Echofission (rock/jazz/progressive)

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    Echofission (rock/jazz/progressive)

    Echofission has made their mark with their latest album “The Straights” independently released in April 2008. “Echofission’s recent recording “The Straights” is an intimidating display of talent and inventive song-writing which never seeks to impress, only delight” (The Aquarian). The album was engineered and co-produced by Mod, guitarist for popular NYC natives Elefant. It features thirteen tracks flowing from light to dark and features the FM and college radio singles ‘Lucky’ and ‘When Autumn Leaves’. “Echofission has managed to create something even more special, an album that, in my opinion, is destined to be looked back on years from now as a “classic album” (

    2008 has seen Echofission spreading its wings across the live, media and digital spectrums. The band is gigging through a busy live schedule of clubs and festivals and making appearances in film, online and print rock publications and FM, college and onlineradio to promote the latest album. Noteworthy appearances of the band and their music have been in the film Over The GW (, Dig This Real, affiliations with multiple music licensing companies, BMI, WDHA FM 105.5, 107.1 The PEAK, 100.9 WMIR The Indie Revolution, WP88.7 William Paterson Radio, WRSU Rutgers Radio,, and many more.

    Echofission has worked with many talented musicians, engineers and producers. Bruce A. Miller (Aerosmith, Miles Davis, Dave Mathews Band, etc.) mastered the 2006 Amplify The Sun. Lo Faber (God Street Wine) mastered Echofission’s debut album. And the aforementioned Mod (Elefant, Radio4, Teenbeaters, Ape Fight) has recorded and co-produced three of the four releases. “Echofission has acquired a massive following with their infectious melodies and relatable lyrics” (Exit Magazine). Echofission has six years stage and studio experience that connect with audiences whether it’s at a venue or in their car listening. “Without question, rhythm is the force behind this band’s sound, with steadfast musical arrangements yet inventive improvisation as there base” (Jersey Beat).


    The Straights – 2008 (official release)
    Amplify The Sun – 2006 (official release)
    Like, Sza, Love. – 2003 (unofficial release)
    Echofission – 2002 (official release)

    For booking and any inquires please send an e-mail to or

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