Attack and Release

  • Attack and Release

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  • Attack & Release

    THIS IS amazing, i love it, quite different but of course still superb.... TBK4EVR

    • yuliay escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 Abr 2008, 20:28
    it's awesome, best of all i like oceans & streams and strange times.

    • -GS- escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 Abr 2008, 21:05
    I like it, but I really like Psychotic Girl.

  • I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet, need payday to come to get the album...

    • QueEsAmor escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 Abr 2008, 22:18
    I really like how, even though it's done in a studio and the production values are higher, they don't lose their style.

  • I don´t like it, I LOVE IT!

  • Its Good, especially I GOT MINE, but theres too little blues there/ the album is surely good, but i like Rubber Factory ant The Big Come out best.... They are more rough and rocknroll like/

    • Jesse1989 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 7 Abr 2008, 15:44
    I like it. It's more mature and complex, but while i love how he's making some killer melodies apart from the song with his voice i miss the more raspy vocals. He sounds errily like devandra banhart sometimes.
    Overall though attack and release is killer. I especialy liked the jazz flute on same old thing.

  • I Got Mine

    "I Got Mine" is, so far, my favorite on the album. I always feel like such a badass when I'm listening to it while walking down the street.

  • I'd say I Got Mine is the best track on there too, sounds most like the older Black Keys style... As much as I do like Attack & Release, I kinda miss the more raw edge to it

  • black keys, attack and release live...

    having heard both live and studio versions...if you have reservations about the studio release, check them out live. they truly are a remarkable band. the sound (albeit an upscale venue with superb sound and light system-which were a little too over the top-rang loud and clear) was much better than what i got last spring when they came through. the things i noticed the most were, the upscale venue, the change in fan demographic, and not as close to the audience. they played a good mix of the old and new, and as usual the encore was amazing. if i get chance i will post the set list if it hasn't been posted already. if you haven't seen them live, you haven't really felt the black keys.

    it is what is, whenever it is, wherever it is, that is it!
  • Re: black keys, attack and release live...

    letigre1974 said: if you haven't seen them live, you haven't really felt the black keys.
    yeah i totally agree.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 17 Abr 2008, 3:31


    To be honest, I am disappointed with it. There are a couple of good tracks > "I Got Mine" for example. But like NoComply789 said, "I kinda miss the more raw edge to it."
    I won't write a lot, it's just that, this album feels too.... "tamed"

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 23 Ago 2008, 21:54
    You gotta love how The Black Keys is branching out somewhat. Even though it may not be as raw as their other albums, I can listen to it all day long. It's put together well and GO SEE THEM LIVE!

  • Yes they are most certainly awesome live.

  • The old albums got a lot more of power so this album isn`t as god as the old albums

    • OJazz escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 9 Ene 2009, 16:03
    I think this album is brilliant, although not as good as 'Thickfreakness', pure scrappy quality!

    • IndieG escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 7 Feb 2009, 20:10
    Like what OJazz said, I think it's a really good album, but it doesn't have the energy that Thickfreakness unleashes.

    I know 1337h4x

  • This was actually the first album of theirs I purchased... then I've worked my way backwards. The more I've listened to it, the less I like it in comparison to the rest of their stuff. Of course, The Black Keys' worst album is still better than 90% of the music out there. I like them branching out and trying something different, just happen to prefer the more raw/gritty stuff minus the production value. 'Rubber Factory' is my favorite, and lately 'Chulahoma' has been in HEAVY rotation. Anyway, that's my 2cents.

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