• What is hope of music in the future ?

    30 Ago 2009, 6:08 de Duplex-Ache

    I'm thinking about the future of my music. At last , the inner freedom is the important thing,my thought has been reached.Then tried as a child and free from all format of musics,How do you think bout this 'Hope ' :)
  • Composer & Pianist Mario López Santos

    9 Sep 2009, 14:47 de jandhry

    Albumes: Periplos & 1973
    Artist: Mario López Santos
    Label: Several Records, S.L.

    Official Lastm site: Lastfm Site
    Official Myspace site: Official Myspace Site
    Official Facebook Fans site: Facebook Fan's site


    Mario Lopez Santos
    2008 / Several Records, SL
    48.1 minutes

    “1973” is the second solo piano release from Spanish pianist/composer Mario Lopez Santos. Classically-trained from the age of nine years, Santos brings a fresh voice to the contemporary piano scene. Not surprisingly, Santos’ music is very classically-influenced, but the personal nature of the music keeps it in the present. The fifteen pieces range from minimalistic to complex and dramatic. The liner notes and song titles are written in Spanish, and I don’t have a command of that language, but music is indeed a universal language. No matter what the literal meanings of the titles are, this is incredible music to explore and savor!

    The opening track is “Ilusiones.” Buoyant and upbeat, this very expressive piece goes from big and bold to quiet and delicate. “Todo Puede Cambiar” is much darker and very passionate, making full use of the wonderful tonal range of an exceptional piano. The varied, interwoven themes seem to tell a compelling story - a great piece! “El piano, el violin y la guitarra” is easy to translate! Lively and light-hearted, the piece seems to dance all over the piano, demonstrating what an amazing pianist Santos is. The title track has a gorgeous melody and a wonderful flow. 1973 was the year of the composer’s birth, so I assume that this is an autobiographical piece - a favorite! “Tus Planetas Y Tu” is a simple piece that overflows with feeling while casting a spell - also a favorite! “Seduccion” is fascinating. Alternating between strong/lively and fragile/delicate, this is quite a tour de force! “Camino de Aranda” begins with a couple of slides on the piano strings followed by a few notes in the deep bass and a plucked melody - a great effect! The second part of the piece is dark and deeply emotional - possibly influenced by Erik Satie. As the piece evolves, the tempo quickens and it becomes much livelier and more complex - I love this one! “Suite Naufragos” is made up of six short pieces. As far as I can tell, “Naugragos” means “stranded,” so these are not happy. They are, however, extraordinarily beautiful and powerful.

    Mario Lopez Santos is quite a find, and I have to thank Alejandro Clavijo for linking us up! “1973” is available from and Very highly recommended!

    Mario Lopez Santos
    2006 / Several Records S.L.
    44.9 minutes

    One of the joys of having a review website is that every once in a while an artist I probably would not have discovered otherwise finds me and blows me away. One such artist is Spanish composer/pianist Mario Lopez Santos. With a very strong background in classical music and a pianistic technique to die for, both of Santos’ CDs are mesmerizing as well as enchanting. Released in 2006, “Periplos” is Mario Lopez Santos’ debut recording, and what a stunning debut it is! A bit more classical in styling than his more recent “1973,” the varied moods and incredible dynamics of this recording are truly awesome. There have been several times over the past few days when l was listening to this CD that I just had to pause and say, “Wow!” I’ve also added a new composer to my favorites list! Ear-candy this isn’t, but if you truly appreciate the piano, you, too, will be amazed at the colors and nuances Santos coaxes from the keys as he expresses his deepest thoughts and emotions.

