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A group open to all friends of musinum. See also Chef Musinum (our "kitchen") and Chez Platinum (our "deluxe" annex).

Chez Musinum's Artist Radio (tag radio)

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Plays all artists connected to Chez Musinum, Chef Musinum, and Chez Platinum.

Got to taste this cake? Click here for recipe!!

Chef Musinum's Edible Artist Radio (user chef_musinum's library)

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Plays all artists connected to Chef Musinum (being simmered and seasoned, not yet at 1000 plays and 200 listeners).

Chez Platinum's Artist Radio (user Chez_Platinum's library)

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Plays all artists connected to Chez Platinum (our "big shots" at 9000 plays + 1800 listeners).

I've been accumulating friends from all over and would like a place to get to know you all better. We should have interesting charts, and good forums too! Any of you (and there are a lot) who make music here will automatically become a Connected Artist (and/or label) and have another way to find your listeners; you're also tagged to stream on our Artist Radio. Just let me know your artist (and/or label) name(s) when you apply and you're in! It's set for owner approval only for the reason that membership is conditional on friendship.

Current group tag cloud, updated 09/08/2012:

The Chez Musinum Cabinet

Holy Founder, Beloved Figurehead, Humble Servant of the Masses, Ambassador Without Portfolio to the Great Unwashed, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Patron Saint of the Never Quite Successfully Disambiguated Wiki, and Minister of Fractals: musinum
Minister of Drones: lectronice
Minister of Mellow Noise: mystified13
Minister of Electromania: Pixieguts
Minister of Aggregate Notions: redhalo
Minister of Random Numbers: wavex
Minister of Pi (3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510...): lyttis
Minister of All Avatars, Animated and Still: Addi3000
Minister of The Dreamscape: cpmcdill
Minister of Minimal: thelonging
Minister of Metarhythms: kushin
Minister of Occult Curiosity: justinrobert1
Minister of Spiritual Unity: inn3rflow
Minister of Improvisation: jthomas65
Minister of Memory: HealeyIsland
Minister of Madness, Mayhem & Extreme Eccentricity: Dharmata
Minister of the Mysterious Void: DocWho
Minister of Pie: bbarden
Minister of Awkward Smells and Heavy Petting (and Minister Pro Tem of Cakes and Ale): Krackatoa
Minister of Compulsive Scepticism: cronopioluisma
Minister of the Cosmoplanetary Cabal of Synthesis, the Great Master of the Order of the Knights of the Triumphant Vajra, the Master of the Selection of Souls and the Great Pontiff of the Cosmic Diamond Order: Arcueil
Minister of Whatever: nezumi-szczur
Minister of Pads: Pjotr1983
Minister of Lost Marbles: firewisp

Minister of LewdOcricy: FOWLmusic
Minister of Procrastination: northcape
Minister of Contemplation with Special Emphasis on Contemplative Sounds: philwilkerson
Minister of Randomly Distorting Ordinary Sounds: dualechelon
Minister of Eclecticism, Absurdity, and Serendipity: mandrak2000
Minister of Randomosity: sennenspirit
Minister of Chocolate: meyde
Minister of Extra-High-Grade Ear Fuel: lunacode
Minister of Nothing in Particular: synthgeek
Minister of World Wide Wonder: MochaSoul
Minister of Arts: MarcoProduction
Minister of Metamathemagical Absurdity: mathman_mr_t
Minister of Ambient Lip-Synching: DeepSpace
Minister of Being and Time: opropropr
miniStereo of pebcac [problem exists between computer and chair] and karma corrections: 8m2stereo
Minister of Milk: lactophobia
Minister of Violently Eclectic Listening: mixedmedia1965
Minister of Sinister and Evil Laughter: hopeinproles
Minister of Independent Music from Italy: anonimix
Minister of Kitteh-Snorgling: lyzzard
Minister of Blend and Fusion: RenatoV
Minister of Anarchist Minds and Thoughts: metricks
Minister of Synesthesia: sinisterluck
Minister of Doors (the opening ones): Doorchaser
Minister of The Potion of Endless Motion: EVTmusic
Minister of a sharply bitten etching by Petrini, after a picture by Teniers: ROTMOSLOS
Minister of Misconfiguration: mellow_boy
Minister of Implicit Soundscapes: 136
Minister of Change, Tailor of Distorted Patchwork Sounds, Pope of the Liquid Cyberspace, Master of the Mighty Mutants, Son of the Common Pain: TheCyb
Minister of dots and dashes, intrepid explorer in the land of less than 30 listeners, occasional master of the translated wiki, and all round international hillbilly and proprietor of the international rancho: kb7clx
Minister of All Bosnian Electro and Lounge Musicians: vedadhodzic
Minister of "What am I doing with my life?": svolou10
Minister of Musical Psychology: khalid-greece
Minister of Impressive-Sounding Titles: richardsydney
Minister of Light, Prisms, and Color-Play: red-green-blue
Minister of Social Music: monoinput
Minister of Herbs and Plants: AKO77
Minister of Cosmic Tourism: DrMarmalade
Minister of Twofold Uniqueness: Joe_Jack_Wagner

