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    Grotesque Fermentation (Industrial Electro Goregrind) [CyberGore, ElectroGore] *Libido Airbag, Kots, Enema Cocktail*

    Listen and download my one man Industrial Electro Goregrind project entitled Grotesque Fermentation!!! If you want blasting, grinding and yet groovy with extreme and diverse vocals ranging from gurgles to snarls to growls and gutterals than this is your solution!!! Grotesque Fermentation -

    Biography - Grotesque Fermentation is a one man Industrial Electro-Goregrind band from Auburn, Maine formed in 2010 as Goregasm. (All material released as Goregasm has been re-recorded and continued under the name of Grotesque Fermentation.)

    Discography (As Goregasm)

    2010 - “3 Way Split With Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor & Noise Fuck Ritual”
    2010 - “The Medical Examiner’s Autopsy Report”
    2010 - “Goregasmic Defecation (Split With Defecation Menstruation)”

    2010 - “The Sudden Impulse Of Sociopathic Urges And Motivation”
    2011 - “Stages Of Death”

    Discography (As Grotesque Fermentation)

    2011 - “Premature Foetal Consumption”
    2011 - “Re-Mixing Rotten Splatter”
    2011 - “Feast of the Festering: Necrotic Cannibal Ingestion Aberration” *In progress*

    Genre - Industrial Electro-Goregrind
    Members - Xryss Xreasey - Vocals & All Instruments
    Location - Auburn, Maine
    Record Label - Torn Flesh Records

    “Sounds Like having Your Eyes Plucked To Be Skull Fucked And Ejaculating Into Your Brain.”

    All together a hard, industrial, electronic, goregrind theme for those with the likes of and in the style of Libido Airbag, Kots, Enema Cocktail, et cetera!!!"

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