• the refused are fucking dead (dvd)

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    Refused-Refused Are Fucking Dead (Epitaph/Burning Heart)

    The late 90s was kind of a renaissance period for punk, to me at least, and a time when I became heavily interested in the genre. A lot of bands (NOFX, Millencolin, etc.) were putting out their best material. Naturally, when I first heard the seminal Refused album The Shape Of Punk To Come, I shat all over myself. This was some of the most powerful, groundbreaking music I'd ever heard. The 'Refused Are Fucking Dead' DVD allowed me to rekindle my flame with the band, offering an over-dramatized account of the band's final tour and an insightful view in to how the individual band members were truly feeling leading up to the band's demise. Interviews with members revealing general feelings of disenchantment and disillusion are interwoven with live performances and sepia footage of the band in more lightheartened moments, creating an emotionally conflicting image of the band's downward spiral, eventually culminating in a final performance that was anti-climactic yet oddly fitting when the police shut them down halfway through their first song. Granted, if you're a gigantic Refused fan, you probably don't want to watch an hour of the band bitching about how shitty it is and eventually have them almost gratefully walk away from their final show at the hands of the police, but I'd recommend this DVD anyway because it offers an in-depth look at the implosion of a hugely successful band, as well as a reminder of why the Refused remain one of the most revolutionary acts in recent memory (and a million times better than the ridiculously shitty International Noise Conspiracy).
  • warped tourz.

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    my roommate and i wrote a review of warped tour for the nerve because we're awesome like that. enjoy.

    Derek: Ahhhhh, Warped Tour. My favorite marketing-infused 'punk rock summer camp' and jailbait convention. It's a little like Christmas in July, particularly if your Christmas involves ridiculously long food lines, boatloads of overpriced merchandise, scads of scantily-clad high school girls, and advertising shoved down your throat at every turn (which allows ample opportunity for free shit, luckily). I actually make it sound a lot worse than it is. At least I had the pleasure of attending it at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium, which is infinitely preferable to the shitheap that is Race City Speedway in Calgary where I had attended my previous Warped Tours prior to moving to Vancouver. And let's not forget the music. I gotta admit, even though I find myself recognizing fewer and fewer bands on the bill every year, there were still plenty of quality acts this time around.

    Dale: I love warped tour and unlike some of you a-holes out there I am not going to let a few teen screams get inbetween me and my rock. For all of you who bitch about how young the fans are at warped tour and let that deter you from actually going it was actually a lot older this year. Besides how could underdressed underage girls ever be bad thing if I'm not mistaken that is pretty much rock and roll fuel right there. So why does everybody hate the young girls that dress like sluts? I think it is two reasons For the guys it is simply we can't fuck them because it is creepy and wrong. The women hate these young girls at warped tour because they have those hard teenage breasts that make us all feel old.

    Protest the Hero
    Derek: This was the first band I caught after waiting nearly an hour for the militant grandmother at the press tent to give us our passes, and my annoyance evaporated immediately after witnessing the Whitby, ON fivesomes furious stage show. Protest the Hero blew me away when they released Kezia earlier this year, and the live show didn't disappoint as they tore through five of the album's tracks, including both singles, 'Blindfolds Aside' and 'Heretics and Killers'. The juvenile stage banter only reinforced how fucking amazing these guys are technically, given the fact the median age in the band is 19. For fans of post-hardcore with insane finger tapping solos a la Van Halen, you can absolutely not miss these guys any time they come through town. One of the better acts of the day.

    Dale: I missed this band cause I was interviewing the bassist from Underoath ala sidebar.

    Dale: Everyonce in a while we get a chance to see a band from our past who as far as we were concerned had completely disappeared. It is always a sort of win/lose situation when we see one of these "nostalgic" bands on one hand you can re-live your youth and rediscover a great band you had forgotten about but you can also have un wanted memories triggered by the music. I Listened to Helmet's Betty extensively in grade 10 hearing Wilma's Rainbow reminded me of how idealistic and uncaring about my immideate surroundings I once was but it also reminded me of the dick heads I smoked pot with.

    Derek: I wish I'd paid more attention to these guys in the 1990s, when they mattered, because their set absolutely blew me away. Instead, I was too busy listening to shit like Tears for Fears and not getting laid.

