Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass

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A group for atmospheric/deep/intelligent Drum'n'Bass listeners

Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass (Intelligent Drum'n'Bass) is the widespread term for the subgenre of drum and bass emphasising influences from chillout/lounge jazz and ambient music. The music typically has a very atmospheric or ambient quality, with washes of synthesised pads, and deep sub-bass. The Rhodes piano is heavily featured, along with samples of other jazz fusion instruments like guitar, flute and vocals. Although the mellow and tranquil atmospheres contrast with the darkness and aggression found in much dancefloor drum and bass, the intelligent style is still generally produced with the DJ and dancefloor in mind, and not simply chill-out material.

Also known as atmospheric drum and bass, ambient jungle or artcore. LTJ Bukem, boss of Good Looking and arguably the single most influential figure behind the style, is especially noted for disliking the term, owing to the implication that other forms of drum and bass are not intelligent. Bukem's track, Demon's Theme, written in 1991, is considered the first atmospheric drum and bass track. see more

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