Best Dethklok song?

    • ravrave escribió...
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    • 7 Ago 2009, 10:47
    1. Deththeme
    2. Crush my battle opponents balls
    3. birthday Dethday
    4. Hatredcopter
    5. Awaken

    • davevegan escribió...
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    • 13 Ago 2009, 8:43
    Go Into the Water & Murmaider are my favorites.

    • Siveab escribió...
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    • 25 Ago 2009, 18:08
    For me is Hatredcopter numero uno! (-:
    But I like every song from Dethklok...
    And the most funny song is Kill You

  • Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

    I love Skwisgaar's solo <3

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  • Sorry but it's gotta be "The Gears" from dethalbum II

    We are the future let's make it metal
  • Mmmmm...

    1. Go into the water
    2. Deththeme
    3. Fansong
    4. Detharmonic
    5. Awaken

    But all of them are fuckin' brutal!

  • 1. The Gears
    2. Symmetry
    3. Burn The Earth
    4. Awaken
    5. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence

    • Senon558 escribió...
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    • 23 Mar 2010, 17:35
    1. Bloodrocuted
    3.Murmaider ll
    6.Crush my battle opponents balls
    those are my favorites


  • Top 5

    i cant really say, because i love em all.

    heres my all over fuckin favourites: Awaken, Go forth and die, Go into the water, Volcano, Thunderhorse, The Lost Vikings, Better Metal snake, Tamper with the evidence.., Black Fire upon us, Deththeme, dethharmonic, Comet Song, Symmetry, The Gears, Burn the earth. wow.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 16 Sep 2010, 19:35
    Birthday Dethday
    Blood Ocean
    Go forth an Die
    Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

  • 1. Birthday Dethday
    2. The Lost Vikings
    3. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
    4. Hatredcopter
    5. Awaken

    yay, but all songs are great. :D

    • LouvePL escribió...
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    • 3 Ene 2011, 23:56
    1.Awaken Mustakrakish

  • Awaken!

  • 1 Duncan Hills
    2 Face Fisted
    3 Murdertrain a Comin'
    4 Awaken
    5 Blood Ocean

    King Pillow
  • awaken!

  • Go Into the Water

    "There's no such thing as trolls."
    "Then how'd ya explain all the dead unicorns?"
  • 1. Go Into the Water
    2. Thunderhorse
    3. Bloodlines
    4. The Gears
    5. The Lost Vikings
    6. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
    7. Dethsupport
    8. Burn The Earth
    9. The Cyborg Slayers
    10. Face Fisted

    • wgefgw escribió...
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    • 14 Ago 2011, 1:04
    1. Volcano
    2. Murdertrain A Comin'
    3. Bloodlines
    4. Hatredy
    5. Dethsupport

    • L33t_N00b escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 10 Sep 2011, 14:19
    I'd call these my top-10:

    Reborn(Season 3 song) - what's not to like? The lack of Dethalbum 3.

    Symmetry - it's so underrated. Why don't you WALK all the way to a like button and like the song, because it's... great.

    Bloodlines - the riffs, the screams, the... everything's perfect.

    Birthday Dethday - talk about funniest and truest lyrics ever.

    Laser Cannon Deth Sentence - thanks to this song, i can't say DIE anymore. It's D-D-D-D-D-D-DIE to me.

    Organic Destruction(Season 3) - did you hear the solo? By god, does it rock.

    The Lost Vikings - Dethklok tries to do Amon Amarth, aaand... fails. It's nothing like Amon Amarth. Still snowesome.

    Go Forth And Die - the riffs, jesus, the riffs.

    ITWEATMSOO(you get it) - while the screaming vocals kinda mess it up, it's still as great as a song with a name like this can be.

    Steel Sarcophagus(Dethalbum 2 unreleased, never made it out of the show) - it's just one verse of lyrics and a minute of instrumentals. AND BY GOD I WOULD SELL MY SOUL, MY FIRSTBORN AND... dunno, something else to get a full version.

  • These are my favourite songs by Dethklok
    Not in order:
    Go Into The Water
    Briefcase Full Of Guts
    Go Forth And Die
    Fan song
    Black Fire Upon Us
    The Lost Vikings
    Birthday Dethday

  • -Go into the water
    -Duncan Hills Cofee Jingle

  • Tunderhorse
    Go Into The Water
    Duncan Hills
    Blood Ocean
    Birthday Dethday
    Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
    Fansong,...........................................ALLL songs

    • klokiter escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 15 Oct 2013, 5:27
    the hammer
    ghost queen
    murmaider 2 water god
    am i the only one who loves this play list>

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