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The first community about Eastern European Rock in Last FM

Let´s talk about rock from the formerly so called “Iron Curtain”.

It's a Free Speech place ! Feel free to post , comment. Just play nice ! ( Feel free recommend artists to this community - Only Eastern European related )

Wikipedia says :

Eastern Europe is the eastern region of Europe variably defined. It can denote:

1. the region lying between the variously and vaguely defined areas of Central Europe and Russia. This contemporary delineation is more commonly used to identify the region since the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.

2. a diverse area of land stretching from east to west as follows:
- its eastern limit is either the Ural Mountains within Russia or from the Pacific coast of the Russian Far East
- its western limit is the boundary between the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States (sometimes excluding Kaliningrad).

This is not about geography classes , you know... Let's rooock !!

Let's avoid baddly tagged songs and artists :


We already have Eastern Europe Rock tag radio !! Yaay!!

Please let's make EErock more famous, let's keep on tagging artists, songs and albums as " Eastern Europe Rock "

Up there on group's picture is the Lithuanian band called dr.Green

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