• Dylan Moran (2/5/15)

    3 May 2015, 22:57 de rockgirlmili

    I normally just write about music concerts and festivals, but I'll make an exception - for this was an exceptional evening.

    I've been a fan of Dylan Moran for a few years, watching his stand-up shows, Black Books, movies, clips, interviews... basically, everything.

    First of all, his new tour, Off The Hook, is amazing. After the first five minutes, I couldn't stop laughing. His surrealistic rambling and intelligent observations; the nihilistic remarks and bleak critisism of life, society, and everything else: his new material has his fantastic personal style. Like wine, he gets better with age; and so did his art (I was quite impressed, and at times even distracted by the bizarre and colourful pictures).

    It's been a tradition that people bring cake for him to his shows (and here's why: My friend and I knew this and wanted to, of course, bring him a sweet treat. However, I've read in an interview that apparently he's sick of receiving cakes. Instead, we decided to do something different. Inside a cupcake box, which I placed on the stage in between acts, there was a picture of a cake - as in "This is not a pipe".
    A few minutes after the second half started, he spotted it. Grumbly, he picked it up and acted annoyed because it was "empty". However, when he saw the picture he simply laughed (and, oh, what a lovely laugh it was). "Very clever" he remarked, and explained to the audience what just happened. He also improvised "I'm not allowed to eat cake. I can't do anything I want. I have a picture of a chocolate chip cookie laminated in my pocket".

    By then, I thought that was going to be the highlight of the night: not just enjoying the show, but having an interaction with the comedy genius - and getting a laugh and a praise from him! My friend and I were blissful. After the show ended, we stayed outside next to a handful of eager fans, hoping to at least get a glimpse of him. But that's not what we got. He actually spent a moment with us, shaking our hands and signing autographs (my ticket and my friend's Black Book DVD!). I also told him that we were the girls behind the "cake" and he said, again, that it was "very clever". Before I could assimilate what had just happened, he simply crossed the street and walked into his hotel - like a regular bloke.

    All I can say is
    "This is fantastic... I'm in Heaven"

    Sat 2nd May – Dylan Moran
  • Wanna play a game? Still a lot to find!!

    20 Jul 2007, 22:30 de shuppashups

    tadaaaa! the lyrics game!
    everyone must know it by now, put your entire music collection on shuffle and write down the first lyrics of the 30 songs that come up.
    now your job is to guess who sings what!!

    1. c'etait un soir de lune
    2. keep tryna keep it real by keepin' it raw
    3. this here one is for the queensqueens
    4. une oeuillet fixé a votre iris
    5. I taste you much better off
    6. What was that sound ringing around your brain?
    7. three monkeys sitted under a coconut tree
    8. tandis qu'aux confins du néant
    9. I feel safe, I feel warm when you're here
    10. run, desire, run The Hollow
    11. all along the water's edgeDreams Of Psylocybin
    12. moving uptown but I know it's the place I should be
    13. morning comes too earlySurrounded
    14. faith you're driving me away My Iron Lung
    15. yeah, I'm a back door man
    16. He is not mad, his though is clearer than the saner man
    17. If I had a dime for everytime you walked away
    18. live my life in the city, there's no easy way out
    19. comfort driving, over burdened
    20. born to the glare of the senses, spoon fed reality infused--> Leave No Trace
    21. I had an out of the body experience, the other day her name was Jesus
    22. alors attention ou tu poses tes pieds, ta region tu dois la faire respecter
    23. something is happening, don't speak too soon--> Son Of Sam
    24. Old yellow bricks; love's a risk
    25. this king of overstatement now would like to whisper
    26. who's so phoney and always surrended?
    27. I don't practice santaria, I ain't got no cristal ball --> Santaria
    28. between skies and field, this land in midnight lights
    29. so crazy, beat the strain, to lazy, shake the greyHead Creeps
    30. ho, can't anybody see we've got a war to fight Roads

    Here are the artists, in no order of course.
    Oceansize X2
    System of a down
    Mano Solo
    The Doors
    Oasis X2
    Damian Marley
    Arctic Monkeys
    elliott smith
    A perfect circle
    Alice in chains
    Noir Desir
    Emilie Simon
    Dream theater
    The Good, The Bad and The Queen