6th Album News/Rumors..

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    6th Album News/Rumors..

    R&B female performer Brandy won't slow down when it comes to her career in Hollywood music industry as she reportedly is working on a new album, which will be her sixth. Aiming for what is best for the upcoming record, she is said enlisting helps from music greats The-Dream and Pharrell Williams.

    As for The-Dream, the music producer reportedly will pen some songs for her. Pharrell, meanwhile, will hit the studio together with the songstress once.

    It is not known yet on what color of music Brandy will bring on her next album. And since production of the album is still in its very early stage, there hasn't been title for the project just yet.

    Current list of producers & artist B has worked with or who she is gonna work with for the new album ::

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    More 6th Album News

    TGJ: While ‘Human’ is your priority at the moment, have you started thinking about the direction of your next record? In terms of producers, sound etc, have you started thinking about album #6?

    Brandy: Absolutely. I started thinking about album #6 while I was recording album #5 (laughs). That Grape Juice Interview: BrandyI really can’t wait (to start working on it) because I want to work with a lot of different people; like of course Timbaland, Tricky Stewart and The Dream, Stargate and Ne-Yo. There’s so many people I want to work with and I feel like I’m going to have the opportunity to work with all the producers I’ve ever dreamt about collaborating with and I look forward to it. You just never know where creativity is going to take you. So I don’t have a direction yet, but I definitely know who I want to work with.

    TGJ: I know it’s, perhaps, too early to be speaking about it now, but, in terms of potential release dates / time-frames, is a new album something we can look forward to this year or perhaps later?

    Brandy: I just know that it will be sooner rather than later. It’s not going to be (another) 4 years from now. It’s not going to be 2 years from now; it might not even be a year from now. I’m just going to keep going until I can’t go no more. I promise my fans that and I’m going to stick to my promise, because I know they’ve waited for years. They’ve stood by me for so long, so I can’t and won’t put them through that big of a wait again. And that’s a promise (laughs).

    Source :: ThatGrapeJuice

  • Ooh I like that, I hope that it's scheduled for this year. Since quite a few other artists are also set to release an album this year.

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