• ...Best Flop Artists Of The Decade [Part 1]

    1 Ene 2010, 22:15 de babyboy75

    Latrelle – house party

    gurl was produced by The Neptunes..her album is Good..but it should’ve been a hit!

    Nicole Wray – if I was your girlfriend
    Maan, Nicole is naturally talented…her only hit is the awesome “make it hot ft Timbaland, Missy Elliot & Mocha” but she deserved more!

    Truth Hurts - ready now


    Blue Cantrell - breathe feat Sean Paul
    this song is pretty dope. Sad she flopped. I remember they were sayin she was mad cuz Miss i-have-no-hair –and-i-love-my-wigs aka Beyoncétooked her shine. (Well it wasn’t the 1rst time and she isnt the last unfortunely)

    Kiley Dean - Make me a song
    she has sum goods songs but ..where u @?

    Isyss – Day And Night feat Jadakiss
    I love their first and only one album..all the songs from the album are amazin! It’s a BANGER!

    Toya – I DO
    her album is ok…

    Jhene – No Love
    her songs are awessssome..

    Mila J - Complete
    I was mad for this song!!!!!!! It shoudve been a top 10 bilboard hit! She reminds me of the lovely Aaliyah

    TG4 - Virginity
    Maaan I love the song… but the album is straight garbage so now I know why they flopped…but..they were cool anyway! One of the girl is known as a member of Richgirl

    Blaque – As if feat JC Chasez of N*Sync

    MAaannnnnnnnnnn Blaque is the group!!!!!!!! They will always be my mini – TLC!! Their songs are the shit… the two first albums are FANTASTIC… im looking for the third album cuz I only got snippets.. But theyre coming back wit an new album this year!!! I hope they’ll get the success they deserve!!

    Natasha – so sick ft Clipse
    Damnnn.. I love all the songs from this gurl, her voice, her swag..she reminds me of the old Ciara.. cant for AN album!

    Janelle Monáe – Many Moons
    I think shes of the most talented underrated artist … the gurl is a beast!!!! Shes like a female André 3000 of Outkast or the cousin of Kelis LMAO..shes more original than Lady Gaga tho..

    Kat DeLuna - unstopable feat Lil'Wayne
    ] love her catchy tunes… I don’t understand why she flopped becuz she and lady gaga share the same producer..and so their music is really similar ( kat more R&b tho)… explain me that..

    Heavy -fire
    one of the best fresh thing Ive heard in a while! JazzMoney$$ is the album! Theyre so cool ..kind of a Black Eyed Peas..