    Derek: Far and away the greatest show of the day, and, judging by the size of the crowd packed in front of the Vagrant Records stage, these guys are finally starting to get their due. Enigmatic frontman Kenny Bridges bounded around the stage like a meth-addled child, even finding time to do a dive off the amps during the peak of their set, a crowd-sing-along rendition of 'The Passing Of America', in a moment that sent chills down my spine. Also, drummer Peter Krpan has the best 'rocking out' face I have ever seen.

    The Bled
    Derek: Despite wanting to see these guys for fucking ever, I was somewhat disappointed by their lacklustre performance. Maybe it was the wine that vocalist James Munoz slammed before their set (who the fuck drinks wine at a punk show? Jesus?), but the band seemed to be sleepily going through the motions with a lack of energy that contrasted with their ferocious musical assault. Decent, but certainly not what I'd expected.

    Dale: I too was disappointed they seemed like they needed a good nap. But it might have been that the singer was wearing a fucking denim tuxedo at 6pm in the blazing sun. Whatever the reason this guys became yet another recording bands.

    The Salads
    Derek: The pride of Toronto put on a thoroughly entertaining high-energy show, despite only having 50 or so people watching as they were tucked in a back corner of the venue on the 'Ernie Ball Very-Difficult-To-Locate' stage. The tiny crowd ate it up as the band played energetic party anthem (Get Loose) after energetic party anthem (The Roth Kung Fu) after energetic party anthem (Today Is Your Lucky Day). Definitely a band that deserves more exposure and one I would recommend checking out if/when they make it back west.

    Dale: I don't know thinking about going back to NU PUNK with its ska beats and ridiculous happy singer makes me feel uneasy.

    Every Time I Die
    Derek: I knew these guys were ready to bring the rock the second I saw burly guitarst Andy Williams sporting a bitchin' American flag vest. The band shredded through a mix of songs from 2003's Hot Damn! and 2005's Gutter Phenomenon, including mind-blowing renditions of 'Kill The Music' and the southern-rock-inspired 'The New Black', and found time to refer to the lineup of tour mates Valient Thorr as 'a bunch of grizzly bears'. I won't be surprised at all if we see these guys on the main stage next year.

    Dale: By far the best band I saw this year. Holy shit these guys were into it. When the band is into it you get into it in a hurry. Being a photographer you only get to take pictures of a band like this about twice a year. They just ran around and posed and were generally awesome. Usually you can get one or two good pictures at a show but there are far too many to print of this band. As an added bonus I stumbled upon the singer from Valient Thorr in the crowd and took a picture with him. I like bears.

    Joan Jett
    Derek: She looked like a shrivelled elven grandmother and played a bunch of songs I didn't know because I'm not that into shrivelled elven grandmothers. The one song she played that I DID know, I fucking hate, because it's been co-opted by drunken bar skanks and chucklehead frat boys as a party anthem. Her appearance is notable only because she managed to play without shattering one of her fragile old-lady hips.

    Dale: I finally know who the fuck wrote all those shitty songs people ten years older than us drink to.

    Dale: For an instant party just take NOFX and add volume. There is no one who can deny that these guys will be fucking awesome when they pick up their instruments. My favourite part of the show was when Fat Mike called all muslims, jews and christains fucking idiots and said that anyone who gets their answers from a 2000 year old book is bat shit crazy. Anyone who takes pot shots at organized religion can be my cock brother any day of the week. The icing was Underoath had to play right after NOFX (they're fervently christian).

    Derek: I don't think these guys are capable of NOT putting on a rad show. For one, they have so many awesome songs to pull from that it's nothing at all for them to pound out a half-hour set. This time around they treated us to a solid play list, including 'The Brews', 'Dinosaurs Will Die', 'What's The Matter With Parents Today', 'She's Nubs', 'Murder The Government', 'Bob', and the closest thing NOFX has ever had to a hit, 'Franco Un-American'. I would have been happier if they decided to play 'The Decline' in its entirety and fill the other 12 minutes with dick and fart jokes, but apparently Fat Mike's daughter was in attendance, so, in what was obviously a struggle for NOFX, they had to keep the banter clean. It didn't matter at all, because they're funny as fuck, and prove time and time again how they have earned their place in the annals of punk.

