Artist linking problem - '/' in name.

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    • 25 Abr 2012, 10:37

    Artist linking problem - '/' in name.

    One of my artists with a '/' in their name shows up fine as a "Top Artist". The picture and count both match what I get via the website. However, clicking on the name in the scrobbler takes me to a page that says "Sorry, that artist could not be found." Clicking play to start an artist radio station results in the wrong station - only the part before the slash is used, which happens to apparently refer to another band or bands.

    This MAY not be unique to the beta, or even the scrobbler - I noticed that MusicBee was unable to match the artist either, possibly for the same reason. I know forward slashes in tags can cause problems...

    The band is The World/Inferno Friendship Society.
    Starting a radio results in "The World" radio.
    Comparing websites, the Scrobbler and the website use different separators. The fact that the Scrobbler uses one separator with 6 hex numbers (%25252F) instead of 4 seems like it might be the problem?

    -- Finding them via the website results in the page:
    -- Clicking on the name within the scrobbler takes me to:

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    • 26 Abr 2012, 7:04
    It happens with ampersand ( & ) too.
    My topic:

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    • 26 Abr 2012, 18:39
    This has been noted, thanks.

    Was the Client Team - @eartle
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