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Basic Information
Alex Saidac
Jakke Erixson
Oscar Holter
Record Label
SoFo Records
This highly-energetic electro/pop/dance queen is all set to conquer the world!
Born in Stockholm 22 years ago, growing up to be the typical 'tomboy', disregarding Barbie, refusing to wear a pretty dress, turning her back on a privileged background to become a follower of the 'Stockholm underground scene', a break dancer performing at local rail stations to earn some money, A love of graffiti art, A successful DJ gigging throughout Europe, and prior to all of this, finding herself at thirteen years old, in the wild countryside of Argentina training to become at the age of only seventeen, one of the leading female Polo players in Spain and the men's team.

Realising where her heart lay, and without telling her parents, she eventually returned to Sweden and applied for the prestigious 'Musikmakarna' to pursue her first love. As with everything she puts her mind to, she achieved her goal and was one of the chosen few to pursue her dream, followed by a six month internship in Los Angeles

Some might say a wild child, but if you knew her, you would understand this is a girl who could already write an autobiography that would keep you engrossed through to the very last page. An artist with a passion for everything she believes in. A talented writer, a real performer and an artist that sings from the heart.

Having recently teamed up with what she describes as her 'hit machine', the talented production team of Holter/Erixson based in Stockholm, and signing to SoFo Records/Lionheart Music in Stockholm, the first tracks from the collaboration are already helping to spread the word of Alex Saidac.

Take note, listen to her story, watch her performance, hear the voice, and understand this is no manufactured pop phenomenon, but the real deal.

What you see is what you get

Alex Saidac
Booking Agent
Ulrika Hammar - or Cecilia Mörnhed -
Press Contact
Johanna Boström Stone -

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