    Dale: Besides NOFX these guys were the biggest band here this year. You could tell from the teeming sea of youth that mashed in front of the stage to watch them. From my vantage point at the front (for photography) I can tell you two things Davey Havok is the white RuPaul and shit went down. I don't know exactly what happened but I looked over and a security guard was holding his stomache and screaming in pain. Seeing a security guard taken out is always disheartening. You see thousands of crying swooning little girls but when you see one of those dudes in a blue shirt go down you get a scared cause if something could take down that dude with a handlebar mustache it could sure as fuck take me down. The scene was so crazy right in front of the stage that they only let the photographers stay for two songs. I guess they needed all the extra room to catch the fat shirtless dudes who crowd surf.

    Motion City Soundtrack
    Derek: Another one of the better acts of the day, especially considering the energy they brought despite having most of the crowd abandon the lower bowl in favor of watching Alexisonfire on the Vagrant stage. The 80's-inspired pop stylings seemed a little out-of-place on a tour with equal amounts of studded leather jacket wearing crusty punks and eyeliner wearing scenester kids, but the devoted crowd pogoed happily as MCS tore through their shiniest, happiest songs from I Am The Movie and Commit This To Memory. Another one of those spine-tingling moments occurred while watching the band play the opening salvo to 'LGFUAD' (or 'Let's Get Fucked Up and Die') while the sun was setting behind them. Or, possibly, I'm just a pussy. Either way, lead singer Justin Pierre definitely had the 'fucked up' part covered. At one point, he launched into a rambling monologue about how 'nutrients are good'. Apparently the futility of bestowing health advice on a bunch of dehydrated, starving, dirty punk fans who had probably already blown any money they may have had on merchandise was lost on Mr. Pierre. Perhaps his advice would have been better directed at walking corpse Joan Jett.

    With the day over, we all shuffled aimlessly through a sea of garbage to our cars and the bullshit traffic jam that awaited. With a last, fleeting look at the tasty, tasty jailbait, the Warped Tour disappeared from our lives for another year. But, rest assured, we'll see you and your little sister next July.
  • fftl interviewz

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    From First To Last

    I hate referencing Myspace. I really do. Sure, I have a profile (, for those of you that want to send hatemail stalk me, and/or bear my children), like everyone else. But let's face it, the site manages to be a veritable smorgasbord for Internet predators, an Internet popularity contest that transcends high school, and a medium for Rupert Murdoch to beam advertisements directly in to our brain all at the same time. I'm happy to report that some good can come out of the site (other than it serving as an outlet to meet ridiculously easy girls with low self-esteem) which was evidenced when From First to Last used Myspace to recruit lead singer Sonny Moore, then at the tender age of 15, in the midst of recording of their debut album. The album, Dear Diary: My Teen Angst Has a Body Count immediately set the band apart from its peers in the teeming post-hardcore genre and went on to sell over 100,000 copies. The band never looked back.

    This year found FFTL with a new album, Heroine, which saw the band continue to develop their own sound. While the album garnered plenty of attention (peaking at #25 on Billboard), some of the bands rabid fan base has been alienated by the new album. "I think the reaction is kind of mixed," said drummer Derek Bloom, speaking to me from the band's Warped Tour stop in Kansas City, Missouri (I know, I thought it was in Kansas too…those wacky Americans!). "There's a strong faction of our fan base that has received the record and really opened up to it, and there's another large group of fans that haven't accepted it yet. I don't think they wanted to hear as drastic a difference from Dear Diary as it was. We all felt it was necessary to take a step and try something new; to push the envelope a little bit." Despite their desire to break new ground musically and crafting songs that are generally a hell of a lot harder than your average Fall Out Boy ditty, the boys in FFTL have found themselves lumped in with the anti-emo backlash, but they don't let it bother them. "We try to take ourselves outside of the 'emo genre'…outside of ANY genre, actually'. We don't try to fit in to a sub categorization of a subcategory. Everything is so specific--it has to be 'post' this or 'pre' that. I don't think genres matter to anybody except people who feel the need to categorize everything." The band employed this philosophy by embarking on a tour with Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights, emo-lite bands which couldn't be any more different from the aggressive sounds of From First To Last on this past Spring's Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour. "A lot of those shows almost had more of a turnout than we've seen on Warped Tour so far this year. We had never really done a tour of that scale before, and it was a growing, learning experience. It was good because we were getting out to a crowd that would otherwise never really know we existed. We felt we were well received. We're really competitive and we were having a merch sales competition with the other bands and found that we were neck-and neck with Hawthorne Heights a lot of nights, so that was a good sign we were getting out to people."

