Favorite Instrumental Hip-Hop albums...

  • Favorite Instrumental Hip-Hop albums...

    Deltron- Dan the Automator - such a classic!

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  • I'd have to say uh...
    Music By Cavelight

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  • ooh almost forgot

    i got my hands on an instrumental version of Black Star's album (produced by Hi-Tek)

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    • 21 Oct 2006, 16:51
    I think Hi-Tek only produced like half of that Black Star album though.

  • room for girls?

    yeah, about half of black star was produced by other people;

    wikipedia; black star

    - my fav, the beautifully liquid astronomy 8th light, is actually produced by mr. walt from beatminerz. buuut really, i don't think that album would've lasted long without mos def & kweli.

  • you learn something new every day!

    eppjones said:
    I think Hi-Tek only produced like half of that Black Star album though.

    cool - time to look up all the other producers huh? yeeaaaah baby - thats why we need this group! teach me some new artists!

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  • i'm not really familiar with beatminerz but should be worth checking out.

    and i will no longer let El-P stay unmentioned in this group!

  • el-p?

    yeah okay ... this guy sounds pretty good. what are some good tracks astro?

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  • for starters, you need to get your hands on the legendary Fantastic Damage. it is difficult for me to point out single tracks from this truly epic album, but to make an easy way into it, i would suggest you to search for Deep Space 9 mm and the Nang, the Front, the Bush and the Shit.
    Take your time with this album.

    If you like it, you should also give Funcrusher Plus and The Cold Vein a shot - and everything else on Definitive Jux, which I assume you know of.

  • yes!

    astro, start posting every name you can thnk of in the Add an Artist forum! you got good taste, and i will listen to you.

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  • Hey, great thread. Lot's of interesting stuff I need to check out...

    Favorite instrumental? Does RJ's Deadringer count? It's either that or Prefuse 73's One Word Extinguisher.

    A really underrated instrumental album is the Dudley Perkins Expressions Instrumentals by Madlib. There's a great example of an MC who'd be nothing without the producer.

  • yeah deadringer counts for sure!

    have you heard Extinguished: Outtakes (the outtakes of One Word Extinguisher?) - I would say it is AS good if not better!

    i like Madlib (as much as i've heard of him) - he did some stuff with the Visionaries. so i will check out that album for sure!

    welcome duke!

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  • Madlib is incredible.

    added some artists in the add-an-artist thread, would be nice to see some supplements.

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  • Yeah, I love the Extinguished: Outtakes. I just think One Word works better as an album. I think Scott Herron's work has dropped off a lot since then, it's a shame.

    I should have mentioned Donuts as a favorite as well.

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  • sounds good

    must check out mf doom - keep hearing about him. doesn't he have albums out under like 5 different names? haha.

    welcome simplexion.

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  • MF Doom is a really cool mc, he is also known as Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah and a couple other names. as far as i know, he produces a lot of his own beats, and some are made by Madlib, Count Bass D and probably a handful of other people. Besides his own releases, he is the lazy voice of Madvillain (with Madlib, needless to say) and Dangerdoom (with Dangermouse). Recommended by astro :P

  • el-p...

    i'm checking out Fantastic Damage right now.

    I really like the beats. Super distorted - and not to repetitive with good breaks - Mixed well... BUT I can't say I'm a fan of the rap style and lyrics as of yet. They're just a little too pissed off for me but maybe they'll grow on me. Talking sh!t on Rawkus etc... Are they all different artists? Sounds like it - but haven't found a list of all of them... any help on that? This album is kind of dark and dry like a sandwhich with a lot of meat but its all dried up - and some spicy mustard thrown in. I think maybe Astro hyped it up too much! haha..

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  • PEOPLE; who'd you think was the most reliable reviewer; a guy who's got linkin park, jeff buckley and korn appearing on his charts or me - who indisputably has the most rockin' taste you've ever seen?
    Fantastic Damage is a very good album.

    El-P is an amazing producer. maybe he lacks a bit on his rap skills, but i think his lyrics and those unrivalled beats more than compensates!
    yeah he had some beef with rawkus, so he broke out and founded def jux - where everything he touches turns into golden eggs.

    a lot of guests appear on that album; we've got scissor tongue Vast Aire on Dr. HellNo & the Praying Mantus, the always bitter and twisted Cage and whirlwind Camu Tao on Accidents Don't Happen, the dark and depressed Aesop Rock on Delorean and probably a few others whose names i can't remember off hand.

    suppose my partiality for the def jukies is revealed..

  • okay okay

    so heres my deal - i'm a drummer and i've been listening to rock since 1993 - intently. So, yeah I have a lot of other styles in my library alright? I have a musical diet, as opposed to just a taste. all of that (I think) makes me a better musical critic. I know beats like a computer knows ones and zeros. And yeah - El-P has some - I'll give him that. I just would rather them be instrumental i guess...

    cause thats what got me into hip-hop (the beats). All those bands like Rage Against the Machine etc got me into checking out hip-hop more. I never liked Rap and now that I do - i'm picky.

    I started my hip-hop journey with straight up Instrumentals, then i progressed to lyrics with '' hip-hop, then some battle style stuff, and i just haven't progresssed to appreciate the dark and pissed off stuff yet. but i'm sure i'll get there. just keep arguing your case astro - you got skills, and yeah your tracks are pretty good.

    keep in mind, i'm also married - so i have to play stuff my wife likes too (hence a lot of the laid back acoustic stuff)


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    • zerosleep escribió...
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    • 25 Oct 2006, 23:27
    Anything Sixtoo has done. Most especially the Boxcutter Emporium(s) and the Mile-End Artsike/Suicide Manual.

    So sick!

  • yeah!

    Sixtoo is the man. I know the Boxcutter Emporium songs on Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures but where is the Mile-End Artsike... from??? What do you think of the Antagonist Survival Kit zero?

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  • about the being married excuse, that's bs, you just gotta teach her!

    haha! she's learning a lot. she's kind of one of those 'i like all music' kind of girls, but when you really test it out, there's a lot she hasn't heard! haha. she does have good taste, but after a hard days work, she'd rather listen to Martin Sexton and relax (instead of some experimental hip-hop album) haha..

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  • man curtis, what's wrong with a little appreciation?

    we need a discussion. i can't think of anything. that is because i am full of peace & love.

    btw, if fantastic damage is too harsh, El-P has also released some very exciting jazz; High Water. it is made in collaboration with jazz pianist matthew shipp (never heard of him) and is on the label thirsty ear (never heard of that either).

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