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  • [My Gang] Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City) : Reco of the Week 31 Aug 2010

    31 Ago 2010, 16:32 de Babs_05

    Track: Little People (Black City)
    Artist: Matthew Dear
    Album: Black City
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    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    One of the tracks that will define the summer of 2010 will be this one from Matthew Dear - Little People (Black City).

    At over nine minutes long, in three sections roughly divided into three minutes each, it is a highlight from a near perfect album.

    (Source: MySpace)

    Black City is darker and poppier than earlier work, taking it away from dance floor fillers to appeal to the wider world. Weird catchy little hooks, unexpected words in strange lines and otherworldly imagery typify the new direction. His vocals are deep and mannered, recalling the style of many artists of the early 80s, who in turn were inspired by Bryan Ferry. This is music for gentlemen in suits and long overcoats, the brims of their hats obscuring a dash of black eyeliner.

    The nod to the past doesn't stop there. Beginning with early 80s post-punk, art-rock and new romantics, we have funky grooves, mid-80s hip-hop, old skool club classics of the early 90s, right up to the morose tones of The xx, who Dear has remixed for.

    The darkness is sexy. It's the sleazy, sweaty, dirty variety from shady corners of nightclubs. Unlike earlier albums, all the track names are 'safe for work', again appealing to a wider market, but the sexiness remains and if anything, is intensified for the restraint.

    That's just the umbrella. Embedded in the layers as you go deeper are details which only reveal themselves on repeat listen or on headphones. Tiny quirks, little flashes of sound, odd rhythms. They can throw you off your stride as you dance, catching you off guard and cause you to wonder what happened if you're following them. Glamourous little jewels to catch your attention.

    The album closes with the emotional Gem, a beautiful, ethereal ambient piano piece with Dear's vocals over distorted, distant vocals in the background and choral oohs.

    Matthew Dear is described as one of America’s foremost minimal techno producers, with a career that goes back about ten years. He and Sam Valenti IV created the record label, Ghostly International. Over the decade, he has remixed for and collaborated with others, and worked under a number of aliases, including Audion. He lists Talking Heads, David Bowie, Adonis, Nitzer Ebb, and Roman Flügel as inspirations.


    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] Janelle Monáe – Cold War : Reco of the Week 10 Aug 2010

    10 Ago 2010, 18:23 de Babs_05

    Track: Cold War
    Artist: Janelle Monáe
    Album: The ArchAndroid (July 2010)
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    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, official video

    My recommendation this week is by Janelle Monáe, taken from her debut, The ArchAndroid.

    I almost don't want to spoil it for anyone by describing anything. I'd like people to listen without expectation and make their own minds up, as I did. Because to describe Monáe properly, and to do her debut justice, I have to use a lot of big words that mean she is completely amazing, and in this age of hypetastic reviews, aren't they all. But she is.

    One of the customer reviews in Amazon has it right, talking about Prince, who adores her, by the way. You could say she picks up from where Prince left off. Those mad, eclectic early albums of his that stood out from the crowd on release and still hold their own thirty years later, his originality, ingenuity, youth and energy all seem to have been transposed into this young artist.

    I'm trying to hold back.

    Every genre and the kitchen sink is in this album. After half a dozen listens, I still can't say I know it. There are pop gems, like the track I have chosen, that have immediate impact, but there are others that will hold my attention for years to come, figuring them out, admiring them from various angles, playing them again and again.

    I'm so lucky. My friends told me about her for some time, but no one breathed a word about what to expect. I saw her attributed genre was R&B and thought I knew what she would be like. I knew nothing. I even checked her out a year ago for one of my groups, but I don't remember anything like this. So in a break from the usual presentation, I'm telling you as little as possible. My gift to you.

    Cold War is the sixth track and is about independence and loneliness. Bouncy and fast, it's not a track to sit still through, yet the video will have you do nothing else. Arresting and recalling Sinéad O'Connor's iconic video for her cover of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U, the video is a tight close-up on Monáe's face against a dark background shot in one take. Same shaved hair, expressive eyes, minimal make up and even a tear are the stark similarities between the two.

    Now I shan't breathe another word. I want you to stop in your tracks in wonder on your first listen of this album, too. Then you'll do what I'm doing: look her up in Google and discover all those glowing reviews everyone's written.

