Favorite Fugazi song?

    • Riff1111 escribió...
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    • 17 May 2005, 3:58

    Favorite Fugazi song?

    Mine "Rend It" off of "In on The Kill Taker"

    whats yours?

    Just gimme a scene where the music is free...
    • Johnny-5 escribió...
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    • 22 Jun 2005, 11:05
    'five corporations' 'shut the door' and 'waiting room' are all up in my top fugazis songs, but there are so many...

  • Waiting Room, Suggestion, Bed For The Scraping, Life and Limb. I could go on for a while but I guess those 4 are my top 4, for the moment anyway

    • Soniers escribió...
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    • 9 Jul 2005, 4:51
    I've just decided that my favorite Fugazi song is Forensic Scene. Nobody tell Ian.
    All the best,

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 14 Ago 2005, 22:14
    five corporations

  • Five Corporations, Life and Limb and Arpeggiator, but I have lots.

  • I guess it's bed for the scraping, but it may change in time. ;)

    • IvoMuniz escribió...
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    • 28 Nov 2005, 14:26
    Great Cop
    Five Corporations

    • cesnak escribió...
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    • 6 Ene 2006, 18:13

  • blueprint

  • "Life & Limb" and "Do You Like Me"

    also in the top several: "Waiting Room," "Forensic Scene," "Place Position," "Strangelight," and "Nightshop"

  • tough choice for me.
    I think Merchandise is my favorite.

    • NWADOC escribió...
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    • 10 Jun 2006, 16:36
    At the moment it'd be "Public Witness Program". Quite an amusing song, yet, surprisingly commercial. I'm surprised it didn't become a hit single, it's got a great blend of Pop/Hardcore.

    "And Jimi Hendrix, is James Hendrix, spelled INCORRECTLY! you bunch of boring black people!"~Jaco Pastorius, the world's greatest Bass player
    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 17 Jul 2006, 3:18
    repeater. it was the first fugazi song i ever heard, and i bought the album right after

  • as tough as it is to say..:
    foreman's dog
    smallpox champion
    do you like me

  • who is fugazi?

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  • i've never heard of them. are they any good?

  • Slo Crostic
    burning too
    Caustic Acnostic

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 2 Oct 2006, 16:09

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 6 Oct 2006, 16:35
    Give Me The Cure

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 15 Oct 2006, 20:52
    i guess off of every album... i can't decide.

    how 'bout favorite song off of every album...

    13 Songs - Glue Man

    Repeater - Shut the Door

    Steady Diet - Latin Roots

    Kill Taker - Instrument

    Red Medicine - Combination Lock

    End Hits - Arpeggiator

    Instrument (sadly, their best album) - Little Debbie or I'm so Tired

    Argument - Full Disclosure

    Furniture (if you wanna count it) - Number 5

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 23 Nov 2006, 3:59
    the guilford fall demo

    • mase666 escribió...
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    • 29 Nov 2006, 20:28
    this is liek the god exists question, there is no definite answer.

    Arppegiators my favourite instrumental by them though, you gotta love that

  • I like how someone asked if fugazi was any good. reaaal attractive.

    The Argument's fucking excellent the whole way through. Underated as hell too.

    Probably "Suggestion" if I had to just pick one.

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