So - recommendations?

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    • 18 Dic 2006, 11:52

    So - recommendations?

    Ok, I have the following Harold Budd:

    Lovely Thunder
    The Pavilion Of Dreams
    She Is a Phantom
    The White Arcades
    Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror
    The Pearl

    I'm also lucky enough to know that I'm getting
    Avalon Sutra


    What next?!

  • Avalon Sutra is AMAZING ... How Vacantly You Stare at Me is one of my favorite Budd songs ever.

    I would definitely recommend The Room. Every song is a completely different style and mood yet they all seem to flow perfectly together. Amazing album.

    The Serpent (In Quicksilver) is very nice too.

    Be Excellent to Each Other
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    • 30 Dic 2006, 14:41


    I got Avalon Sutra for Christmas and put it on last night as I went to bed.. passed out very quickly, so I think I'll need to listen to that a little more attentively (or not in bed) the next time.

    I'll definitely check out "The Room" when I get the chance.


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    • 1 Feb 2007, 20:20
    You have a very nice start! You might like to try some of his older stuff. Personally I never travel without 'Abandoned Cities', a darker and sparser Budd than you might find in the likes of 'Plateaux', but very very very nice. On a more recent tack, the collaboration with Robin Guthrie on 'Mysterious Skin' is very nice as well. I also love 'As Long as I can hold my breath (by night)', the bonus disk on Avalon sutra, 65 minutes of Budd's gorgeous chords! Nice.

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    • 4 May 2007, 22:05


    Thanks for that scanar.

    I'll have a look for Abandoned Cities (not on emusic unfortunately).

    More Harold Budd loveliness coming to me from the looks of things.

  • "Abandoned Cities" is essential Budd...and the album he did with Cocteau Twins entitled "The Moon and the Melodies" is superb as well. In addition to the above mentioned, there's also "Music For 3 Pianos", a collaborative album with Ruben Garcia and Daniel Lentz, which is great, and "Through the Hill" with Andy Partridge of XTC.

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    • 3 Mar 2008, 7:57
    One album not mentioned here so far is 'La Bella Vista' which is well worth tracking down.

    There's also the album 'Perhaps' that was released on the Samadhi Sound label last year which is available as a digital download.

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    • 3 Abr 2008, 10:49
    how can I download "Perhaps"??

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    • 8 Abr 2008, 20:20
    To download 'Perhaps', go to the Samadhi Sound online shop at:

    It's £5.99 for the whole album... cheap as chips!

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