• 200.000

    31 May 2008, 23:57 de s_e_a

    ...Tracks played

    lucky track is Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot by Sting
  • Damon & Naomi in London

    26 Nov 2007, 11:59 de grange85

    Sun 25 Nov – Howlin Rain, Damon & Naomi, Sunburned Hand of the Man

    The Scala is a converted cinema near London’s King’s Cross station, we arrived about 7:30 after a long haul through the miserable traffic on London’s westway. There were three bands on the bill with Damon & Naomi up second and penciled in for a meagre 45 minute set. The venue was as expected far from packed and I took up my position to the right of the stage.

    Read the rest of the review at A Head Full of Wishes
  • A Head Full of Wishes / Survey 2007

    19 Nov 2007, 12:34 de grange85

    The 13th annual A Head Full of Wishes survey has just gone online where you can vote for your favourite Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi and Dean & Britta tracks and albums.

    Place your votes
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  • It was 20 years ago today...

    29 Ago 2007, 13:15 de grange85

    Galaxie 500's first ever show
    Read a bit more about the first show on A Head Full of Wishes
  • A history of album to download!

    20 Ago 2007, 0:33 de grange85

    Sometime in the Autumn of 2004 I put forward the idea of a tribute album to the members of the Galaxie 500 Mailing List and a bunch of excellent contributions trickled in over the next few months...the plan was to put out a proper CD in a nice two colour package sometime in the spring of 2005.

    The project slipped...and slipped...partially because I was trying to get up the nerve to put together a contribution of my own (something that never happened) but mostly because I was just crap at getting things together...I started trying to ignore the reminders I set for myself but by the end of 2005 it was getting embarrassing.

    I decided to scale down the ambition and go for a CDR and a laser printed b/w sleeve and so in March 2006 the tribute finally saw the light of day. I can't remember how many copies I sold/gave away (probably 80 or so).

    But it was really too good a project to leave it at that. One of the contributers, mkorchia of the very excellent Watoo Watoo suggested a few months back that I should put the album on line somewhere - and even that took me bloody ages!

    But here it is...finally...

    You can download the complete album for nothing...

    Decomposing - the songs of Galaxie 500 and Luna

    Download the album

    Please download it and enjoy it becuase it deserves a listen...and try not to think about the fact that it took me three years to do...I try not to!
  • Sweet Watoo Watoo

    8 Ago 2007, 11:54 de grange85

    Just came across some sweet videos of the very lovely Watoo Watoo on YouTube...they make me's the one in English (The Golden Castle) as it's (sadly) the only language I speak!

    Maybe if we all rush out and buy their fab new album la fuite mk could afford a grown up guitar :)

    La Fuite has a very sweet cover of Luna's Chinatown that made its first appearance on the very rare "Decomposing" CDR (a tribute to Luna & Galaxie 500). It's only rare because I was a rubbish at marketing it - I might try and get it online somewhere after the summer...
  • My Top 6...Dean Wareham moments...

    20 Jul 2007, 15:39 de grange85

    (OK reading this back it sounds like the smug ramblings of a backstage ligger - but having written them out I may as well publish!)

    Over the 12 years of the Galaxie 500 Mailing List I have trotted out the same old memories time and time again so I thought I'd use my journal to trot them out one more here are my top 6 Dean Wareham (of Galaxie 500, Luna and Dean & Britta fame) moments...

    1. The arse print incident...
      Hazel and I went to NYC in February 2001 for a weekend that just happened to coincide with a couple of Luna shows at the Knitting Factory (what luck!). An attempt to get a signed copy of the vinyl Luna Live album, turned into an invite to Dean's home the next day. Hazel and I arrived wrapped up warm from the bitter weather and walked into the sweltering apartment. The room contained Dean, his (then) wife, his son, a large dog and a friend who had probably been asked over just in case the nutty Internet stalkers went homicidal. We sat on the vinyl sofa...and I started to sweat – a combination of the heat and the stress and the fact that I sweat at the drop of a hat turned me into a sodden mess. After a nice cup of tea and some awkward stilted conversation Hazel and I left – I didn't dare turn round to see but I suspect the sweaty arse-print on the sofa was a sight to behold.
    2. 28 seconds from Brussels
      In October 1997 after a show at the LA2 I finally got up the nerve to talk to Dean – he was really cool – signed the back of my ticket, was complimentary about my website and took my phone number so that he could let me know the other tour dates coming up. A week or so later I got home from work to find a message from Dean on the answerphone – he had phoned in from Brussels while I was out. Of course being out was so much better than being in. Being in would have been an uncomfortable series of umms and errrs that would be nothing but a fading memory in my head – instead I had (and still have!) a 28 second recording of Dean Wareham leaving me a message!
    3. Chocolate and coke
      September 1999 was the first time I was on the guestlist for a Luna show – I went to the gig on my own (something I do too often) and I remember the guy on the door calling me "Billy no mates". I was surprised at the backstage pass that I was handed and therefore felt obliged to go backstage afterwards. Backstage at The Embassy Rooms was little more than a narrow corridor. Dean was chatty, handing out chocolate bars, that seemed to be an important part of the rider, and showing me a photo of his recently arrived son Jack. I got lost trying to find my way out and interrupted some smooth besuited individual setting himself up a line of coke.
    4. Dear Paulina
      After the mailing list and web page had been kicking along for a couple of years I decided it’d be great to release a fan club single – my ideal was to have Dean/Luna on one side and Damon & Naomi on the other but a very sweet rejection letter from Naomi put paid to that. So the proposal turned into a Luna single – Dean was very good – he suggested that he might be able to send a demo but when the DAT arrived I was stunned and delighted to have the lovely (and unavailable anywhere else) track dear paulina to release (and a cool instrumental for the flip). I took the opportunity to put a picture of Hazel on the sleeve and mention Adam on the insert - how sweet!
    5. Squash court
      Luna's last show in London was at ULU and "backstage" at ULU is actually downstairs in a squash court. Matthew Buzzell was filming the excellent Tell Me Do You Miss Me on this tour and asked me to do an interview – which was an embarrassing babble that thankfully never made the final cut (sadly nothing from the London show made it into the film). Sonic Boom handed us a beer when we walked onto the court and I posed awkwardly for my only (so far) fan photo with Dean (and one with Britta).
    6. Unofficial photographer
      After last months Dean & Britta show at the Metro Dean beckoned me into a quieter corner of the bar near the door for our now traditional awkward silences – being by the door meant being interrupted by folk wanting their picture taken with Dean and being the nobody standing next to Dean (and later next to Britta) made me the person they asked to take those photos. Most bizarre moment was someone asking Dean if he knew who Andy Aldridge was!

