City in the Sea

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Líder: iPowers
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Creado el: 26 May 2010
This band is dedicated to the Metal/hardcore band from Arizona. If you want to know any updates on new songs, downloads, etc. this is the place to learn about it here.

This is a group dedicated to supporting and getting updates about the hardcore band from Arizona, NOT the Indie band from Seattle. If you want to learn about new songs with some downloads, or other good info about this join this group and i'll send messages to you guys about them.

if you aren't familiar with City in the Sea, they're a hardcore band from my home town and they are really good. If you haven't heard of them go check them out

When we get enough members joining this i'll post more stuff for you guys. I need around 5 members at least to do that!!

Updates: I shall update it when they update their myspace info.

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