Minister of Slack: musicgodlything
Minister of Closed Freedom: sanandros
Minister of Separate Reality: in_cognitus
Minister of Hallucinations: lucindalight
Minister of Global Prosperity and Friends and Commander of the Perpetuum-Mobilized Infantry Division: Zackdabibue
Minister of Sesquipedality: DannWest
Minister of the Edgeless Universe: Metafex
Minister of Sensible Walks: The_Forgotton
Minister of (bad) French Habits: Phllox
Minister of Pharmaceuticals: pharmafabrik
Minister of 'pataphysics: phillip360
Minister of Midi: dementio13
Minister of Green Tea: XmarciusX
Minister of Obscure Playlists: BPenguin
Minister of Silly Walks: Tannyz
Minister of Maximalism: Shyft_VahtiDahl
Minister of Peace: pterodata
Minister of Motorcycles: guellepumpe
Minister of Integrated Music: JanBlanicky
Minister of Psychedelia: Vulfia
Minister of Cosmology: Bloopy
Minister of Occulture: adamlilith
Minister of Nujazz & Chilling World Music: Schrubbel
Minister Emeritus of Forgotten Songs: viaartiskonsort
Minister of Dark Buildings: schulz1907
Minister of Frets and Strings: Acoustic-303
Minister of Attention: psychoalgie
Minister of Snuggling and Dry Sexual Intercourse: m124ntR0p
Minister of Overly Insulting Euphemisms and Guru of Unconscious Neuro-Linguistic Programming: daredevillive
Minister of Erotic Voice: Sax-Moryson
Minister of Grand Piano: LenaSelyanina
Minister of Underground Singing: gamboda
Minister of Indulgence: TheMusicalVito
Minister of Bass: Crow74
Minister of The Criminally Underrated (and of The Underrated Criminal): vjsupersaint
Minister of Fugitive Fugues: Jagellonica
Minister of Rude Shoutbox Comments: jesuspopk
Minister of The Godsauce and Foundation of Aural Benevolence: invisiblerain
Minister of Progressive Rock Community: angelmk
Minister of Happiness: peaceful_nature
Minister of Classical Evangelism: Gamester
Minister of Sporks: benedorm
Minister of Insomnia & Steel: maidenhell
Minister of Metal and Belgian Waffles: kingdiamond1234
Minister of Juggling to the Beat: edjeee
Minister of Shadows: schemerdonker
Minister of Pants: pantseeker
Minister of Cats, Bats, and Hawks: lilpetunia
Minishroom of Psilocybin, Minister of Spiders and Astrological Synchronicities, and Vice-Minister of Cats with Special Attention to Feline Concerts: risK49
Minister of Coffee: olznillz
Minister of Post-Easy Listening & Sublime Lift Musicks, Mixmistress of Thrash Cocktails both Tropical & Sub-Tropical, and Virtual Walker / Frisbee Trainer of Concrete Terriers: ClarissaVincent
Minister of Beautiful Voices: MainiSorri
Minister of Sentient Prehensile Robotic Tongues: dougsharp
Minister of Every Cloud Having a Silver Lining: BigBadAnubis
Minister of Crystallized Ginger: cklequ
Minister of Anything: ashelynsummers
Minister of Small Furry Kittens: mybluebass
Minister of ethnotroninoisesurfedinosauryouthish: Ethnotronic
Minister of World Fusion: ancient-future
Minister of Japanese adolescence: Glamypunk
Minister of Ministerial Ministerings: Pseudomancer
Minister of All Poor, Restless Laptop Gypsies, Commander of Capriciously Curiosity-Driven Treasure Hunters of the Intangible, Director of All Distracted Seekers of the Neoteric, Antiquated, Anachronistic, and Extraterritorial, and Presider over Puzzles, Game Play, and All Superfluous Initiators of Synaptic Stimulation: EclecticEyez
Minister of Skronk: treefreejazz
Minister of Relaxation: Leonod
Minister of Inner and Outer Spaces: Skiye
Co-Minister of The Blues, Front Porch... er, what's that ya say? Got 'er! Crossroads DIvision: granpubah
Minister of >tfw no gf: YouthCrewGrey
Co-Minister of The Blues, Endless Highway Division: BluesManDan
Minister of Pretentious Patricians: kirbytrooper
Minister of Thinking: zielonazielen
Minister of Folk Music: ppgirls
Minister of Truth: Grosseteste
Minister of Love: wilybowalker
Minister of Visual Defects: buecherdieb
Minister of The Broken Word: Mrsixtyfive
Minister of Surrealism: Sumasshedshy
Minister of Tofu: PhilKnight
Minister of Minister of Minister of Mindstairs: noisesurfer
Minister of Dance Music Addiction: M_Dancefloor
Minister of Cartography: alfapp
Minister of Forgotten Songs: skiesrblue
Minister of Origins: antony3005
Minister of Cider: Coesio
Minister of Profile Peeping: RussellChap
Minister of Nothing in General: maeanderberlin
Minister of Rock Riffs: alberto90423
Minister of Ice and Snow: Shadove
Minister of Martial Arts and Gothic Metal: ajstryker
Minister of Reverberation and Trance-Inducing Sounds: iampagan
Minister of Cigarettes and Methylenedioxy-Methylamphetamine: randombob18
Minister of Spiced Technicolored Plastic Wave Arts: redhotcheebah
Minister of Morning Teas and Tribal Jam: NicolaasMaritz
Minister of Rainbow Arrows: feelcolors
Minister of Sonic Bliss: kula_nova
Minister of post-punk, existentialism, and drunken conversations that sound like they're really ground breaking at 3 in the morning but are remembered as obvious nonsense when you wake up hungover later on in the afternoon: SinboundHaibane

