• Greetings From Le Reverie!

    27 Dic 2012, 19:42 de musicdish

    Greetings From Le Reverie "Many Thanks to everyone for making 2012 a fantastic year and looking forward to a great 2013! Yuletide Greetings and may all your holiday dreams and wishes come true!"

    Female Fronted Goth Metal Band Le Reverie was just named one of the Top 20 Best Rock Artists for 2012 by RockWired Magazine. Brian Lush of RockWired says: "In 2012 Le Reverie took their sound into their own hands, and the result is the Mesmerizing Opus "DARK SYMPHONY!"

    Ravenheart Music from the UK says: "Le Reverie has been described as a cross between Evanescence and Dream Theater... Fronted by the amazing voice of Allie Jorgen, the band throw at us their debut full length offering - 12 tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent."

    All Access Magazine says: "These songs will have you in a trance with their dark melodies combined with their classic metal sounds. It will rip and tear you apart ever so sweetly and have you crawling back for more!"

    Cashbox Magazine Says: "Each song on this album "EPIC!"

    The new CD is available on the band’s website http://www.lereverie.com, iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

    The CD includes a free DVD of their new Gothic Video "Hold Me Down". Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N44QY0xhxrg
  • Female Fronted Le Reverie Receive Reviews On Their Long-Awaited Debut CD!

    7 Oct 2012, 20:13 de musicdish

    Critics are talking about Female-Fronted Goth Rock Metal Band Le Reverie and the release of their long awaited debut album, “Dark Symphony.” This 12-Song CD is an amazing combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock. "Dark Symphony" will take you on an amazing journey - from the Symphonic "La Naissance;" and the dark heavy/progressive title track "Dark Symphony;" to the tender ballad "Ghost of You" and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, "Raven". Le Reverie has been referred to as a combination of Dream Theater and Evanescence.

    Dave Attrill from METALLIVILLE, UK’s Rock and Metal Webzine says: “Le Reverie are like a girl-fronted Dream Theater…they are impressive.”

    Scott Thomas of Cashbox Magazine says: “Le Reverie is a band from LA. w/ angelic-vocalist Allie Jorgen at the helm. If you are into progressive metal bands to today's dynamic bands ala Evanescence, then you have to look no further. Each song on this album, 'EPIC'!!!" Are you ready to take a symphonic journey? If so, there is no looking back. This is a must have in your prog-metal music collection!”

    Randy Patterson from Boomerocity.com Magazine says: “Dark Symphony is an incredible merging of Goth, Prog, and Metal with some very healthy doses of Symphonic bliss. Le Reverie will definitely continue on an upward trajectory that the band should be quite thrilled about. Dark Symphony the proggy/gothy title cut is rich in superbly crafted melodies and vocals. This number will get in your head and stay there for days.”

    The first pressing of the album will also include a free DVD of their Gothic Video Single of the song “Hold Me Down” and will be a Limited Edition only.

    Here is the YouTube Link to the new video:

    Don’t miss out on the free DVD; it will only be available for a limited time on the band’s website www.lereverie.com

    Also visit and “like” Le Reverie on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Reverie/123374824370714

    Music: http://www.numberonemusic.com/lereverie/music/239938/
    Email: roc@lereverie.com
  • Le Reverie Female Fronted Goth Rock Metal Band Release Long Awaited CD Dark Symphony

    26 Ago 2012, 8:59 de musicdish

    New Female Fronted Goth Rock Metal Band Le Reverie release their long awaited CD Dark Symphony. This 12 Song CD is an amazing combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock. The first pressing of the CD will also include a free DVD of their Gothic Video Single of the song “Hold Me Down” now out on you YouTube at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N44QY0xhxrg.

    The CD will take you on an amazing journey through the Symphonic “La Naissance”, to the dark heavy progressive “Dark Symphony” to the tender ballad “Ghost of You” and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself “Raven”.

    The band has been called a combination of Dream Theater and Evanescence. Martin Howell of Power Play Magazine in the UK says “Musically Le Reverie remind you of Evanescence.... tracks of well-played, well- sung and well-produced hard rock.”

    Dave Attrill from MetalliVille UK’s Finest Rock and Metal Webzine says, “Le Reverie are like a girl fronted Dream Theater…they are impressive…

    Music Connection magazine raves, “Le Reverie create musical dreamscapes by combining a classic metal sound with dark, rich Gothic overtones, Trance-inducing chord combinations embellished with powerful metal passages and lyrics that conjure up secret yearnings and fears make these songs memorable and like a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, this band’s lyrical obsession with ghosts, darkness and dreams will more than satisfy””

    The CD is available at www.lereverie.com

    Coming soon to iTunes!