    The more mature sound may be helping. Heroine, despite bothering some fans of the band's previous work, is still an impressive display of musical development. "I don't really think there's any comparison between this album and Dear Diary," says Derek. "It's more of a complete record, everyone's proud of it. We got to spend a lot of time writing and working on the songs after they were written, making sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it. That wasn't a luxury we had with our first record…Dear Diary was written really fast and in an unorganized, chaotic state of mind. We didn't really know what we were doing, there was a lot of pressure because the label wanted to see results and we wanted to see results--we didn't want to be wasting anybodies time. With Heroine, I felt it was more us making a statement and the rest of the stuff was taken care of before." Heroine featured production from heavyweight producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Sepultura) who in turn brought in his friend Wes Borland (of ex-Limp Bizkit fame) when the band found themselves without a bassist. "Wes was great…he gave the record a completely different feeling. A lot of bass players are so rigid in the way they play, but Wes had a natural groove that you can definitely hear in the music. Plus, he has years of experience in the music industry, so he offers pretty much the best advice you can get." Wes is currently appearing with the band on all of this year's summer dates, prompting speculation he may be a full time member, but Derek states that is not the case. "He's got his own obligations right now. We're not trying to force him to choose or pick a side or anything, we just respect the fact that he has a life outside of our band. We're in no position to tell him that he has to make a choice, though we'd love him to be a full time member. He has his own band called Black Light Burns that, if everything goes according to plan, we'll be taking on tour with us in the fall."

    The band's explosive popularity also fueled interest from a couple of major labels, resulting in a bidding war between Capitol and Warner Bros., but the band maintained a down-to-earth approach throughout the attention. "You kind of have to take these things with a grain of salt, because a lot of people will tell you what you want to hear with no intention of ever delivering. We put out the deal we wanted and wouldn't negotiate…we felt if someone wanted to take it, great, and if not, we were happy on Epitaph. But we're really stoked about signing with Capitol. They've been extremely helpful so far with Heroine without stepping on Epitaph's toes. We haven't really got a chance to get our hands dirty yet, but I think once we start pre-production for the next album they're going to be really supportive."

    From First to Last will be in Vancouver for the July 18th Warped Tour stop at Thunderbird Stadium, where Derek assures me they'll be bringing as much energy to the stage as every show they play. "With the creative side of music kind of in the toilet, the performance part of being a musician takes on more importance. When I think of great musicians and people that I admire, in addition to being incredible creative writers and thinkers, also have a presence on stage--whether it was going crazy or being very theatrical--they made it impossible to take your eyes away. We try to give people something they can't get anywhere else." When pressed for bands that fit that description appearing on this year's Warped Tour, Derek is able to name a few. "Every Time I Die always brings a high energy show and we're looking forward to seeing AFI." Take it from the masters of high-energy shows and be sure to check out all of these bands at your local Warped Tour date. Or don't. It's not like a give a shit personally. I'm just an unpaid writer.
  • welcome to reviewville, population: me. and now, you.

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    my reviews for this month's nerve.

    Vanna-The Search Party Never Came (Epitaph)

    Vanna’s debut EP is impressive…but only by debut standards. The boys in Vanna have stellar instrumental chops, with dirty, grungy metal riffage reminiscent of Every Time I Die and Between the Buried and Me, and a thunderous rhythm section with (god bless ‘em) double-kick galore. But then they fuck it all up by throwing in the worst vocalists I’ve ever heard--a guttural screamer whose growls sound like shit being flung against a wall at 100 miles an hour, and a run-of-the-mill nasal emo singer whose heartfelt yelping is so painful, it makes the screamer sound like Barry fucking Manilow. I’m counting on these guys to mature before the full length arrives…if they don’t, it’ll be the worst case of squandered opportunity since the Democrats in the last U.S. Election (seriously, guys…I could have trained a MONKEY to beat Bush).