If all governments had these ministries, wouldn't the world be a much better place?

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  • vikingtrance

    24 May 2015 Responder
  • musinum

    We have a single graduate from Chef Musinum: the ambient electronica / disco stylings of Viking Trance. Welcome to the big house!

    19 Mar 2015 Responder
  • musinum

    Four artists have qualified to reside in The Platinum Palace at Chez Platinum: the collaborative pastiche of peripheral music group dadala, the experimental sounds of the Belgrade duo exploring territories of alienation and known as Zastranienie, the anarcho-Celtic drone-jam style of touring band Dark Patrick, and the cross-genre Muscovite project, increasingly dark and minimalist, that is WMRI. I hope I have done some justice in my characterizations... Congratulations and bon voyage! All four artists are now on both Artist Radios: Chez Musinum and the more select Chez Platinum.

    17 Mar 2015 Responder
  • musinum

    I got fed up when they got rid of the streaming radio. My entire life on here has been structured around creating streaming radio stations and the groups to go with them. I'm retiring in three months and then perhaps I'll take it up again in some form or another! I do miss my friends here...

    5 Mar 2015 Responder
  • rostasi2

    Has anyone seen musinum?

    27 Feb 2015 Responder
  • Saver-Acari

    Hello everybody! I hate commercials and self-promotion! but I would very much like what you would feel this atmosphere and my feelings, the project "Fault Justification" for me something more than just music. If you like the theme of space, the world and nature, or you're just looking for tranquility not pass by and appreciate this release. It can free download here Friends thank you!