    Email: roc@lereverie.com
  • Italy's The Medullary Paralysis Live In Hong Kong June 30, 2012

    26 Jun 2012, 16:35 de musicdish

    It's gonna be dark, bleak, desperate, intense and far-out.

    It also just so happens that it's gonna sound bloody great and gonna be tonnes of fun.

    What's this you ask?

    The Medullary Paralysis are coming to HK all the way from Italy once again, and they're making a stop with the Underground. With their deep, dark yet handsome music they'll carry you willingly into the 90s mixed with the 80s. To help them with their agenda, we have Vrank, the Manson-inspired heavy rockers, and the "Future-music" electronica of Blak.

    It's gonna be lots of great music, and supplemented by lots of beer as well.

    So mark 30th June down on your calendars as a night for some gothically oriented fun...


    The Underground presents The Medullary Paralysis in HK 2012
    Saturday, 30th June 2012
    @ Backstage, 1/F Somptueux Central, 54 Wellington Road, Central
    Bands: The Medullary Paralysis (Italy), Vrank, Blak
    10:00pm - 1:00am
    $100 (Including 1 Becks beer)

    More about the bands:

    The Medullary Paralysis:

    The Medullary Paralysis is an idiosyncratic lifestyle. We don’t drink, we don’t take drugs, we don’t have mechanical sex. The problem is addiction. We have a new vision about how to enjoy life. We hate victimism and we practice compassion. Latex is nothing special. You don’t need to wear it 24/7 to own your life. Take the chance to be reborn.

    Our ears were weaned on the eighties: through our parent’s music, the radio and the tv… then mix that subliminal background with the nineties during which we passed through our adolescence… You have an out-of-body experience when we mix The Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and the 80s. Not-so-industrial-glam on the dance floor.
    Vrank 梵姬:

    A gothic industrial based in Hong Kong, started in 2008.

    Gothic industrial music has always possessed the mystic power that the majority is curious to probe but dares not to enter. In Hong Kong, the city that is soaked with canto-pop, vrank presents their debut album that cares for the minority, challenges the unfair standards that are constantly raised to the weak.

    Probably true to many people that music is just for entertainment, which is quite politically-correct in a sense. vrank, however, selfishly exploit the medium as a ten-year soul-searching journey - a surreal expedition that exposes the hidden side in their minds, and very likely in others too. It is all subjective emotions through the music compositions and yet, it is also all objective contradictions through the cynical lyrics.

    歌德工業音樂,一向擁有著強烈的神秘力量 ,好奇心令普羅大眾欲拒還迎。梵姬的首張大碟正正填補了香港樂壇的空白,挑戰流行音樂的沉悶局面。他們的音樂更得到外國音樂界的認同,被美國唱片公司 Quickstar Productions的邀請,把單曲aggression於本年初收錄於旗下精選大碟 Industrial Underground中。
    BLΛK is an electronic band consisting of Hong Kong musicians Po Kei, Jacky, Angus and Marvin. With “Destroy and Create” as the band’s motto, their ambition is to create their visionary “Future Music” by destroying the traditional rock band format.

    The band originate by Jacky and Po Kei, the active musicians in Hong Kong rock scene. Po Kei is the members of an Indie Rock band Good Fellas, Jacky is a member of an Alternative Rock band Velvette Vendetta. These 2 bands are famed for their phenomenal and energetic live performances, which has led them exposures in major venues & festivals such as Venetian Arena (Macau), Clockenflap (Hong Kong), A-Fest (Manila) & Baybeats (Singapore). After some successful years of the former bands, they decided to explore their talents in electronic dance music, employing VST, synthesizers, dance beats, and catchy hooks, in their pop melodic songs.

    In 2012, Marvin (drummer from In Love and Pain!) and Angus (guitarist from Good Fellas) are invited to join the band, making BLΛK a full powerful dance music act. Don’t miss the chance to feel the intensity of their live performance.
    For the most updated info, visit our website: http://www.undergroundhk.com/v2/2012/06/30/the-medullary-paralysis-live-in-hong-kong-2012/

    Love your local bands - be part of The Underground!!
  • The Level Room Hosts A New Night For Dark Music

    2 May 2012, 12:46 de musicdish

    On Saturday May 26th the Level Room in Philadelphia and Michael Sky brings you : "the next dark day", an evening of live Gothic, Industrial & EBM music with DJ Mr. Manic spinning post punk and death rock throughout the night,as well as drinking specials all night long. Live performances by Philadelphia's own death rock icons Nekromantik Sunshine, as well NYC's bands: Imbolg,Bitter Grace and Nekronet performing that evening as well.

