Playlist Sunday 7 October / Thursday 11

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    Playlist Sunday 7 October / Thursday 11

    Today's show is built around our ever growing database of string based melodies and tunes, with the starting point for the show being the new inspirational Kronos Quartet cover of Sigur Ros and the brilliant new album from the Basquiat Strings. So listen out for the striking sound sounds of Instrumental, Slow Six, Kronos & Balanescu Quartet alongside the (Mercury music prize nominated) Basquiat Strings as we see how much luschiously plucked and bowed music it's possible to cram into two hours.

    1 Basquiat Strings, In a Silent Way, Basquiat Strings, Basquiat Strings, 2:40, Fire, FIRECD18

    2 Amar, Te amo, Armand Amar, La Musique de la Terre, 3:09, Naive, V4994

    3 Aaron Jay Kernis, before, Andrew Russo, Top 100 Greatest Dance Hits, 4:46, Black Box, BBM1107

    4 Astor Piazzolla, Asleep, Astor Piazzolla & Kronos Quartet, Five Tango Sensations, 5:29, Nonesuch, 7559792542

    5 Belle & Sebastian, Consuelo, Belle & Sebastian, Storytelling, 2:55, Jeepster, JPRCD014

    6 Sigur Ros, Flugufrelsarinn, Kronos Quartet, Kronos Quartet perform Sigur Ros, 8:23, Nonesuch, itunes download

    7 Aluminium/White Stripes, Forever For Her, Aluminium, Aluminium, 4:28, XL Recordings, na

    8 Basquiat Strings, Bobette, Basquiat Strings, Basquiat Strings, 2:36, Fire, FIRECD18

    9 Amp, There She Goes, Amp, All of Yesterday Tommorow, 2:32, Moopp, RR02PP

    10 Instrumental, Smokebelch, Instrumental, Acoustek, 8:32, Big Chill, FACTOR1

    11 Hauschka, belgrade, Hauschka, Room To Expand, 3:33, Fat Cat, CD1306

    12 Gorecki, II. Largo, Cantabile - Kronos Quartet, Kronos Quartet, Henryk Gorecki: String Quartet No. 3 (...Songs Are Sung), 11:05, Nonesuch, 7559799933

    13 Amp, Ipso Factum, Amp, All of Yesterday Tommorow, 4:19, Moopp, RR02PP

    14 Slowsix, contemplation and dissolution of an idea for two pairs, Slowsix, Nor'easter, 9:14, New Albion Records, NA136

    15 Alexandre Desplat, Prologue, Studio Orchestra, Birth, 4:00, Silvascreen, SILCD1171

    16 Instrumental, Sparrowfall, Instrumental, Acoustek, 8:29, Big Chill, FACTOR1

    17 Amiina, Glamur, Amiina, Kurr, 5:51, Ever, Ever11CD

    18 Balanescu Quartet, Spotdance, Balanescu Quartet, Maria T, 11:22, Mute, CDSTUMM242

    19 Amp, Le Revenant, Amp, All of Yesterday Tommorow, 4:33, Moopp, RR02PP

    20 Basquiat Strings, Double Dares, Basquiat Strings, Basquiat Strings, 5:31, Fire, FIRECD18

    21 John Adams, Road Movies II, John Adams, Road Movies, 6:06, Blackbox, CD BBM1098

    22 Hope Blister, Happiness Strings, The Hope Blister, Underarms, 4:09, 4AD, CAD2517CD


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    Penguin Cafe Orchestra @ Union Chapel - Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 December 2007

    mixed & produced by: Ben Eshmade
    the sound of the show: Ken Peel
    additional remixes & textures by: Reporter, Cheju, Rothko, ISAN, Infantjoy, James Murray, Anti Atlas, NSRO & Dollboy.
    logo by: Rowena Hughes

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    3 Aaron Jay Kernis, before, Andrew Russo, Top 100 Greatest Dance Hits, 4:46, Black Box, BBM1107 has:

    But Amazon has:

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    Slow Six (two words)

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