Who are your favorites?

    • mugginz escribió...
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    • 22 Jun 2009, 15:48
  • Dday One (check out my group - dday one
    Clutchy Hopkins
    DJ Vadim

    top three. there's too many though...

    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
  • el-producto is the man

    I made a date with divinity but she didn't let me f*ck

  • Shadow Productions I think that was them same shit unlisted crafting musicians
    that help Eq United's clothing line. fucking like no other a mashup of different techniques.

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    • wonxy escribió...
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    • 30 Ago 2009, 6:13
    Definitely Madlib, especially shades of blue. Can anyone recommend me anything similar, actually anything at all. Also the El Michels Affair and their versions of numerous Wu Tang songs on 'Enter the 37th Chamber'. Check it out if you haven't already.

  • Prefuse 73 is godlike, The Opus is my love.. but as of late, my ears have been glued to this little unsigned gem: Angelcrack -- and tracks: Bass Harem, Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Deftones Remix), Dalmatia Sunrise, Innuendo, Fluke

    nice new discovery thanks to myspace and last.fm.

  • Conrad Newholmes
    Buddy Peace
    Beneath Autumn Sky
    Dday One
    Dj Signify

    brap brap brap brap brap !!!!

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 15 Nov 2009, 8:07
    top five would be like this on most days

    emancipator (undisputed #1) ... i don't think i'll ever tire of emancipator
    nujabes (#2)
    rjd2 (#3)
    dj shadow (#4)
    Aether (#5)

    other favorites include but aren't limited to

    flying lotus
    blue sky blue death
    glen porter
    kid koala
    40 Winks
    doctor flake
    odd nosdam/prefuse 73
    wax tailor

    • Sakaarnis escribió...
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    • 28 Nov 2009, 20:09
    In no particular order:

    Aesop Rock
    Buck 65
    Sage Francis
    Cecil Otter
    Common Market
    Kristoff Krane
    Josh Martinez

    And alot more, but these id list as recent favorites, or - those i listen more than others at this moment.

    • 2nd_face escribió...
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    • 5 Dic 2009, 12:18
    Dday One
    Freddie Joachim
    DJ Shadow early
    DJ Krush
    The Joe Beats Experiment
    Kero One
    Yesterday's New Quintet
    40 Winks
    Clutchy Hopkins
    Savath & Savalas
    half of Ninja Tune releases, label Project Mooncircle, glitch-hop projects from M3rck Records (Malcom Kipe, Caural, Ilkae, Machine Drum)

    and more & more & more............


    • fredzel escribió...
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    • 13 Ene 2010, 16:25
    check out best (imo) polish beatmakers: Noon , Daniel Drumz and Kixnare

    • renton028 escribió...
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    • 15 Dic 2010, 11:03
    • Hellward escribió...
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    • 15 Sep 2011, 10:04
    I would like to recommend you two not-well-known yet quite interesting albums
    DJ Bias - Time & Tide
    Shitao - Lines [official download]

    I hope You'll like them as much as I do...

    • icecube75 escribió...
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    • 9 Jun 2012, 10:24
    -MF DOOM

    50 cent 90s aftermath alternative alternative hip-hop alternative rap alternative rock atlanta b1gga baltimore bay area bloodraw brazilian brick squad cali chicago cloud rap columbus compton dc dipset dirty south east coast east coast rap electronic elle varner experimental female vocalists fly society fucking swag g-funk g-unit gangsta rap good music grime gucci mane hard rock hardcore rap harlem hip hop latino hip-hop hip-hop dominicano hipster rap horrorcore houston industrial industrial metal industrial rock instrumental hip-hop jaheim kevin cossom king of pop long beach los angeles louisiana rap loverance memphis memphis rap metal miami mindless behavior mississippi mmg neo-soul new jack swing new york nu metal ofwgkta ohio philly philly rap pittsburgh portland punk rock rap rap nacional rapcore reggaeton rnb rock shady slow jams southern hip hop southern rap staten island strange music swag teairra marie underground hip-hop underground rap west coast west coast rap west coast underground yo
    • Hellward escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 29 Ago 2012, 0:34
    Artifacts (bancamp) by Æther

  • dj krush

    Existence in a format of illusions of the parallel worlds.
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