    The Level Room is located at 2021st Market Street in Philadelphia, PA.

    Doors at 8:30pm $8.00 Admission for patrons 21 and over for More Information please call (215) 564-4202

    or visit : http://www.facebook.com/events/347697905277787/
  • inVerse - A Record

    1 Feb 2012, 20:23 de stereosonicstar

    Artist: inVerse
    Album: A Record
    Release Date:
    January 28, 2012
    Genre: Post-Punk/Shoegaze/Alternative Rock

    01 The Only Thing
    02 Strawberry
    03 Cliché
    04 Senseless
    05 Richey
    06 Tidal
    07 Nobody's Right
    08 Sunk
    09 13
    10 Colours
    11 Enough

    Official Website
  • My top 20 albums of 2011

    18 Dic 2011, 21:34 de InfatuationR

    If you want to see my full commentary visit my tumblr:

    (In order of preference)

    1. Let England Shake by PJ Harvey
    2. Ravedeath, 1972 by Tim Hecker
    3. 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush
    4. We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves by John Maus
    5. Strange Mercy by St. Vincent
    6. Cults by Cults
    7. Space Is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar
    8. Bon Iver by Bon Iver
    9. Bad as Me by Tom Waits
    10. King of Limbs by Radiohead
    11. Burst Apartby The Antlers
    12. Only in Dreams by Dum Dum Girls
    13. The Year of Hibernation by Youth Lagoon
    14. Emika by Emika
    15. W h o k i l l byTuNe YarDs
    16. The Rip Tide by Beirut
    17. Smoke Ring for My Halo by Kurt Vile
    18. A Creature I Don’t Know by Laura Marling
    19.Skyingby The Horrors
    20. Metals by Feist

    Honorable mentions:
    (In no particular order)

    1. Conatus by Zola Jesus
    2. Night of Hunters by Tori Amos
    3. Biophilia by Björk
    4. Portamento by The Drums
    5. 21 by Adele
    6. Alien Observer by Grouper
    7. Past Life Martyred Saints by EMA
    8. Ceremonials by Florence and The Machine
    9. Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li
    10. 8in8 EP by 8in8
    11. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes
    12. James Blake by James Blake
  • Le Reverie Named One Of The Top National Unsigned Bands In Concert Fri. Dec. 16

    15 Dic 2011, 1:29 de musicdish

    Female Fronted Goth Rock Band Le Reverie (French for "The Dream") will play a special concert at San Fernando Valley Rock Hotspot Paladino's, 6101 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, California, Friday December 16th at 9:00 PM. Le Reverie was just named One Of The Top National Unsigned Bands by Music Connection Magazine for 2011 and were recently selected "Emerging Artist of the Week" by Sonic Bids.

    Le Reverie's Debut EP Truth & Lies was recorded at East West Studios in Hollywood, California with Famed Producer Ron Nevison at the controls. Ron, who has worked with Led Zeppelin, The Who and Heart, was able to bring his magic to Le Reverie and the result is a powerful 3-song EP. When asked to describe their music, Singer Songwriter Allie Jorgen said "It's powerful and able to reach people on an emotional level. It is about everyday situations that we all go through and not sugar coated."

    Producer Ron Nevison says "Le Reverie is an amazing assortment of musicians and songwriters fronted by Allie Jorgen who are destined to be on top."

    Ross Tonkin President of International Management Company, Concerthouse Music says "With Well Crafted Songs, Strong Music and Aggressive Vocals, Le Reverie is a band that will shake up the world! Watch out for this one!"

    The EP's single "Hold Me Down" won "Breakout Single of the Year" by the Los Angeles Music Awards.

    A free download of "Hold Me Down is available at www.lereverie.com
    Check out the new Live Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faXTktBOf4M
    Come on out to Paladino's on Friday, December 16th and see what the buzz on Allie Jorgen and Le Reverie is all about! www.lereverie.com.

    13 Dic 2011, 10:32 de Egibeltza



    AFP, Mise à jour : mardi 13 décembre 2011 11:16

    *note : "ONU" is for U.N.O., Organisation des Nations Unies (as we say : "unies ? tu parles !"

    Syrie: la répression a fait plus de 5.000 morts, l'ONU mise en cause pour son inaction

    La répression en Syrie a fait "plus de 5.000 morts", a affirmé lundi la haut commissaire aux droits de l'homme de l'ONU Navi Pillay, s'en prenant devant le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies à l'inaction de la communauté internationale.


