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Líder: Dalkaen
Política de participación Aprobación de los miembros
Creado el: 3 Jul 2005
Descripción: group for Fool’s Gold. See community overview for more information.

Fool’s Gold is a nice little forum with a membership with varied musical tastes. As befitting a forum of devoted music fans, the “Now Playing” thread is spammed heavily on a daily basis.

All members are welcome to join Fool’s Gold (although it is currently closed and it is unclear when it will be reopened); all members of the forum are welcome to join this group. You won’t be accepted as a member of this group unless we also know you’re a member of the forum; if you don’t get accepted reasonably quickly, we recommend PMing one of us (Aaron or Dalkaen) on the forum with your account name.

As a side note, it sucks that you couldn’t include apostrophes in the names of groups at the time this group was created. Then again, the Stone Roses song the forum was named after didn’t have an apostrophe either, but the forum itself does.

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