    The Sound of Animals Fighting-Lover, The Lord Has Left Us… (Equal Vision)

    The Sound of Animals Fighting are a veritable well of ambition, that, like so many veritable wells of ambition before them, end up trying too hard and making an album of mostly un-listenable crap. Comprised of members of Saosin, Chiodos, Finch, RX Bandits, Days Away and The Autumns, the members each assume an animal persona and wear animal masks when performing, like a Wild Kingdom version of Slipknot. If that’s not pretentious enough for you, they also throw completely random sound clips and effects throughout the album to make it more ‘ambient’, and sing in no less than 4 different languages. I was a huge fan of the first EP, but this ends up coming across as a random, disjointed effort (which makes sense, considering every member recorded their parts in complete isolation--once again, admirable yet unsuccessful). Hipster kids will inevitably shit their pants all over it, which makes me hate it even more.

    Various Artists-Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 6 (Hopeless/Sub City)

    You can’t go wrong with a $6 2 CD/DVD compilation album, even if you HAVE heard these songs a million times before. Featuring hits and “previously unreleased” tracks from the likes of Amber Pacific, Thrice, Against All Authority, Mustard Plug, Guttermouth, The Weakerthans and Avenged Sevenfold, the set made me wonder if Hopeless had put any albums out in the past 5 years. The DVD was more of the same, with videos for most of said ‘hits’ and filler with bands you’ve never heard of videotaping themselves playing to friends in a basement and calling it a ‘music video’. At $6, it’ll make a cheap yet unsatisfying present for the punk fan in your life.

    The Bouncing Souls-The Gold Record (Epitaph Records)

    Yup, it’s the Bouncing Souls, all right. This seventh full length release sounds the same as the first six (not necessarily a bad thing--The Bouncing Souls will never be called ‘groundbreaking’, but they excel at what they do). 12 tracks of solid pop-punk with sing-along choruses, including one track written by a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq (the cleverly titled ‘Letter from Iraq’). Old fans will be pleased, and the band will have an opportunity to win some new fans when they play Warped Tour for the millionth time this summer.

    Contra-This Machine Kills (Mediaskare Entertainment)

    Man, Contra was such a sweet game. Alien ass-kicking at its finest with shirtless heroes Bill and Lance. This album would make a decent soundtrack for taking off your shirt, grabbing a big ass gun, and slaying alien invaders, because I’d rather be listening to metal instead of, say, Enya, while defending my planet violently from aggressive extraterrestrials. Wouldn’t you?

    16 Jun 2006, 1:40 de kohschooley

    Hey im hittin up the warped tour tomorrow Over here in columbus.

    any one go to the one b4 columbus?? Any info on how it was?:

    Bands im looking forward to seeing:


    Amber Pacific
    From First to Last
    Gym Class Heroes
    Less Than Jake
    Motion City Soundtrack
    Saves the Day
    The Spill Canvas

    23 May 2006, 4:12 de kingoftheposers

    Thursday-A City By The Light Divded (Island Records)

    Thursday's 5th full length album marks a step forward from the now formulaic scream/sing dynamic the band helped define on their earlier releases. With the addition of a new keyboardist and a deeper embrace of melody over abrasiveness, Thursday seems poised to take the post-hardcore genre to a whole new level, much as labelmates Thrice did on last year's Vheissu. Singer Geoff Rickly has learned to remove the grating nasal whine from his voice, another huge plus. Definitely an exciting album when you consider the road it opens for the band, but the formula still requires a little more tweaking.

    Underoath-Define The Great Line (Tooth and Nail Records)

    I wouldn't have minded reviewing this CD, having been mildly impressed with Underoath's 2004 release They're Only Chasing Safety. Tragically, the powers that be at Tooth and Nail records felt that Underoath's brand of mediocre Christian screamo was SO in demand that they needed to copyright protect the promotional copy of the CD I recieved, ensuring it wouldn't play in any computer, and hence rendering it a promotional coaster. They were also kind enough to include legal threats towards our friendly neighborhood music editor in the event the CD was leaked on to the Internet, scourge of record industries everywhere. Sure, I could have borrowed my roommate's arcane discman, but that would have required more effort than I'm willing to put in to ensure that a record label willing to bleed it's 15 year old fan base of every penny they're worth gets publicity for the generally mediocre music they force down the throats of pre-pubsecent suburbia. As I'm fairly confident most of Underoath's fans are unable to read (I blame the school system), I guess it doesn't really matter.