    Further reading (if you really must know more before you listen):
    - Official Site
    - The Quietus review
    - BBC review
    - The Guardian review
    - Blog Critics review
    - Pitchfork review


    - My Gang
    - Next Big Things - NBTs

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  • [My Gang] Scissor Sisters : Invisible Light : Reco of the Week 29 June 2010

    29 Jun 2010, 17:12 de Babs_05

    Track: Invisible Light
    Artist: Scissor Sisters
    Album: Night Work
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    YouTube amateur video

    This week's reco comes from my album of the week, the third release from the Scissor Sisters, Night Work. Final track Invisible Light closes the album with over 6 minutes of euphoria, sealing it with a smacker of a mwah, making you want to play the whole thing again.

    The whole is a party circa sometime in the late 70s and early 80s in New York city. Scattered throughout are little touches and references that bring to mind any number of artists of that era. So far, I've heard Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Bee Gees, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, ABBA when they updated their sound, Prince, Bronski Beat...

    (Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1980, ballet dancer Peter Reed)

    Produced by Stuart Price, Night Work draws a line under the less successful Ta-Dah and brings us back to the phenomenon that was their debut, Scissor Sisters. Darker in sound, Night Work may not be as dazzling but it complements it nicely. Lyrics are lusty and salacious, aimed solely at adults and clubbing. Guests include Helen Terry on Whole New Way, Kylie Minogue on Any Which Way, and Santigold on Running Out.

    Ana Matronic might describe Invisible Light as "a magical song" but user comments here in cut to the chase and state the obvious - that it's like a gay 'Thriller', and indeed it is, with the 'Thriller'-style dialogue from Sir Ian McKellen (aka Gandalf).

    (Sexual gladiators! Image source: The Guardian)

    The track begins all quiet Pink Floyd guitar, quickly shifting to Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer. A false calm before the storm via Madonna Ray of Light before introducing Sir Ian McKellen to scare the kiddies with his scary voice. We are commanded to "Come to the light! Into the light. The invisible light". From the relative calm of the spoken word, the music starts to build and build until all hell breaks loose as the the track and album race to the finishing line, trailing wigs, glitter and platforms in their wake. Fabulous.

    I was delighted to find someone has put together a great video for the track featuring clips from Michael Jackson's Thriller video along with "some cool nature shots and other random stuff." (above)

    Fitting too because it was the one year anniversary of Jackson's passing last Friday. The world remembered and tributes were paid at Glastonbury.

    Scissor Sisters were one of the highlights at this year's Glastonbury festival, held over the weekend. Kylie joined them for Any Which Way. Watch it here. UK viewers can watch some of the set on the BBC iPlayer.

    Kylie in thigh-high disco mirrored boots, a 'cheeky' album cover, sexy dirty naughty lyrics and cheesy dance moves, the album picks us up on Friday night after work to take us to a never-ending party that started in 1977 and nothing bad ever happened ever after. The end.


    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] Duran Duran - Planet Earth : Reco of the Week 18 May 2010

    18 May 2010, 19:43 de Babs_05

    Track: Planet Earth
    Artist: Duran Duran
    Album: Duran Duran (1981, reissued 2010)
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    Video: Click the pic...


    Our beloved Ashes To Ashes draws to a close this week with the final episode airing on Friday. What will life be like without the Gene Genie? There have been a few clangers in this series, from the script (no one said "end of") to props (Wispa chocolate bars weren't out for another year), but the wardrobe has been pretty accurate, save the odd exception.

    I'm sure it helped that early 80s fashion is back in the shops. Suddenly, videos like this one for Duran Duran's Planet Earth, shot in the Rum Runner nightclub in Birmingham and full of New Romantics, don't look so weird anymore. It's not a video, it's a shopping list.

    Duran Duran, 1981

    I keep thinking I've written about Duran Duran before but it looks like I haven't. Can't believe I've never reco'd The Chauffeur, New Moon On Monday or one of my secret top favourites, Too Late Marlene. Maybe now is the right time given how Duranie the new Keane album, Night Train, sounds.

    Planet Earth was the first single from the debut album which got Duran Duran noticed. It appeared on the same episode of Top of The Pops as Spandau Ballet with To Cut a Long Story Short. It was a busy day at school the next day. The charts, forever interesting at the time, just got more so.

