[Review] Plague Widow - Plague Widow EP

  • [Review] Plague Widow - Plague Widow EP

    Plague Widow - Plague Widow EP

    Thanks to the headsup of our group member UndeadLetters, I found out about this discordant and fast-paced Grindcore band and their debut, self-titled EP. The whole thing is pretty short and sweet, so I can't really write up a whole lot of stuff about it.

    The production seems a bit thin at first and could have used a little more bass and warmth overall, but Plague Widow propably went for a more cold and Black Metal-ish sound intentionally. The drums are fairly high up in the mix and sound very crisp, nothing to complain here really. Their riffage is kind of whirlwind-ish and reminds me of Portal quite often. Take the intro of Operating The Segmental Apparatus for example. I think it's either meant as a tribute or it's pretty much a rip-off, because it sounds almost exactly like the intro of Portal's song Larvae. Other than that, I can definitely hear some Black Metal influences in this particular song, more than in the others, but they shine through every now and then. The more discordant side of their influences brings up Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire to my mind, which is a good thing to me. Some folks have compared them to Circle of Dead Children as well, but I havn't heard these guys in ages, so I can't really comment on that. However, these guys are barely slowing down, each of the 5 songs are pretty pedal to the metal. There are some occasional dark and Ambient sort of interludes on this EP, but I don't care for them much and mostly just listen to the actual songs.

    All in all the whole thing sums up to a quite solid debut. I appreciate Plague Widow's influences and I'm excited to see where these guys are going in the future. I really think some more sludgy, slow and heavy parts would spice their stuff up, but for a debut this is cool and it shows potential for sure. Check the Plague Widow EP out and buy it on the band's Bandcamp page! Pay 2$ or as much as you want.

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  • "Operating The Segmental Apparatus" sounds from the beginning to the end well-known. I really don't know the purpose of this track. Interestingly, it's the last track. But all other tracks (not counting the interludes) are great :)

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