Harlem Renaissance

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Creado el: 13 Ene 2010
...and I stay here where ideas are beyond everything.

In Art:

1. Jacob Lawrence - Barber Shop (1946); 2. Jacob Lawrence - Tombstones (1942)

1.Lois Mailou Jones - Ubi Girl from Tai Region (1972); 2.Lois Mailou Jones - Initiation Liberia (1983)

1. Norman Lewis - Yellow Hat (1936); 2. Norman Lewis - Congregation (1950)

1. Beauford Delaney - Makonde Figure (1952); 2. Beauford Delaney - Dark Rapture (1941)

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  • khal_naqis

    You should add Claude McKay to the connections.

    9 Ene 2013 Responder
  • chillhood

    @johntardsbaby66 the guy in my avatar. Countee Cullen.

    29 Abr 2011 Responder
  • johntardsbaby66

    Anyone want to recommend me some good Harlem Renaissance prose? I've read a little Hughes and I just bought two Richard Wright books. I've also read a lot of the poetry.

    4 Ene 2011 Responder
  • chillhood


    27 Nov 2010 Responder
  • trifibian

    not yet. now i'm into art... i did not have the time to explore the part with literature/poetry, but i read about Zora Hurston and i think i'll begin with her and this it's beacause i'm interested, also, in anthropology and she is very well linked with that :).

    10 Mar 2010 Responder
  • Konkapa

    Hello. Any admirers of Langston Hughes here? I've read Not Without Laughter and now i'm finishing The Big Sea. He is such an amazing writer...

    3 Mar 2010 Responder
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