Office vs. iWork

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    • 14 Abr 2008, 5:06

    Office vs. iWork

    Just curious as to what most of you use as your office suite. I'm a student and I got the student version of MS Office when I first got a Mac about 2 years ago and I've been using that up until recently. I downloaded a trial of iWork 08 and have used that for a few things, just like some word processing and I made a Keynote presentation. Seems like a pretty solid, easy to use set of programs, but it doesn't look like it has as many features.

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    • 24 Abr 2008, 11:54
    ive never used iwork to be honest. but i use MS Office because my college uses windows and MS Office, so..

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    • 27 Abr 2008, 3:16
    I love the iWork-Suite. I never need Word or Power Point or better said ms office. You can handle every file type and it's very easy to use. Furthermore is -for example- Keynote quite powerful and has much better effects than PP. But also Pages or Numbers is enough for my requirements.
    So if you want "easy to handle software" I can only recommend iWork from Apple!

  • iWork kicks MS office's ass
    its way better, faster, stable, easier to use, and if you need anyone that only has MS Office to view your work just export it as a PDF or as any file type in de Office suite.

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    • 9 Jul 2008, 16:33
    Indeed, happy iWork user here :)
    iWork is indeed easy to use. Me and MS Office have never been friends, even not in my dark and evil windows days. It got less bad when Office 2007 for windows was released, but it still sucks big donkeyballs imho. Pages is the first and only word processor that I practically don't swear at. It's easy and powerful. I'm typing my reports for school in Pages, create my presentations in Keynote. That's about all I do with office suites.

    One of the features I like about Keynote for instance is dual screen support, so I don't have to show all the people in the classroom the whole shitload of crap on my desktop, add notes for myself and see the next slide or action.

  • I use iWork myself. I like how it integrates with my other iApps...dunno if '08 Office does that, although I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.

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    • 24 Jul 2008, 19:00
    Pages just wasn't feature-rich enough for me. For one thing, this is a .doc world, and it's annoying to have to export it to that file type rather than just save it.

    Word on the Mac is, honestly, heavier and clunkier than I'd desire, but Pages just isn't enough. The Office suite is going to be my mainstay for a while to come.

  • I have iWork and Office '04/'08. What I have to say:
    -Office '04 is acceptably stable
    -Office '08 has enhanced, but keeps being catastrophal
    -iWork is unbeatable

    -Yes, that's the whole point about Microsoft's Office. It's compatible.
    -iWork's ability to export in MS Office-documents is just a joke. It almost never works…

    -Presentations: Go Keynote. PowerPoint is graphically really ugly.
    -Text: Unfortunately, Pages is nothing against Word. However, Word is nothing against sth. else like LaTeX.
    -Calculation-sheets: That's the only thing PCs are useful for. Excel is unbeatable there. Take Excel '04 (since Excel '08 doesn't understand how to handle macros). Numbers is nothing.

    All in all
    You just need it to make presentations
    Then, you're right with iWork. It's worth it, even just for one third of the Apps.

    Sometimes, you need to write some letters
    I dare say Pages is best for this. The only thing why Pages is nothing for me is the missing ability to insert cross-references. Hence the degradation.

    You do the daily stuff in your office
    Well… Use Office '08, it's more modern than '04.

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    • 26 Dic 2008, 10:26
    I also have all these apps. Yesterday I removed Office, because I need to use only iWork. Pages is a great app. M$ Offise is much more slower then Apple's products.

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    • 6 Ene 2009, 3:45
    iWork is great, but it takes some time to get used to a non-msword format... some of the functions also aren't there and it's sort of annoying. However, Pages makes wonderful flyers and has a nice brochure template, so I'd have to go with iWork.

  • iWork looks cool, but I cannot pay for it and I think that it's another office suite, like MS Office. If I have to choice, maybe I choose iWork because is Apple software, but MS-Office have more compatibility with the ms-documents, specially pps.
    I am using OpenOffice in my Mac because it's great and I don't need to pay for it.

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    • 2 Feb 2009, 3:04
    iWork, Simply it's more stable....

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  • I like, mostly because it's free (and I'm a cheapo...). Since OO.o version 3.0, there is a native OSX version, so integration with our beloved OS is no problem. It imports and exports reasonably to the world's "standard" M$ office formats.
    I must say that I have not yet tried iWork...

    • Sansadoom escribió...
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    • 20 Feb 2009, 14:08
    i use office 08 or business and iwork 09 for home...

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    • 21 Feb 2009, 18:45
    It's kinda tricky to say, I have both iWork and Office... And in Art Business you have handle both stunning visuals and exact numbers.
    When calculating, MS takes it but in presentations iWork kicks butt. When doing presentations the #1 tool is still Final Cut Studio with Shake so iWork is left with no use...

    MS Office a.k.a "Laggy Shit & Unstable Headache" takes it in my case!

  • Has somebody encountered similar problems?

    Hello again,

    I've installed iWork '09 recently… and I think since then, my MacBook Pro goes crazy each time I try to present a 3D-Chart in Keynote: It takes him 20 seconds to display the moderator-monitor and 30 s when the presentation is displayed — iStat menus show me that during this time, one CPU is occupied 100 %. I've the same problem in Keynote '08.
    I've a 2.16 GHz Core2Duo and an ATI Radeon X1600 with 128 MB VRAM in a MBP late '06.
    Does this really have to do with my hardware? I can't believe it!

    One Apple a day keeps viruses away...
  • iWork has ALOT of features missing compared to Office '08

    MS OFFICE for £25
    iWORK for £35
    (yes they are legal copys - i am a student)

    For starters Fonts you get in '08 you don't get in iWork
    Bibliography and Citations in iWork dont exist unless you buy a 3rd Part App!

    iWork crashes every time i load it :@

    load time of opening an Numbers Document is STUPIDLY slow

    saving for compatibility with '08 saves TWO documents!?!?

    i have my office '08 installer to hand just incase

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    • ShmidtN escribió...
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    • 26 Mar 2009, 11:36
    I use iWork myself.

  • iWork is quicker, nicer, and exports into all Microsoft Office file types. It's cheaper too, right? So yeah, choice seems obvious.

    • Cosmau73 escribió...
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    • 1 Abr 2009, 18:38
    I use only iWork 'cause it's the only software that don't work on my macbook, many crashes... And then i like the new features on ^__^

  • I have both iWork and MS office.
    I prefer using office- although it crashes a lot. x_x

    • henli_02 escribió...
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    • 3 Ago 2009, 17:46
    I have both. But going to delete MS office, since iwork can read and save in ms office formats + its just easier to use and it looks better.

    • PC_MAC escribió...
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    • 7 Ago 2009, 22:20
    I have iWork '09, Office 2004 (for MAC) and Open Office. They all have something that stands out for each, but i still would go for iWork because of it's stability...

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  • my vote goes to iWork

    iWork is much better than MS office. Why? Cause iWork has some awesome features to make your work stands out and even the process is much easier. and let's be honest, the interface looks better :)
    You guys should try it, Keynote is a really cool tool to make your presentations, i highly recommend it ;)
    Another nice feature is where you can upload and send your document to your friends so they can add notes, corrections and that kind of stuff. they can download the document in different formats so you can just send them the link via email. is a quiet useful tool :)

    cheers my MacUsers friends lol
    Pablo from MX 

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  • I totally agree. The sharing with is amazing. I used it to share my resume with a friend so she could help me fix it up. The notes and stuff are awesome!

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