    The opening track is “Si el mar hablara,” a gorgeous piece that expresses the mix of love and fear most people have for the ocean and wonders what the sea would say if it could speak. With notes gently rolling like waves, it tells a lovely story. The title track (“Long Voyage”) tells of a lifelong search to find the melody that challenges him and reminds him of who he is or wants to be. Carefree optimism is set in waltz time, dancing with joy. “Luceros (Bright Stars)” is lively and sparkling with an infectious energy. I love “En mi casa (In my house),” a piece that overflows with contentment and peace yet maintains a vibrant tempo and deep passion. “Reflexion” has a wonderful Baroque styling reminiscent of JS Bach and a dark power that never stops moving - another favorite! “Mujer contra mujer (Woman against woman)” is a tribute to the group Mecano and a theme that was popular in the early ’90’s. Mysterious and darkly beautiful, it’s a very effective tribute! “Tarantella balcanica (Balkan tarantella)” is a joy. With fingers flying all over the piano keyboard, Santos shows us another side of his musicality with a piece that makes me smile every time I hear it! “El olvido no es victoria (Forgetting is not victory)” closes the album with a reflective, pensive piece that asks whether man is capable of forgetting or if he simply deceives himself by wanting to show others that he has forgotten. Very dark and almost mournful, the emotional impact of this piece is incredible. Wow!

    I’ve been hearing some amazing music this year, but “Periplos” and “1973” are both guaranteed places on my Favorites list for 2009. If you like Philip Aaberg and Michael Dulin, I think you’ll agree that Mario Lopez Santos is a pianistic force to be reckoned with. Find his music at, (downloads), and iTunes as well as I give “Periplos” my highest recommendation!


    Tracking List "Periplos":

    1. Si El Mar Hablara
    2. Periplos
    3. Nana
    4. Luceros
    5. En Mi Casa
    6. Reflexión
    7. Tan Cerca, Tan Lejos
    8. Sale El Sol
    9. Mujer Contra Mujer
    10. Tarantella Balcánica
    11. El Olvido No Es Victoria

    Tracking List "1973":

    1. Ilusiones
    2. Todo Puede Cambiar
    3. El piano, el violín y la guitarra
    4. 1973
    5. Tus planetas y tú
    6. Seducción
    7. Un juego de niños
    8. Camino De Aranda
    9. Scottish Jota
    10. Buenos días
    11. El Vals De La Cena
    12. Navegando Sin Pensar
    13. La Tempestad
    14. Cansados De Luchar
    15. Destrucción

    If you love the new age piano (Whisperings solo piano radio or SkyFm Solo Piano, Philip Wesley, David Lanz, David Nevue, George Winston, Suzanne Ciani, Philip Aaberg, Joseph Akins, Michael Dulin....).

    I recommend you listen Mario López Santos.

    Mario Lopez Santos is the great pianist and composer of new age piano in Spain and his albums are nominated for the best albums 2009 by Kathy Parsons in!!.

    Enjoy it!!!.

    Already available in iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon... The Mario Lopez Santos' CDs (Periplos and 1973).

    Enjoy it!!!
  • Hier Kommt dein Weihnachtsgeschenk - Christmas Gifts

    28 Oct 2009, 21:28 de Sax-Moryson

    Hier Kommt dein Weihnachtsgeschenk - Christmas Gifts

    Kategorie: Musik

    Hallo meine Lieben, ... Ihr habt noch kein Weihnachtsgeschenk ?

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    Unter den richtigen Einsendungen verlose ich eine meiner neuen Sampler-Doppel-CD (1 Titel von mir und 33 Titel von weiteren berühmten CC-Lizenz Künstlern wie z.B. Botany Bay und Rob Costlow) natürlich mit persönlichem Autogram von mir und ein Gina Moryson T-Shirt lege ich auch noch dazu.

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    Gina Moryson

    In English

    Oktober 28, 2009 - Mittwoch
    Here comes your Christmas gift - Christmas Gifts
    Kategorie: Musik

    Hello my friends, ... You have no Christmas gift?

    Then Go ahead ....... answer the following question:

    Which band and title I was among the winners of the Free! Music! Contest! 2009 in Wiesbaden.

