The synthetic dream foundation "mechanical serpent"

  • The synthetic dream foundation "mechanical serpent"

    The Synthetic Dream Foundation's newest album "Mechanical Serpent" is currently finished and being manufactured as you read this. The album is a stylistic continuation of the sound created during the last two albums, with a deft fusion of industrial, IDM, electronica, and orchestral music. The album features guest vocals by Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion and The Gathering), Summer Bowman (the machine in the garden), Susan Siren, and Tamara Kent. The album is being released by Mythical Records, and will be shipping on Feb. 18th 2010. The album is currently is pre-order from both TSDF's and Mythical Record's websites for the price of $10. The full track listing is as follows:

    1. Glittered Ripples from the depths (w/ Marcela Bovio)
    2. Invoking the beast
    3. Auf dem see (serpentine mix) (w/ Summer Bowman)
    4. On whom the dreadful claw
    5. The spectre's masquerade (w/ Susan Siren)
    6. The one eyed maiden
    7. Puzzlebox (mechanism mix) (w/ Tamara Kent)
    8. Ascent to heaven's eye
    9. A silvered freeze

    Mechanical serpent

    Mythical records

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