New Bay Slaps

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    • 24 Feb 2006, 7:38

    New Bay Slaps

    This is where I'll tell yall about the new bay slaps.

    Bailey ft. J. Valentine - U C It

    E-40 - Yell It Out

    J. Diggs - Do Sumthin'

    Federation - 18 Dummy

    Federation - So Crazy

    Mistah F.A.B. - Go Damn Dumb

    Thats about it for right now. So check em out tell me what yall think about em

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    • 5 Mar 2006, 22:25
    Got a couple of new slaps for yall

    Too Short - Blow The Whistle

    The Mossie ft. Mistah FAB - Throw It Up

  • new cd

    Thiz Nation Vol. 5 go get it, bonafide head nodder

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    • 14 Abr 2006, 21:43
    A's - Yadidimean
    Speedy - Stoopid
    Head Bustaz - Dumb In My Backpack
    The Team - My Song
    Scweez - Greenlight
    DBZ ft E40 - Stewy
    Mistah F.A.B. - Don't Know

    You can download The Team's Hyphy juice mixtape at

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    • 10 May 2006, 10:16
    Droop-E And B-Slimm - Pause

    Droop-E And B-Slimm - Out Here

    Blu Chip - Retarded

    Flo - Shake Dem Dreads

    The Team - Hyphy Juice Remix

    Keak Da Sneak - On Citas

    Tha Pack - Yes Sir

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    • 23 May 2006, 21:06
    I got a lot of them for yall this time mayne!

    Messy Marv & Guce - Im So Hood

    Prophet - Strip For Me

    Sean-T - Dat Bump

    Mr. Midas - Bag Back (Remix)

    Too Short - Gangsters & Strippers

    Sean-T - Beastin (remix)

    Turf Talk - Wakin' Em Up

    Turf Talk - Im Thizzin

    Shake Da Mayor - Stunna Shades

    Haji Springer - Hello Buddy

    Haji Springer - Pop It

    Droop-E And B-Slimm - Surf

  • some good songs i didint have here, keep em comin

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    • 15 Jun 2006, 7:10
    I got a lot more for yall again mayne!

    Balance - Grind

    Balance - Let The Bass Go

    Potzee - That Girl ft. Mistah F.A.B.

    TeamKnoc - Freezetag

    Go Dav - Too Bay ft. Team Knoc

    Celly Cel - Open Doors

    Big Rich - Thats The Bidness

    Doey Rock - Popcorn

    San Quinn - Kick Yo Ass

    Zion I - The Bay Remix

    D.B.'z - Off Safety

    Furious - Take You Down Remix

    Keak Da Sneak - Aks & Sks

    Laroo - Grandaddy California

    Xplicit and Jack Tracks - Body Rock

    The Federation - I Only Wear My White Tees Once (remix)

    The Federation - Shake Yo Helmet

    The Federation - I Wear My Stunna Glasses at Nite

    TeamKnoc - Pop Thizz Like Me

    TeamKnoc - My Shit Go

    Frontline - Take That

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  • It's been a while but I got same more slaps for yall mayne! I see we 32 deep now mayne so thanks for joinin my group and stay hyphy yall!

    Marc Price - Just Lost It

    Too Short - Goin Dumb

    Mistah F.A.B. - We Don't Play That

    The Bay Area Allstars - Pass The Mic

    Young Dru - Act A Ape

    Dru Down - Cash Me Out

    Bailey - The Llama

    Cellski - Let Me See That

    Bailey - 808 Kick

    Dem Hoodstarz - Uggg

    Eighteen - Timber

    E-40 - Tell Me When To Go (Bay Area Allstars Remix)

    Esco - Got The Bay With Me

    Kaz Kyzah - I Go

    Kaz Kyzah - Wanna Go

    Keak Da Sneak - Pass Me Tha Drank

    Killa Keise - Bust His Head Remix

    Killa Keise - Shake Them Dreads

    Lil Jordan - Golf Man Dance

    M-Dash - Mainey Musik Remix

    Mike Marshall - Grape Area

    Mistah F.A.B. - Ghost Ride It

    Mistah F.A.B. - Slappin In The Trunk

    Pretty Black - We On

    San Quinn - Dumb

    Speedy - Do You Really Want Me

    Starski - Stunnas On

    Starski - Car Shinin

    Killa Klump - Go Hard ft. Styles P.

