Favorite Early PT-album

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    • 13 Ago 2011, 15:26

    Favorite Early PT-album

    Which album is your favorite from Porcupine Trees old days? I would say Signify. It's starting to become my favorite PT-album overall as well.

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  • Defs either On the Sunday of Life or Voyage 34

  • Sky Moves Sideways! Tarquins Seaweed Farm is a really cool listen and Signify is just heavenly!

  • It's hard to pick one but I'd probably go for Signify. This record has really unique, sort of unsettling and haunting atmosphere that I just love.

    • m-saIami escribió...
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    • 20 Sep 2011, 1:50
    Voyage 34 !

  • On the Sunday of Life, without a doubt. It takes me so high.

    • PAN_GROT escribió...
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    • 25 Feb 2012, 17:00
    Only " Voyage 34 " !

    • RSt123 escribió...
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    • 5 Mar 2012, 23:45
    I'm not sure which is my favourite of the early PT stuff but I like Staircase Infinities and Up the Downstair pretty much :)

    Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air
    And deep beneath the rolling waves
    in labyrinths of coral caves
    The echo of a distant tide
    Comes willowing across the sand
    • filas312 escribió...
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    • 29 May 2012, 21:44
    That question is a bitch. Can't really say, but I think I could say that I enjoy Stars Die compilation the most. Just because it compiles everything :) Can't select one album.

  • I really can't listen to On The Sunday Of Life, though I enjoy everything else that PT has done (and have over 3000 scrobbles to prove it). What do you like about this album so much?

  • And to stay on-topic, my favorite switches between Up the Downstair and Sky Moves Sideways, depending what mood I'm in

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    • 1 Jul 2012, 0:48
    tarquin's seaweed farm, it has this really creepy feel to it

    • filas312 escribió...
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    • 8 Nov 2012, 18:37
    After all the time I can say that Coma Divine is easily the best live album and I don't really have a favourite studio album, Signify and TSMS are close to it (even looking at the fact that I've got most plays from "metal-era" PT, it just started dragging me into the old stuff recently).


  • I adore Signify, but it's got to be On The Sunday of Life.

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    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 26 Oct 2013, 14:02
    All three of the pre-Delerium tapes.

    • Deadwing escribió...
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    • 6 Mar 2015, 20:47
    Staircase Infinities! THAT solo on Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape.... Wow!
    And Voyage.

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