    24 Mar 2014 Responder
  • musinum

    *blush* It's really what all of you make it! I'm honored just to be the curator or the connective tissue or whatever I am. It's exhilarating to be around all this talent and energy... my idea of fun!

    10 Dic 2013 Responder
  • alfapp

    Chez Musinum (with Chef Musinum and Chez Platinum) is one of the greatest and finest things here at lastfm

    8 Dic 2013 Responder
  • magus-aquarius

    High psy-lovers, same thing as last year: please vote YES for my new added pictures of Avalon: , or I'm fighting with some other bands (Christian Rock, Progressive Rock and worst a Skinhead Band) over which picture should be on top for Avalon. Theres much other pics of the Psytrance act Avalon ... if you like this more - vote for that. This guy is pure psychedelic!!!! Thanx for your assistance. Psychedelic greetz from Germany ;o)))

    15 Nov 2013 Responder
  • JowieSchulner

    Jowie Schulner - Two Hearts

    23 Oct 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    The five artists moving on to The Platinum Palace are: Cubano-Americano bilingual band Corrientes, recorded/mixed/produced by Ivette Torres-Albano (EV); the extreme and haunting chill of Martin Budd; the German dub-everything experimental sounds of Ultragroove; the industrial electronica of CyberLotion, and the cross-genre Leftfield/IDM/Lounge concoction that is ElectricOkra. Bon voyage all!

    21 Oct 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    We've had four new artists join us, which would potentially have exceeded the 200-artist limit for connections.... so I've lowered the bar by 10% to graduate to Chez Platinum, to 1800 listeners and 9000 scobbles. As a result, we have five more graduates. But first let me welcome the new artists. Three are projects of the same new member: the largish improvising experimental rock band The Concord Ballet Orchestra Players and two "post-punk psychedelic" groups, Jasmine Love Box\mb and Nisi Period. Moving from Massachusetts to Poland, we have a graduate from Chef Musinum: the dark ambient ritual drones of Angular Dreams.

    21 Oct 2013 Responder
  • dakotaVal73

    Hi Musinum, Many thanks for your friendly welcome ; it was very kind of you. With regard the post of minister, that is an interesting proposal.. What a good idea!.. But let me think on that a little bit more. haha.!... I wish you a good day and a wonderful weekend.. See you soon. :-))

    19 Oct 2013 Responder
  • thetrogg

    Thank you for the invitation musinum. Glad to be here..

    18 Oct 2013 Responder
  • dakotaVal73

    Hi Musinum.. Thanks for the invite to join this group. I accept with pleasure.. Greetings from France.. :-)

    16 Oct 2013 Responder
  • Riffraffrock

    Hello Music Lovers! I would like to introduce my riff 'n' groove rockband "Electric Mud". We have just put out our new album "Dead Cat On A Railroad Track" Hope you like it! Cheers!

    9 Oct 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    As always, our graduates will still be heard on Chez Musinum Artist Radio, but will also now be heard on the more exclusive Chez Platinum Artist Radio...

    6 Oct 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    This month we bid farewell to two graduates to Chez Platiinum, both electronic ambient artists: the Russian duo Waterplea and the American solo project Fugue State. Bon voyage!

    6 Oct 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    OK! Radio went from 399 to 491 with the new connections, and I added 49 similar artists to top it off at 540. You can see the full lineup at aHowl's library, the source of the radio.

    21 Sep 2013 Responder
  • musinum

    The biennial reorganization of connections is complete for Chappaqua! Generally speaking, the turnaround for one of these things is about one third of the connections, or somewhere in the range 60-75, but this was more extensive: just over half, fully 102 of the 200 connections replaced by others, close the the totals for Professor Longhair earlier this month. The Hawaiian and rockabilly strains are gone, and the new group, by and large, hews more closely to the three artists who spark the group: more poets, more jazz artists, more early experimental music. There is also a significant expansion of symphonic and other classical music. As always, the deleted connections remain on the Artist Radio, which will expand with the addition of the new connections (some of which may already be part of the lineup), and a dollop of similar artists added to round things out. I will be back when the radio expansion is complete. Enjoy!

    21 Sep 2013 Responder
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