    OK the last one’s a bit of a stretch but it seemed I only had five stories of any interest!

  • Watoo Watoo - new album "la fuite" is out!

    13 Jun 2007, 14:20 de mkorchia

    (oh, spam!)
    (pour le texte en français : voir plus bas)

    Our new album was released 2 days ago! See what our label wrote about this:

    "Watoo Watoo's previous natural Felt-esque and / songwriting abilities have now been wrapped in a fancy production and completed with many other influences : jazz hints (Si tu me crois), 70's funk (lpb) + an epic last trip-pop trip (Un Ami)...and yeah, I almost forgot... Pascale's voice has never been so beautiful..." Pop 'n' Cherries.
    There'a also a cover of Luna's Chinatown.

    In an exclusive package deal, available only from Letterbox Records, purchase Watoo Watoo's new album la fuite plus previous album le fumalin for the special price of £9.99 (19$). This offer is available only while limited stocks last, so head towards the Letterbox online shop to take advantage of this opportunity.

    perdu and ne pas croire can be downloaded from la fuite page.

    Many thanks everyone,
    Letterbox Records


    Notre nouvel album sort aujourd'hui! Voici la note écrite par notre label :

    "On appréciait les qualités d'écriture de Watoo Watoo pour ses morceaux Felt-esque ainsi que pour ses chansons /... A cela s'ajoute aujourd'hui une production classieuse complétée par d'autres influences : du jazz (Si tu me crois) au funk 70's (lpb) en passant par un morceau de bravoure trip-pop (Un Ami)... Et j'allais oublier... La voix de Pascale n'a jamais été aussi belle..." Pop 'n' Cherries.
    A noter aussi une reprise de Chinatown, de Luna.

    Letterbox Records vous propose le nouvel album de Watoo Watoo (la fuite) ainsi que le précédent (le fumalin) pour 15 Euros . Cette offre limitée n'est disponible que sur la boutique en ligne de Letterbox

    perdu et ne pas croire peuvent être téléchargés à partir de la page de la fuite.

    Merci à tous,

    Letterbox Records
  • A pick of destiny

    30 Abr 2007, 23:13 de grange85

    Damon & Naomi are releasing the new Michio Kurihara (ace guitarist and occasional member of Ghost) album on their 20|20|20 record label and early pre-orderers are to be treated to a limited edition guitar pick. Now, to be honest, a guitar pick is not really the sort of thing that's likely to sway me into parting with my money early - a poster or a print or a 7" single or a even a badge or a postcard are the sort of things that are more likely to sucker me into a purchase.

    A guitar pick to a non (or occasional) guitarist is just a piece of near-triangular plastic without a natural home - it doesn't hang or pin or stick anywhere and it will, no doubt, eventually fall down the back of a sofa or under a rug and never be seen again. I know this from experience because when I get my "Do Moles Dream of Electric Guitars" freebie it will be my second celebrity guitar pick...

    Many moons ago I saw Motorhead at the Marquee Club (Wardour Street edition) it was crowded and hot, the floor was sticky and the walls were wet with condensation (as it always was), I shoved my way to near the front and enjoyed the band, like I always did. At the end of the show Lemmy just casually flicked his pick into the crowd and up shot my hand and it nestled neatly in my palm. In my memories there is a salmon-like leap and a dream-like slow motion sequence. Nothing like that had happened before or since - the drumsticks invariably flew over my head. There was nothing special - no gold trimmings or personalisation - just an ordinary pick like the millions you see in plastic boxes near the till in guitar shops.

    I walked around with the pick tucked into the corner of my wallet for weeks, maybe months, showing it off proudly to anyone who cared (not so many folk I guess) and eventually it went the way of all those invconvenient mementoes. I sort of keep hoping that one day it'll turn up when I empty out a box of records or open a folder of my crap - but I suspect it never will.

    Maybe I'll just tuck Kurihara's pick into the CD cleeve and forget about it...

  • Dean and Britta are (finally) coming to London

    27 Abr 2007, 14:07 de grange85

    It's been (almost) two and a half years since I last saw Luna - I miss them - and since about 1989 there haven't been too many gaps that long when I haven't seen Dean Wareham on a London stage either as part of Galaxie 500 or Luna.

    So I am very excited to hear that Dean & Britta will be playing in London in June.