    The Pack - Booty Bounce Bopper

    The Team - Ex

    The Pack - Go Boppa

    The Pack - Watch It Crack

    Ya Boy - Pillow Talkin

    Young Pillionaires - Helmet On My Head

    Don't forget to downlaod the new Kaz Kyzah at

    and don't forget to vote for all your favorite artist for the Bay Area Rap Scene Awards at

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    • 28 Sep 2006, 22:34
    Im Back!

    Dj Shadow - Dats My Part ft. E-40

    Clinton Sparks - Dumb Hyphy ft. E-40

    Mistah F.A.B. - Put Tha G in High Fee

    Mistah F.A.B. - Sumalumah

    J-Smith - Ring The Alarm

    B-Legit - Like That

    PSD - Cuzz Cuzz

    The Aviatorz - The Dummy Go

    TeamKnoc - I Go Dumb In The Club

    TeamKnoc - Demo On Wax

    TeamKnoc - Fruity Pebble Punk Rock

    Boo Banga - Candy

    Guce - Guce Got

    Luni Coleone - My Cutlass

    The Headbustaz - Giggin

    Young Life - Go Dumb Part 2

    Hollywood - Put It In Motion

    Da Scraper Boyz - Scrayper Biz

    TeamKnoc - Stop Drop Roll

    Dem Hoodstarz - You Know

    916 - Yellow Bus Wit It

    The Pack - Club Stuntin

    Dj Shadow - Turf Dancing

    Mac Benz - Mix It Up

    Turf Talk - Rydah Music

    Too Short - Burn Rubber Pt. 2

    Beeda Weeda - Space

    Big Rich - Meet The Dealers Remix

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    • 1 Nov 2006, 23:12
    Burner - Stupid Crazy Retarded

    Bavgate - Fitt Cap

    Bavgate - Im Rich (Remix)

    Cataracs - Blueberry Afghani

    The Pack - Shake That Crack

    Da Prince - Do What U Do

    Da Prince - Money N My Pocket

    The Gift - 80's Baby

    The Federation - Twerk Something

    The Federation - Get Naked You Beezy

    J. Valentine - Church Girl

    J. Diggs - In Tha Bay

    Bueno - Movement

    The Western Conference - Turf Hoody

    The Western Conference - Take Meds

    Gaita - Boppas On Deck

    The Pack - Slap

    Mistah F.A.B. - Wheels On The Bus

    Moss Da Boss - Go

    Meko Makafi - Bay Whomp

    Thizz Nation - Dont Spill It

    Balance - Boomin System

    Battle Loco - While Your Gone

    Diligentz - Bopular

    Mac Dre - G500

    Mac Dre - Let Yourself Go

    It's Kinda Late But Happy Halloween Yall!

    Also T.I.P. Furl Dont Forget To Stops By His Page And Show Some Love

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    • 10 Feb 2007, 19:17
    Black C - Like Ya Birthday

    Lee Majors - Hyphy City

    Lee Majors - Do Da 1 On Em

    Lee Majors - Suktion Tips

    Dru Down & Lee Majors - Rock It Don't Stop It

    Babyface Assasins - Fassst

    Bailey - Hyphy Love

    Beeda Weeda - Turfs Up Bay Area Allstar Remix

    Big Rich - Go Crazy

    The Cataracts - Gum Drop

    The Cataracts - Bluberry Afgani Remix

    Clyde Carson - 2 Step

    Clyde Carson - Hood Stomped Out

    Diego Redd - In The No

    Diligentz - Bopular

    Diligentz - Punk Rock Remix

    Eddie Projex - On Like Me Remix

    Doey Rock - Bring Back Double

    Husalah - Cuttin It Up

    J. Valentine - Bad Behavior

    J. Valentine - Rippers

    J. Stalin - Get It Like Me

    Keak Da Sneak - That Go

    Keak Da Sneak - Hyphy 07

    Keak Da Sneak - The Bay Is Back

    Killa Klump - Go Dumb

    Messy Marv - Go Dummy

    Messy Marv - Charger

    Nump - White Tees

    Nump - Shake Off Your Sweat

    Nump - Sesemed Street

    Prophet - Thizz Face

    Sumthin Terrible - Go 18 On The Dance Flo

    Sumthin Terrible- Shady Eighty Crack Baby

    The Pack - Oh Go

    The Pack - Ride My Bike

    The Pack - Im Shinin

    Turf Talk - I Got Chips

    Turf Talk - You Really Got Me Goin'

    Yadaboyz - Let's Go

    Yung Moses - Yadada Remix

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    • 14 Sep 2009, 18:10
    Good work, keep it up.

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