What's your tribe?

  • What's your tribe?

    Hey there!

    FindYourTribe is a Channel 4 project aimed at finding out about the different groups of people in today's culture - and with you guys being one of the most important and unique groups, we thought you'd be interested.

    We've narrowed it down to 26 different groups.... so why not have a go yourself, and see if you're what you think you are?

    FindYourTribe is a Channel 4 UK project, on a mission to find out about all the latest modern Youth Tribes in the UK.

    Do our quiz, and you'll be given a 'Tribe' that we think you belong to... you can then share your results elsewhere. We've narrowed it down to 26 different youth Tribes... from Townies and Chavs, to Emos and Moshers, there's got to be one for you. If you're bored, it will give you something to do... and if not, it'll be a laugh!

    Head over to http://www.findyourtribe.co.uk to take the quiz!
    • Zagblorg escribió...
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    • 19 Ago 2008, 15:00


    Well, according to this I'm an Indie Kid. Methinks perhaps the system that works this out is a bit flawed. Might also do the creators of it good to invest in a webserver that's fast enough to run it properly!

    But seriously, what does all the stuff about brands and phone companies have to do with tribal affiliations? Oh yeah, it's all a big marketing exercise. Silly me!

    Vocalist for stoner doom band Sea Bastard, death metal band Hole In The Sky and bassist for thrash band Headface. Check them out if you like that sort of thing.
  • "You are a Mosher! To join this tribe is easy – it’s mainstream alternative. Pick up a long coat like the one from The Matrix, spike your hair up to one mohawk and add a snarl of misunderstanding. Music is your life – as long as it’s loud and as long as it rocks. Your iPod is permanently plugged into your ears, volume up to 11."

    Pretty correct I think.

    Curse you all men,
    Whose coil is strong

    TurboWitch - about to rock your universe!
  • Apparently I'm a scene kid... I can't fucking believe they missed "Punk" off of the list. They have ones that I've never even fucking heard of (I'd be ashamed to admit to being something like a "rah" or a "pc world [isn't that a shop? How the fuck can someone describe themselves as a shop?!?!?!?]).

    Also, I've you've ever been to Brighton, you're almost definitely going to see a punk SOMEWHERE. Just need to know where to look...

    Fabricate one single voice broadcast from sea to sea
    What once held notions of change and choice is now being controlled fully
    Deregulations raised the edge of expolitations bar
    Politics replaced by "bling" and clothes and fancy cars
    Trapped imaginations from the video's blinding light
    Bombarded with monotony that captivates the sight...
  • Haha, I'm an Indy Scenester too...Yeah, just a little off...Though to be fair I literally don't belong to any scene. I'm not saying that to sound (ironically) indy or cool...I just tend to make friends with people from conflicting groups, so I'm a mix of it all....but I most certainly do not like to look good >_>

    And yeah, go to town and you're likely to see the eccentric 50+ man in tight leather and an incredible mohican.

    "The scales that follow you everywhere, the scales that make you disappear" So sayeth Amaru, so sayeth I.

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    sun the greatest lie
    the sky will fold with light
    the tides have turned, I think we're dead
  • So I'm an indy kid apparently. Alright, fair enough... I'm not at all but I can go with that one since I'm not massively into labels anyway.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 13 Oct 2011, 15:37
    I'm an indie scenester, I'm disappointed - I like Channel 4 but this just seems to be a brand identification quiz.

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