xorb - swedish downtempo electronica/idm

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    xorb - swedish downtempo electronica/idm

    I am Gustav Andersson, an electronic music producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been making melodic downtempo electronica, ambient and idm under the name xorb since a number of years back.

    Artists like Aphex Twin, Plaid, Mouse on Mars, Arovane, Mosaik and Boards of Canada probably give some indication of where my music is heading.

    To this date two selfreleased eps are avaliable as high quality free downloads from www.xorb.se.

    cube ep. a 4 four track ep from 2005 collection the best material from the "early years".

    And tiny satellites ep. a 6 track ep, bordering on a mini album, released in the fall of 2008. Mixing ambient textures with intricate beats, cute melodies and weird samples.

    For some quick links to songs try:
    square air world
    for the birds

    For more music and information visit:

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