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  • alienseer23

    Long Live Ampache!

    Abril 2014
  • phunyguy

    Been an Ampache user since it was introduced. Bought the iDevice app to interface with my server, and said "KTHXBAI" to iTunes.

    Febrero 2013
  • don_mums

    This looks pretty awesome! I've managed get ampache up and running on my FreeBSD VPS in just two hours including that part when it wasn't scrobling. :) So far I have just 10 songs, but it works really well.

    Diciembre 2012
  • steblublu

    Using Ampache with mpd to send a music streams to my local lan via an icecast server and also remote shoutcast server so I can listen anywhere. It all works great and with Ampache I am able to acomplish this.

    Diciembre 2011
  • gerxrdo

    LOVE IT! Don't know what I would of done without this amazing script :)

    Abril 2011
  • gerxrdo

    Hello guys! before i was using simplify media on my windows computer and since google purchased the company I had to find an alternative :) Ampache is it!! Thanks for the great work!!

    Diciembre 2010
  • wxl23

    another apache-mobile (webOS) user here. next plan: build a mini-ITX box running freeNAS and stick ampache on it!

    Octubre 2010
  • jonthysell

    I love being able to control and stream my music to any computer in my apartment, out the sound system, or even to work!

    Septiembre 2010
  • schlicr2010

    trying lastfm ampache plugin

    Agosto 2010
  • Dagolard

    Found it last weekend on my way through the sites...and I don't like it...... I LOVE IT! Only the bug switching to another language, but I hope for the Future. Keep it up, Ampachians! :-)

    Agosto 2010
  • Trav1sty

    Took a break from Ampache for a bit but I'm glad to be back. It's a great platform.

    Junio 2010
  • kingofnerds

    Just got amarok configured to play ampache from my wife's computer, I think she will like being able to have all her music available to her once again.

    Mayo 2010
  • harpokrates

    Ampache is just great. Love it!

    Mayo 2010
  • RalphGL

    just set up ampache at my linux-home server - try to connect from my samsung-tv and my wlan-mobile next. DynDNS for connecting to my dynamic ip is a fine addition.

    Mayo 2010
  • JDFight

    Set up Ampache on my home server yesterday for listening to my music from work, home, anywhere... I must say that the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced!

    Mayo 2010
  • dataromantics

    I am ready to use the API to connect my DB to anothers. Please message me here or at joe AT to get access. Please put ampache in the subject somewhere to avoid SPAM trap. I am running the SVN code so Im not sure If it is backward compatible. Vollmerk?

    Mayo 2010
  • GGhootch

    Yes. Awesome.

    Abril 2010
  • valoriez

    Amarok Insider #14 is out Get it here! It was great fun writing it, and discovering more about the excellent coolness of AMAROK!

    Marzo 2010
  • mibant

    Ampache 3.5.4 is now running on my QNAP NAS - that's excellent :)

    Marzo 2010
  • Hico1410

    Thanks Vollmerk, really great piece of software,I love Ampache.

    Marzo 2010
  • vollmerk

    Ampache on the iphone? Oooh yeah

    Febrero 2010
  • drmotte

    just uploaded it to :-)

    Enero 2010
  • Noodlebot

    my old desktop is pretty much a dedicated ampache box now, loads of fun

    Diciembre 2009
  • webstravaganza

    My favorite thing about ampache for my Pre is the fact that with transcoding, and an unlimited data plan, I can listen to any of my music whenever I'm driving. This is simply an outstanding piece of software and it's had a tremendous impact on how I listen to my music.

    Noviembre 2009
  • tke364

    "I'm an Ampache Mobile WebOS user as well. Setup was piece of cake, just have to make sure you have Ampache version 3.5+"

    Noviembre 2009
  • yardbird_

    I regularily use ampache to listen to my collection of music from work. Thanks for the great work guys!

    Octubre 2009
  • christof1977

    I use ampache on a dedicated server. Unfortunately my slug at home is not powerful enough to run ampache as well.

    Octubre 2009
  • goatslacker

    I'm an Ampache Mobile WebOS user as well. Setup was piece of cake, just have to make sure you have Ampache version 3.5+

    Octubre 2009
  • tedborel

    Ampache Pre brought me here as well. I am a novice with servers and such - took me 3 hours to set everything up (+ XAMPP) on my old crappy little laptop that I never use anymore. I am just curious about leaving it running 24/7? Is it a totally secure server?

    Octubre 2009
  • MrFreePress

    Ampache Mobile for Palm Pre brought me here as well. I installed Ampache on XAMPP and play while away from home. I'll setup my Last.FM id on Ampache server and assume it sends statistics to Last.FM and then this group???

    Octubre 2009
  • czarphanguye

    Just joined up to this group. Mainly thanks to the ampache app/s for the palm pre. l8r

    Agosto 2009
  • HerrStilz

    Great ampache runs on this little ~5 watts sheevaplug fella right now: Love it!

    Agosto 2009
  • Wedgeff7

    Ampache is a very amazing soft! Listening to all my music at home from my work place is really cool. Very powerful and easy to use! Thanks for that!

    Agosto 2009
  • SpanishCastle

    Documentation could be better... works well with Amarok once configured. Terrific for home networks or remote access.

    Julio 2009
  • theflew

    Ampache rules! I just want to know if it's possible to use it through iPhone (in fact, iPod Touch)?

    Julio 2009
  • explodingzebras

    Ampache is great bit of software - i just need to work out how to use it from the net, my netgear router is a pain.

    Junio 2009
  • while1

    Love Ampache! I can now stream all my music from my new HTC Magic wherever I am and everything is scrobbled to

    Junio 2009
  • motionthings

    HOWTO PHP 5.3 in XAMPP on Windows:

    Mayo 2009
  • vollmerk

    ryawn - Try this. [Preferences] -- [Playlists] -- [Playlist Method] -- [Send and Clear on Add] That will make 3.4.x+ act almost identically to 3.3.x

    Abril 2009
  • kc9lfd

    ampache .3.3.4 pwns. Yes, it's old but it was the 'latest' available in FreeBSD ports. But it still kicks ass. If it aint broke dont fix it! keep up the good work!

    Abril 2009
  • vollmerk

    In theory someone is working on it, a vast majority of the 3.4 and 3.5 interfaces are actually AJAX (and not full page reloads) that said I try to take a minimalist approach to AJAX as it adds a rather large overhead (every AJAX request has to re-authenticate the session, load user preferences, check ACLs etc) That said if you want to work on it let me know, the vision was to build it using the API

    Marzo 2009
  • AntiRush

    Gotta love it

    Febrero 2009
  • kingofnerds

    Ampache: music player that just works.....

    Febrero 2009
  • spawn57

    ampache friggin' owns! thanks!!!

    Febrero 2009
  • orsten

    great piece of software thanks! :)

    Diciembre 2008
  • giltonic

    Ampache is f***ing top !

    Noviembre 2008
  • dannesthlm

    Next release should include the Swedish translation

    Noviembre 2008
  • dbblackdiamond

    I have been using Ampache for the last couple of years to listen to my music from work. I have looked around for another software better than Ampache to do the same thing and I am still looking.... ;-) Awesome piece of code.

    Noviembre 2008
  • dew-genen-ny

    Wicked, wicked project, use it at work to listen to tunes and when I'm round at mates houses too...... gold!

    Octubre 2008
  • pachico

    Great! All my friends are now using it! Sharing 5k albums with it without any trouble. Cheers!

    Octubre 2008