    Source: BBC

    So how will Ashes To Ashes end? What happened to Sam Tyler? Why are Ray and Shaz seeing stars? Why is Chris hearing things? Who is Jim Keats? Will Alex remember she has a daughter? Answers and more in just a few days' time.


    - Ashes To Ashes
    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] The Specials and Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics : Reco of the Week 11 May…

    11 May 2010, 21:24 de Babs_05

    Track: The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) [ Full stream: We7 ]
    Artist: The Specials and Fun Boy Three
    Album: The Very Best of the Specials and Fun Boy Three
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube audio upload

    I don't even know where to begin.

    How do I summarise the surprising twists and turns in UK politics in the last seven days? I can say this much: the country is anxious.

    In the thick of it, it's hard to step back and get an overview. After the 18 hours it took for votes to be counted and for a hung parliament to be announced, the three parties closed the doors for talks. There was much speculation over what deals would be made and between whom.

    The assumption was naturally lefty Liberal Democrats would come to some arrangement with Labour, leaving the Conservatives without a hope. But as they say, you should never assume, because you make an ass of u and me. Gordon Brown made asses of all us with yet another bad decision made (in my opinion) rashly and petulantly. With three minutes notice to David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives, Gordon Brown announced his resignation this evening, around 7pm.

    Some people watching and listening live to Gordon Brown's resignation speech were moved to tears. I wasn't. I wanted to smack him. How could he be so irresponsible? So much for caring for the country. In many people's opinions, he was the worst Prime Minister the UK ever had. He is known for his bad decisions. What a great parting shot, giving us the Tories.

    I saw no grace in Gordon Brown's departure. I saw vindictiveness and spite. He hinted he wanted to step down during his speech when his constituency votes came in and I got the impression he wanted to go sometime soon. Whenever he spoke, he said he was planning to step down in coming months, maybe later this year. But out of the blue just after 7pm on a Tuesday evening, just like that?! Why?

    Clearly he wasn't getting his way. He is as unpopular in government as he is with the people. I knew he would be pilloried by the press and he was. But this is just the beginning, there's more to come. Ted Heath was villified for years (in the 1970s after his hung parliament), so much so it was hard not to feel sorry for him even if you didn't like him.

    The difference is, Harold Wilson, who took over from Ted Heath, was a likeable and charismatic character. Today, right now, we have precisely nobody. We have no adequate leader capable of taking the world stage. Forget embarrassing, it's terrifying.

    What we have are two posh boys, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, two former public school pupils who were both coached and mentored through the system to get to where they are today. Silver spoons and privilege. They have no concept of ordinary people, ordinary problems or minority issues. They don't know what normal is, they've never seen it. We're looking at an elitist government.

    So Gordon Brown resigned and invited David Cameron to take over. The Conservatives had to sit down and work out a deal with the Liberal Democrats in one evening, something they had not been able to manage in four full days.

    There was no outpouring of joy in Twitter all evening as we followed events. Not from anybody. Everyone was stunned. The hashtag of the evening was #ConDemNation. People who vote Tory are worried about how much they will be forced to compromise away under the new deal with the Liberal Democrats. And vice versa with people who voted for the Liberal Democrats.

    Talks were concluded by midnight with mostly unanimous votes. A deal was made for a new coalition. Full details will be disclosed over the next few days but so far, Nick Clegg has stated we are looking at a new kind of government. He used words such as diverse and plural and kept repeating the word fair. The MPs who had attended the meeting appeared happy, euphoric even, which was astonishing in itself. What are the Lib Dems doing being happy after talks with the Tories?

    It shouldn't be like this. It's all upside down and inside out.

    And thus endeth my fair assessment of the last seven days.

    The song: The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) was originally written when The Specials were still together but wasn't released as a single till 1981, after they had split and the Fun Boy Three had formed.

    The lyrics are political: the cowboy is Ronald Reagan, European food mountains had just become news, which sat uncomfortably alongside growing reports of starvation around the world. "Take away my right to choose / Take away my point of view", it didn't feel like anyone had a voice under Margaret Thatcher's Tory government. Nothing anybody said seemed to make the slightest difference.