    "Aujourd'hui j'ai rapporté le fait que le nombre (des morts) excède 5.000", a-t-elle dit lors d'un point de presse à l'issue de la réunion du Conseil.

    L'ONU a des informations selon lesquelles plus de 200 personnes ont été tuées depuis le 2 décembre par les forces du président Bachar al-Assad, a indiqué Mme Pillay, selon des diplomates qui ont assisté à la réunion du Conseil.

    Le dernier bilan de l'ONU était de plus de 4.000 personnes tuées par les forces syriennes depuis le début du mouvement de contestation du régime en mars dernier. Interrogé sur ce bilan la semaine dernière, le président Assad avait mis en doute la crédibilité de l'ONU.

    Mme Pillay s'exprimait devant le Conseil en réponse à une demande de la France, de la Grande-Bretagne et de l'Allemagne.

    Le Conseil de sécurité n'arrive pas à se mettre d'accord sur une résolution qui condamnerait la répression en Syrie. Un double veto russo-chinois a torpillé le 4 octobre un projet de résolution en ce sens. Depuis, la Russie, alliée du régime syrien, n'a pas donné de signe d'assouplissement.

    "Des informations crédibles réunies par mon personnel démontrent une tendance à l'usage systématique et étendu de la torture lors des interrogatoires", a assuré Mme Pillay, toujours selon des diplomates.

    Citant des sources dignes de foi, Mme Pillay a indiqué que plus de 300 mineurs avaient été tués par les forces syriennes, dont 56 pour le seul mois de novembre. Les écoles ont été utilisées comme centres de détention.

    "Tuer des enfants en les frappant ou en leur tirant dessus pendant les manifestations" est une pratique "largement répandue" tout comme "la torture et les mauvais traitements", a-t-elle ajouté.

    "L'inaction de la communauté internationale va enhardir les autorités syriennes et assurer l'impunité aux auteurs" de ces tueries, a-t-elle dit.

    A l'issue de l'exposé de Navi Pillay, même Vitali Tchourkine, ambassadeur russe à l'ONU, s'est dit "troublé". "Nous sommes tous unis par le fait que nous sommes extrêmement troublés par les développements tragiques en Syrie de ces derniers mois et par le fait que nous voudrions que cela cesse", a-t-il déclaré.

    La position de la Russie n'a pas bougé pour autant, a résumé M. Tchourkine. "Ce que la Russie a demandé est le dialogue. Malheureusement nous avons vu certains membres-clés de la communauté internationale et du Conseil de sécurité changer de vitesse et se tourner vers le mode +changer de régime+ (en Syrie), décourageant le dialogue à l'intérieur de la Syrie et entre la Ligue arabe et la Syrie", a-t-il poursuivi. "C'est très dangereux", a-t-il prévenu.

    A l'opposé, l'ambassadeur de France à l'ONU a vertement mis en cause l'inaction du Conseil de sécurité, "moralement responsable de ce qui se passe aujourd'hui en Syrie". "La France et d'autres membres du Conseil de sécurité considèrent que le silence du Conseil est un scandale", a-t-il poursuivi.

    "Nous pensons maintenant que le Conseil de sécurité doit agir", a pour sa part côté affirmé l'ambassadeur britannique à l'ONU Mark Lyall Grant. "Il est intolérable que le Conseil soit condamné à demeurer silencieux", a renchéri l'ambassadeur allemand aux Nations unies Peter Wittig, dont le ministre des Affaires étrangères Guido Westerwelle s'était auparavant dit "choqué" par ce qu'il avait entendu de la situation en Syrie.

    "Nous estimons incroyable que le Conseil de sécurité n'ait pas parlé ces derniers mois", a quant à elle Mme Rosemary DiCarlo, ambassadrice adjointe des Etats-Unis à l'ONU.

  • DJ Set - Red Room 17/09/2011 - Ulterior promo party

    19 Sep 2011, 13:53 de tenrapid

    A fun little set and I think it went down pretty well! It was a quietish night, but a good percentage were dancing. This was the closest to how I would ike to play at Red Room - this time there was no need to keep the punters happy! Just one 'pure' set to help promote Ulterior! :)

    Angelspit - Skinny Little Bitch
    The Sisters of Mercy - Doctor Jeep
    Ulterior - Sister Speed
    Frank (just Frank) - Do The Soviet
    The Cure - The Walk
    Visage - Fade To Grey
    Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel
    Clan of Xymox - Emily
    White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number
    Joy Division - Digital
    Factory Floor - Lying
    O. Children - Dead Disco Dancer
    Ulterior - Big City Black Rain