    Versus the Mirror-Home (Equal Vision Records)

    Versus The Mirror is the latest pop-hardcore band to come along, employing the same lite-screaming vocals and complex guitar riffage of their peers in The Bled and The Format. The album sounds remarkably slick, considering it was recorded entirely using vintage equipment and no ProTools influence whatsoever. Should be popular with fans of The Bled, From Autumn To Ashes and Hopesfall, but the band will most likely suffer from their inability to distinguish themselves from the bands they strive to emulate.

    Dearly Beloved-You Are The Jaguar (Independent)

    As I'm already running five days behind deadline, and 4 out of every 5 self-released albums I listen to are complete shit, I'm going to this give album five stars because, unlike copyright protection bitches Underoath, they make their mp3s freely available for download on their website ( Further research reveals the band also features GEDDY LEE'S NEPHEW Rob Higgins (ex-Change Of Heart) and Danko Jones' former drummer now playing guitar. Anything related to Geddy Leeeddy Lee and Danko Jones, no matter how remotely, has got to be awesome.
  • grind tour 2006.

    7 May 2006, 8:26 de kingoftheposers

    initially, i started to write a lengthy review of the show, but then i remembered that i'm a pothead and the slightest mention of 'effort' sends me scurrying for my playstation faster than nicole ritchie runs away from food. for your viewing pleasure, here is my abbreviated review:

    Rio Bent--meh. i think they're local. good for them.

    Subb--subb is fucking rad, and i had no idea they were even still recording. L.A. beach bum is one of the greatest ska/punk songs ever.

    The Loved Ones--they were decent. they had a kind of a Lawrence Arms/None More Black thing going on. the lead singer was kind of a dickhead, but hey, who isn't?

    The Satanic Surfers--i hate the satanic surfers and hope they take their shitty music back to sweden, where apparently people have no taste in music. ideally, their set would have been a good opportunity to smoke a joint before the mad caddies, but i didn't have any weed. tragic.

    Mad Caddies--the mad caddies are always fucking awesome. always high energy and ready to party. they even brought a party light that kept crapping out during their set, but it's the thought that counts. not as good as the time i saw them at west edmonton mall with snapcase and rise against, but awesome nonetheless. also, they played a song from the forthcoming album. i can't remember what it was called, but it made me shit with happiness.

    all in all, not a bad night, except for the satanic surfers (have i mentioned how shitty they are?) and the fact that the seylynn hall is a stinky shitbox with no ventilation. if you live in one of the cities it's hitting i'd recommend dropping the 20 bucks and checking it out. you're welcome.

    6 May 2006, 8:34 de kingoftheposers

    Take your top ten artists and get their 'emo rating' If you look on the artist page and then click "Tags" you can see how many times they've been tagged "Emo"

    or, better yet, calculate your 'stupid fucking loser' rating. you can do this my multiplying the times you've posted this shitty 'survey' by 100%. for example: if you've posted this survey, or one similar to it, once, that would make your 'stupid fucking loser' rating 100%. you sorry piece of shit.

    you can also use the same formula to calculate your 'too much time and not enough interesting things to say' rating and 'wasting people's time on' rating.

    now, to lure you happy little retards in here, some bands:

    Brand New
    Saves the Day
    Taking Back Sunday
    Minus the Bear
    Panic! at the Disco
    Fall Out Boy
    and, of course, everyone's favorite third-rate radiohead clone, Coldplay.
  • Bamboozle

    15 Mar 2006, 22:29 de Zao_40

    Bamboozle is a great music festival in New Jersey. this year's lineup is pretty decent, well here it is:

    Saturday May 6th

    Fall Out Boy
    All American Rejects
    Armor For Sleep
    Endever After
    From First to Last
    Happy Endings
    Hawthorne Heights
    In Harms Way
    John Ralston
    Just Surrender
    Me Without You
    Never The Nines
    October Fall
    Patrick Droney and Bleak City Band
    Red Jump Suit Apparatus
    Relient K
    Streetlight Manifesto
    The Hush Sound
    The InOut InOut
    The Killing Sequence
    The Pink Spiders
    The Sleeping
    The Spill Canvas
    Veda Skyes