    The music is pared back and skeletal, minimal and on a monotone, as if catatonic. There is little energy or enthusiasm from the band, little expression or emotion. The version I have chosen is one with The Specials, not the one by Fun Boy Three which is even more lifeless and almost trip-hop which you can listen to at Hype Machine here: The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum - hypem stream.

    Have we gone back 30 years? Is this an 80s revival proper? Are we right to feel anxious, nervous, scared to go to sleep? Exciting times, interesting, fascinating and frightening all at once.

    Further reading:
    David Cameron - Statement in Downing Street
    The Guardian: Tory-Lib Dem coalition threatened by secret hardline memo on Europe
    The Guardian: David Cameron and Nick Clegg lead coalition into power (comments are worth a look)
    The Guardian: David Cameron sacrifices inheritance tax policy to win Liberal Democrat deal
    The Independent: Cameron begins to work out the colour of a two-tone Cabinet
    UK Press Association: Clegg vows 'new kind of government'


    - My Gang

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  • Today LastFM has tried to sink us. Please lend artist and group support here.

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    Please click on the picture. To read what we think. And please help us. By lending us your great support. Thank-You.
  • April and Easter 2010. Newsletter.

    31 Mar 2010, 23:55 de vjsupersaint

    Hello all you good and nice people. Welcome to Spring in The Northern Hemisphere. And Autumn for those of you in The Southen half of our globe. And for those of you that celebrate it. Have a very Happy Easter Not too many chocolate eggs OK. And for those of you that know it's April Fools Day today. Look out for the mousetrap in your bed. Now you cannot say we did not warn you, can you haha.

    OK so on with the news from the past and coming Month then. First of all in our journey around our groups. We found these messages over the last Month.

    From WeLoveYourSongs

    Hey guys we are actually looking for unsigned artists for an online music contest. The contest will be free to join and with a final prize of € 1000. For further information regarding rules and how to register take a look here or send us an email at Cheers

    And this from fetler only yesterday as you read this

    New bands/artists are needed for the Duck and Cover website. If you'd like to promote your music, please post audio/video clips and a bit of copy here:

    If you are an artist or part of a band. These ideas we feel. May be well worth you taking a good look at.

    Double Thumb also has a couple of new tracks. That she would love for all of us to listen to. These are here. Lullabies EP

    From roligtmedhatt

    Just released, full 7 track EP for FREE!! Northern Swedish upbeat summer-y indie pop! Dreamy folky vocal harmonies, soulful intricate violins... for fans of Vampire Weekend + Loney, Dear and the like!
    And from SurfaceUnsigned.
    The Surface Unsigned Festival has expanded to European for 2011. The Surface Unsigned Festival is a live music event that brings unsigned bands and artists to the attention of all aspects of the music industry. We are a festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering and promoting new talent. In 2011 events will be held in cities throughout the U.K. and Europe. For bands that reach the final stages of the Festival, both Surface Unsigned and our sponsors will award with Industry Showcases, Recording and Production Deals, Professional Photo Shoots, Cash, Endorsements and much more. The prizes in store for 2011 are in excess of 100,000 Euros.
    OK so here's what some of our European artists would like you to know too. from Lostfreeq.

    From SebastianMuxo
    Hey i´m really apriciate that you listen my songs and comment what do you think about it. I'll take your observations to get better every day and I Think that you can help me to get my music known!!! So I hope that you include me in your groups and activitys I will really apiciate!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! SEBASTÍAN MUXÓ IF YOU WANNA LOOK MY WORK AND HEAR MY MUSIC ENTER HERE:ó

    And finally from Sax-Moryson
    New Radio-Link..Sax & Moryson / PS-12 - 24 hour Radiostation , . ......Hello , thanks to all who hear my music. I´m pleased. My music is now running well all day in a radio station in U.S. Pa .Here the new Link:.... ....... Gina, from Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , Project System 12 , Gina Moryson , and other


    News from artists is as follows;
    From Chiron1

    Hi. I've been busy in the studio working on a new song. Here's the result. I hope you like it True Blood

    Hi all. New song uploaded. Bit of a different sound for me...there's not an acoustic guitar in sight. Let me know your thoughts :) All I Wanted

    From Timbo93
    Hey guys, my musical project is called Weekend Revolutionaries. I've so far released two albums (Trouble in Paradise and Boxes and Boomgates), as well as a single (Open - Single). My third album, Coastal Mentality is released worldwide in digital form on June 7, so please support my music and purchase a copy on iTunes/Amazon etc. My second album is also out digitally (iTunes/Amazon/Shockhound/Rhapsody etc) and physically at CD Baby.

