From Lost To The River

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Creado el: 3 Sep 2009
[EN] Do you feel lost in this life? You don't what to do to go on? This is your group!
[ES] Te sientes perdido en la vida? No sabes qué hacer? Este es tu grupo!

10 What the hell does "From Lost To The River" mean?
It's a spanish joke, it means "If you're fucked up, do it worse". The same happens with "Speaking in Silver", "Don't eat your coconut", "To the parrot!" and many more...

20 What is this group for?
It's for anyone and anything! But specially, for those people feeling lost and fucked up on their lives.

30 As I said... what is this group for?
Ok... just try to do some GOTO 20

40 What?
Just joking with some BASIC syntax... :P

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