    Sunday May 7th

    Taking Back Sunday
    30 Seconds To Mars
    A Thorn For Every Heart
    Amber Pacific
    As Cities Burn
    Captured by Robots
    Circa Survive
    Cute Is What We Aim For
    Envy On The Coast
    Every Time I Die
    Gym Class Heroes
    It Dies Today
    Linc's Special Guest: Method Man
    Living Things
    MC Lars
    Men Women and Children
    Paint It Black
    Panic! At The Disco
    Permanent Me
    Saves The Day
    Say Anything
    Senses Fail
    Sound The Alarm
    Stretch Arm Strong
    Strike Anywhere
    The Bled
    The Receiving End of Sirens
    The Riverboat Gamblers
    Van Stone

    pretty good lineup, they're still adding bands so keep up to date with the sit:
  • fall out boy: not just a clever name (EMO DRAMA ALERT)

    15 Mar 2006, 0:22 de kingoftheposers

    so after following a link to see some purportedly stolen pictures of pete wentz's (of Fall Out Boy fame) genitalia (i only wanted to see if it had a sad face on it), i happened upon a mr. chris guitterez's livejournal, where i read this post.

    an open letter to pete wentz.

    it takes a lot to make me mad.
    it takes even more to infuriate me.

    so, after all this time i finally learned the truth. that it was you telling my ex girlfriend lies and secrets. despite even giving you the pass card after i caught you trying to talk dirty to her online, this is how you repay me? no wonder why you couldnt look me in the eye on the bus last summer and no wonder why you avoided me every chance you got.
    you hug me and tell me you love me then you tell lies to my girlfriend behind my back to lure her away from me? you tell her i cheat on her and then you tell me to come stay on the bus?
    you are a spineless fucking sham.

    i regret every second i spent defending you and your selfish ways.
    dont forget, i know you. not that shitty glammed up poser image you present to the masses to consume. the dude i knew never would have worn a fucking dinosaur shirt or sold out one of his friends. the dude i knew had heart and fucking loyalty. well lil buddy, you are fucking done.

    you want to sell me out to the most important person in my life and then have the audacity to make ME think I did something wrong to not deserve your friendship? you fucking arrogant bastard.
    since we're discussing sellouts lets discuss how when kids give you presents you laugh at them and throw it straight in the trash. oh yeah, ive seen it many times. lets talk about how you talk shit about the fat girls that are your fans and mock their letters. you are fucking undeserving of every ounce of attention you've ever gotten. from every one of your calculated business moves to your "spontaneous" jumps in the crowd parts to your well rehearsed cliche lines you've been spouting for 400 shows in a row. you're boring, contrived and old. "oooh, no one loves me, its sooo hard being on magazine covers and tv shows. someone save me from me." what are you, fucking 12? go light your little candles ask yourself why no one will ever truly love you. its amazing no one has caught on to your little fucking show. you're nothing more than a shitty opportunist business man with even shittier fashion sense.

    so pack up and move to whatever million dollar house you've picked out in california paid for by your lies and hypocrisy and deceit and selfishness and over medicate yourself like youve been doing for years...because guess what? no one wants you here anymore. you are not welcome.

    oh yeah, hows that straight edge tattoo doing? as well as the tattoo for your "crew" who now refer to you as a fraud and a con? stay gold dude, stay gold.

    remember this each night of the tour when you play the lie, "hey chris, you were our only friend."
    downplay it all you want by saying the song is about "friends", but guess whos fucking name you're saying each and every night? mine. thats right. what a bunch of fucking phonies. sing the songs you dont even believe in anymore. fucking liar.

    you know the friends i have and you know how we feel about loyalty.
    you know who im talking about and you know they're not happy either.
    so dont get caught slipping and you better make damn sure you watch whos on your guest list because a plus one might come backstage to punch your fucking teeth out and tear the windpipe from your throat.

    you fucking sell out.

    oh, and next time you decide to write another song about me, do it right you fucking coward.

    it seems chris (the 'hey chris' referenced in Grenade Jumper) and mr. wentz are currently embroiled in some feud over pete trying to steal his longtime friend's girlfriend. or something like that. fuck, i don't know. it's an awful lot of reading just to get to the core of some widely publicized interfighting. i figured i'd just give you the links and figure the rest out on your own.

    chris' livejournal
    chris' myspace
    kate's (the aforementioned girlfriend that 'skeezy pete' tried stealing) livejournal
    kate's myspace

    holy shit, do i ever love interdrama.