    From gethinkitchener
    hiho, been quiet for a while but here's a newie And On It Goes
    And finally from AtlasMountains

    Hi everyone.... we have made available for free download another track off our album 'Sanskrit Owl'... come have a listen, and if you like what you hear, download or just say hi, whatever takes your fancy! Cheers Dave (The Atlas Mountains)
    Sanskrit Owl

    Not much news here we're unhappy to say. But Snye is our artist of the week in there. So please give him a listen,thanks. And tracks come quite regularly from Cordovero So please give him a listen too. He's very good. And is very good at mixing it up regularly.


    News from artists.
    From RickyReilly.

    Who wants to do a listen swap? send me a link!

    From Alonely.
    Listen swap? :D

    From blockproject
    stopping by to say hi. i'm mobdividual. acoustic guitar driven delays, noise and chords, let me know what you think... listening my way down, already know some... facebook bandcamp LastFM

    From thenolf
    new track, hope you enjoy!

    From purplefrapp
    here's my first album as i told you before!

    And finally from JunoKnowsTheBiz;
    I'm not in a band, but I work for a music blog and we interview and do reviews for unsigned bands on a regular basis. I gotta admit, unsigned bands have some of the greatest material I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me and we can schedule an interview or set up a review with either myself or one of my coworkers. To every unsigned band or solo act, I wish you nothing but the best! ~Juno

    Unfortunate again a very small group that needs artists and listeners alike. To come join and help us build. But no new again from there. Please do listen to current Artistes of the week though Badapple

    TNI The New Independent
    News from artists is as follows;

    There is a new Bill Strange tune at you might like, Burning Desire Please feel free to let me know what you think.
    And the only other message is from Kenelis.
    Hey, , please listen to my band KENELIS. We're trying so hard to make it big so please have a quick look? X :) Thanks mel x

    New Releases

    Cold September EP

    The Unbearable Romanticism of Melancholia

    Party Field

    Distorted Dreams

    Coastal Mentality

    Other News & Links.

    Please don't forget the best DJ on the radio anywhere in the world. Her name is Susanne [Sussilo]. Please ask her for local timings. But this is where you can find this wonderful Lady at the weekend.

    She plays the best mix of artists. Old & New, with a record label or not. Please click on the picture to find out more.

    And this one is for our friend Joey Stebanuk who you can find in our group Unsigned America And you can buy his music at giveaway prices here. Please use the links there to see what bargains he has got. Thank-You.

    OK so that's it then please do have a great Easter all of you. And please listen to all our artists connected to all our groups. Especially our Artistes of the week. And new artists are being added all the time. Please do come check them out. And join our groups too thanks.
    Take care all of you. With love from Susanne,Daniel &

  • [My Gang] Ultravox - Vienna : Reco of the Week 30 March 2010

    30 Mar 2010, 19:51 de Babs_05

    Track: Vienna
    Artist: Ultravox
    Album: Vienna (1980)
    Tags: , , , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, official video

    The best of the time travel series begin this Easter weekend with the new Doctor Who and the return of Ashes To Ashes, both BBC1.

    To celebrate 30 years since the original release of Ultravox's signature track, Vienna, and to herald their reunion tour, there is a campaign in Facebook to download Vienna from Sunday 4th April and get them the UK number 1 that eluded them the first time around. The aim is to get it to number 1 for Sunday 11th April.

    Source: Facebook

    Vienna was an unusual piece even at the time. We were getting used to synths taking over from real instruments, but a balanced mix of synths, orchestral strings and piano, so that it sounded more classical than pop, was new. The size of the music is epic and immense. The look and feel of the video is about being grand, wealth, good taste and highbrow culture, taking inspiration from the film The Third Man (1948). It was released as a single in 1981, which probably doesn't suit the purposes of the Facebook group but there we are.

    It is the title track and the third single from the album, Vienna, arguably their best, which was released in 1980. I remember Passing Strangers and Sleepwalk but Vienna was the one that got everyone talking.