    Among the winning entries verlos I have a sampler of my new double CD (1 track of me and 33 other tracks from famous artists such as CC licensing Botany Bay and Rob Costlow, of course) with a personal autograph from me and Gina Moryson T-Shirt I also put one at that.

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    Gina Moryson

    Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , E.Th.Orkester , Rob Costlow , Botany Bay , Project System 12 , Gina Moryson
  • 2009 Outstanding R&B/Soul Song Nomination

    17 Nov 2009, 1:57 de Nhojjsong

    Love is nominated for an OutMusic Award for Outstanding R&B/Soul Song. Listen now...

    Join the Nhojj Group
  • Music Video for Love - Nominated for 2009 Outstanding R&B/Soul Song

    22 Nov 2009, 4:41 de Nhojjsong

  • VFSix "The Best Of Ten Years"

    25 Nov 2009, 15:30 de vfsix

    VFSix's new best-of album, "The Best of Ten Years", is available now.
    Check out the 13 dark, slightly melancholy tracks from the Moscow electronic/chillout band, who were one of the first to bring trip hop to Russia.
    This compilation is a gift for every connoisseur of real music art from VFSix.
    Feel free to download and show your support on Kroogi.
  • TIMEMACHINE my new Song and Video goes online

    1 Dic 2009, 14:36 de Sax-Moryson

    Nach einer irrsinnigen öffentlichen Premiere meines neuen Songs - Timemachine (Live) Samplerversion habe ich nun das Video und den Song gratis (unter CC - Lizent 3.0) online gestellt , ,

    viel Spass beim hören und sehen

    , Gina Moryson

    von der Band Sax & Moryson

    - - - - - -- -- - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - -in English- - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- -- -- - - -- - - - - - --
    After an insane public premiere of my new songs - Timemachine (Live) Samplerversion I now have the video and the song free of charge (under CC - Licent 3.0, Free Music) online,

    a lot of fun at the sights and sounds of

    Gina Moryson

    by the band Sax & Moryson

    Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , Project System 12 , Gina Moryson , and other
  • pay for radio? some opinions

    24 Abr 2009, 11:13 de imbuteria

    click on the picture!
  • new album with free downloadable tracks

    10 Mar 2009, 17:45 de koniii

    available there: work in progress
  • Calling Voices

    1 Mar 2009, 21:44 de RenatoV

    How often do we manage to listen to the cries for help that surround us?
    How often do we believe that our own cry for help has actually reached someone who is capable of listening?
    How often not?
    You get the feeling that we're living in a world of people incapable of hearing the voice of someone who, possibly right beside us, is crying out his needs.
    If it is tragic to see the needs of a single person go unheard, how terrible is it to realize that the voice of entire nations is unable to reach us?
    Sitting in our armchairs we watch the images of a silent film flow by. It is enough for us to look away, even for a moment, and those images, those events, will never have existed.


    Quante volte riusciamo ad ascoltare le invocazioni di aiuto che ci circondano?
    Quante volte pensiamo che la nostra, di invocazione, abbia veramente raggiunto qualcuno capace di ascoltarla?
    Quante volte no?
    Si ha la sensazione di vivere in un mondo di persone incapaci di sentire la voce di chi, magari vicinissimo, urla il proprio bisogno.
    Se vedere inascoltate le esigenze di singole persone è un dramma, quanto terribile è accorgersi che la voce di interi popoli non riesce a raggiungerci?
    Seduti in poltrona guardiamo scorrere immagini di un film muto. Ci basta distrarre lo sguardo, anche per poco, quelle immagini, quegli eventi, per noi, non saranno mai esistiti.


    This musical piece is an internet collaboration where the music of Renato Ventura meets the vocal lines composed and interpreted by Roberto Grilli. The original music used in 'Calling Voices' was composed by Renato Ventura in 2006, but it wasn't published before. The voice of Roberto Grilli called back this music at a new life.