southern african music

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    • 26 Feb 2007, 13:19

    southern african music

    hello, very interesting group african music, its very sad that lots of music profiles only have that little african artists, its very europa and north america centered.

    you can have a look at rate your music there every user has a map:

    I found a very nice band from south africa called "bonog maffin" dont know if anybody mentioned yet in the forums here.

    this album is very cool

    they are quite popular in SA, kwaito style but very interesting one not the usual stuff.

    if somebody interested in the album send me a message!


    Love Music - Hate Fascism !
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    • 24 Mar 2007, 0:39
    the forums on are really dead things :-(

    Love Music - Hate Fascism !
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    • 6 Abr 2007, 13:15
    Don't despair. ;)

    Check out some of my groups: TV-free | Musepackers of the world, unite !

    Je suis modérateur pour (la partie francophone).
    I'm a moderator for (french-speaking side of

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    • 23 May 2007, 12:35

    Newtown concert , May 25th

    Next Friday there will be a concert event in Jo'burg Newtown with Femi Kuti, Ringo, Louis Mhlanga and others.

    SABC will transmit on TV.

    Is anybody able and willing to record the 2 h program and put it on avi or similar format?

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    • 29 Dic 2011, 9:46
    Marrabenta from Mozambique

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