How 2 build a sandwich didgeridoo

  • How 2 build a sandwich didgeridoo

    ..Example with birch-tree:

    .yo mate. That's really question of philosophie...I prefere the drill technic (but your right-u need god equipment)...;-) or better the burn out technic...(special for agaventrees)

    But the most used technic was to make a "sandwich" from the dry tree..but that need some time...the right moment (not so dry not so wet wood) you need experience....
    But you can try....I friend of my build didgeridoos like this...

    1.Wood birch-tree is Ok
    2. dry it softly for 3-8 weeks
    3. cut it in the middle like a sandwich (so you get two pieces from the wood)
    4. turn out the middle wood so you get a half a "U".
    Than you need a good wood adhesive (glue)....and put it togehter (to clamp it) on the same need special clamps and two pieces of long small woods for the sandwich..
    5. After the glue is dry you can configure the mouthpiece with a rasp...
    6. now you can try to play....

    Hint: Have a look for the scratch out of the two pieces the the form is on the end more bigger (min. 6-9cm and more BELL END:-) and on the mouth side...max. 3,5cm!!!)

    Soory 4 my bad english .Hope i can help a little bit:-)

    Cool vibes from downunder/europe/germany/taunus/
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