    The early 80s were a backlash against the free and easy, natural-look 70s. Prog was out, tightly constructed and composed was in. Scruffy threads were out, 1940s polished design and couture was in. The New Romantics made it an art form but on the street, everyone looked the way Keeley Hawes does in Ashes To Ashes. Midge Ure captured the mood and set the tone with his haughty aloofness and this video. Fans may have been mourning the loss of John Foxx, but there was a new audience who hadn't noticed them before, me included.

    I had the 12" to this track and it irks me to this day that someone 'borrowed' it, without asking, and never gave it back. And we used to giggle at the name, because of course Vienna was the name of Mr Rigsby's cat in Rising Damp. The two are inextricably linked in my mind.

    I will continue my tradition of building radios per series for Ashes To Ashes and will have one up and running from Friday. You can view tracklists per episode in the group - Ashes To Ashes.

    Source: Den of Geek

    Don't forget - don't download Vienna before this Sunday. Wait till then, spread the word, and let's see if we can put history right.

    Further reading:

    Facebook Group: Let's get Vienna to number 1 on 4th APRIL!


    - My Gang
    - Ashes To Ashes

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  • [My Gang] Yeasayer - O.N.E : Reco of the Week 16 March 2010

    16 Mar 2010, 19:54 de Babs_05

    Track: O.N.E (23 March 10)
    Artist: Yeasayer
    Album: Odd Blood
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, official video

    I've been in love with this track for such a long time, as has everyone else in it seems if the charts are anything to go by. Last week, the new video for the track was released to online music magazines only, subject to regional permissions. Rolling Stone had global rights but their tiny little screen was of no use so I couldn't reco it here. Today, Mute uploaded it to YouTube, at long last. O.N.E is to be released as their new single on 23 March.

    Expand the screen when you view. Marvel at the freaky man driving the car! Gasp at the Evil MySpace Background clothes! Admire the high tech electronic instruments!

    Freaky Man with the bubbly head goes into a club, doesn't smile at anyone, not that they'd notice anyway because they're all too busy posing. Freaky Man has a go at one of the glass instruments, absorbs the band and finds himself channelling all of them - in his face! - for which he gets thrown out because as we all know, that's just freaky.

    I have a lot of time for Yeasayer. I loved their debut album, All Hour Cymbals. I think it was one of the most underrated albums of 2007, eclipsed by bands such as Foals and Vampire Weekend, who were using similar ideas but in a more extreme way. Yeasayer kept things reined in and balanced, creating something gorgeous as well as experimental and challenging.

    Cover design: Benjamin Phelan

    The new album, Odd Blood, picks up from where they left off, adding new directions and exploring more ideas. O.N.E is The Song Of 2010. O.N.E dominates. None of the other tracks on the album come close, touch it or sound like it. I can't help myself, I have to say it: O.N.E is a one-off. Thank you for indulging me. In decades to come, we are going to love O.N.E the way we love the greats we grew up with. It's got classic track written all over it. Future music nodding to the 80s who in turn nodded to the 60s.

    Did I mention I liked it?

    For me, O.N.E has overshadowed the rest of the album to such a degree, I have hardly heard the other songs. They play, I think: that's nice, but can't wait to go back to my craving. Take O.N.E out and you have an album that's dividing people. Except for Rome, the world music that marked the debut has gone. Now it's pop, dance, urban, industrial, rock. More specifically, it's 80s synthpop, New Romantics, 90s hip-hop and dance. They have kept the vocals and harmonies that remind me of Fleet Foxes. That's still a varied mix and none of the tracks are straightforward blatant chart fodder. The best song after O.N.E is Madder Red. Inspired by John Lennon - Jealous Guy, the song is "about being a weak man, a gambler". "I'm worth your time", they repeat. I think that's the secret of Odd Blood. You have to get past the big ideas to get to the more subtle ones they've hidden away. Like an album of Easter eggs.

    Put your 3D specs on

    Whether the album is to your taste or not, what's clear is how clever Yeasayer are. To take outlandish ideas and mould them so they sound everyday is a skill and something to admire. They wouldn't be able to do that if they didn't know what they were doing. They push, stretch, teeter on the edge, yet it all sounds perfectly normal. They are the band Madonna should have gone to before she pulled her last album together. It would have been more successful if she had. It would have been Enya with Bounce.

    Further reading:
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