Favorite songs by DJ

  • Favorite songs by DJ

    this came up the other day when i was with a couple of friends. i was eating and stuff and they were watching youtube vidoes of IIDX at another friends house. they started arguing about what song by who was the best. i put my two sense in. but id like to know what everyone else thinks. i may not include every DJ but i will post as more come up.

    (this is by indivdual DJ. no collabs. songs by them featuring someone else is okay)

    mine are

    Taka - Tomorrow Perfume
    Yoshitaka - GOLD RUSH
    Kors K - Sig Sig
    Tatsh - Sphere
    Ryu* - Time to Air
    L.E.D - Lovely Storm
    Sota Fujimori - Plasma

    i hope to hear more from our little group seeing as we dont do alot so i thought i would try to get it moving a little.

    again this is jsut a small list from the top of my head
    any DJ i miss i will post later

    • alekk escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 15 Jul 2008, 2:11

    Death Disco is the best but it's a shame it has such an easy note chart.

    My music [https://soundcloud.com/aleksandreux]HERE (free downloads).
  • DJ Taka - Candy Galy
    SLAKE - Denim
    Tatsh - zenius -I- vanisher[A]
    DJ Yoshitaka - VANESSA
    Ryu☆ - Time to Air
    kors k - evergreen
    SADA - X-rated
    Sota Fujimori - Look to the Sky (cyber True Color)
    DJ Murasame - Scripted Connection⇒[A]
    L.E.D. - The Deep Striker

    • th0m4svu escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 23 Jul 2008, 21:00
    DJ Taka - Snow Storm
    Sota - Fly Above
    LED - Sound of Giallarhorn
    Kors K - Smoooch
    Ryu - second heaven
    yoshitaka - Contract
    Tiger Yamato - V35
    tatsh - Dirty of Loudness

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