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It's been hard, Lars. It's been hard to watch everything you guys do and you touch turn to gold and everything I do fucking backfire." Dave Mustaine

Megadeth, since their formation, have been a band that has been riding the coattails of Metallica, the greatest metal band of all time, and have gotten an unfair amount of fame because of it. Dave Mustaine, Megadeth's frontman and rhythm guitarist, has zero talent in both guitar and vocals. He has claimed to have invented a guitar technique known has the spider chord until one of his former band members absolutely owned him. Mustaine's lead guitar work involves shredding the minor pentatonic scale and nothing else. He has no sense of melody or any sense in songwriting (hence their poor review scores, despite writing incredibly generic music).

The bass work of David Ellefson, while mostly unnoticeable, is often played with poor timing and requires use of a pick, unlike the far superior Cliff Burton. His bass lines lack any kind of originality and have not done anything to advance bass playing in music, unlike Cliff Burton and his great influence in bass playing in metal.

Their drummers, when not dead, are boring and emotionless. They often also have the poor timing that David Ellefson has, which is pathetic when you're a drummer, since your main purpose is to keep a rhythm. They lack any sort of technical skill, failing at the double bass drum technique that is so often used in metal.

To sum up, when compared to Metallica, Megadeth have not experimented more in other genres - despite also stepping outside of metal; and have not done more for metal. Metallica popularized and invented the Thrash Metal guitar tone Metallica popularized and brought in influences from classical music. Before Metallica, Metal was mainly blues-influenced.

Now here's some evidence of Megadeth's lack of talent and plagiarism:

Dave Mustaine showcasing his vocal abilities. Keep in mind fans consider this one of his finer vocal performances:

"Dave tried everything he could to sell more albums and be as critically acclaimed as Metallica. He claimed to write Metallica songs he never actually wrote, he steals their riffs for his Megadeth songs, he does anything possible to be as big as them. Unfortunately that never happened." Marty Friedman

Some of Megadeth's stolen riffs:

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