sound was just too loud.

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