• Sarah Palin Rocks the Polls!!!!!!!!!

    17 Jun 2011, 17:49 de redhotfire

    Wow! I am soooooooo excited! It is a dream for a woman to finally get this opportunty and I couldn't be thrilled!
    This is a link to today's poll and article.
    This is a link to Heart's Barracuda Palin's theme song!
    Great tune and great news! I am Independent and am not Republican nor democrat, it matters to me who the person is and what they stand for and all though I love Sarah and a majority of her views. I DO NOT agree with all of them and it is fantastic that we may finally see a woman in the White House!
  • facebook-games got me! never thought it would happen 2 me, LOL =D

    11 Jun 2011, 17:44 de redhotfire

    hello there,
    ok so i never thought in a million years i would get bit by the facebook bug! i really like 2 play video, board, and card games, so low and behold i get a profile due to the request of my love Jimmie. then also @ the many requests of Jimmie started playing cityville and whoa dude i m hooked on cityville and city of wonder(farmville and empires and allies eehh menza menze, so so) i absolutely luv them! so if u like games shoot me a friend request on facebook @!/profile.php?id=100002353851769
    all lastfm welcome! lastfm will always b my 1st social platform love! ;)
    ang :)
  • It's about time!

    15 May 2011, 8:04 de redhotfire

    Wow! Did you hear about this! I'm soooo excited!
    Write me back, let me know what you think.
    Angela ;)
  • half a sleep & OOOOPPPS

    3 May 2011, 13:13 de redhotfire

  • zombogrinder?

    3 May 2011, 3:35 de redhotfire

    Have u guys seen this on addicting games i m not promoting it cuz i h8 that crap on lastfm! but dude u gotta c this is insane i beat it in like 2 hours & was litterally laughing my ass off the hole time! my face hurts from thought: ULTRA KILL-MULTI KILL-RAMPAGE!!!!!!!
    <div><a href='' style='color:#2e4b82;'><img src='' width='50' height='50' align='left' style='float:left; border:2px solid #006; margin-right:5px;'><b style='display:block; padding-top:18px;'>Zombogrinder</b></a><br clear='all'></div>
    enjoy! its a fun way 2 pass the time, :D lyao=laughing your ass off
    until next time,

    21 Oct 2010, 17:39 de DEFJAMRECORDING

    The Yonkers rapper is set to drop his first Def Jam album Donnie G on Dec. 7--his first major label project since his solo debut on Universal, Walk Witt Me. One-third of gutter rap group The Lox, Sheek has recently been lighting up the Internet with leaks from his upcoming fifth solo album (see street heater "Cocaine Trafficing" with Jadakiss) and upcoming mixtape with DJ Green Lantern, Donnie Def Jam: Guerrilla Warfare Vol. 1 (peep the Styles P-featured "My Pain"). While he's recently blessed features for Beanie Sigel and Joell Ortiz, he's following through with his next single "Quarter After 2." (VIBE)
    Last May, Sheek credited Island Def Jam music executive L.A. Reid for bringing his talent to the label.
    "I got some real good music coming out," he revealed. "I needed that right machine behind it to get that record past the level that it stops, to push it further. And I was shopping it to a lot of the majors...but my man L and Butch, Czar, Mike Caruso and Lenny S...they brought me up in there to Def Jam. And Chris Hicks and L.A. [Reid] they seen the vision. And it's on...It's between a couple spots that's actually throwing real nice numbers and ideas at [The LOX]. I know everybody's been hearing about that project but it's for real, for real...we're meeting with [Diddy] on Wednesday." (XXL Mag)
    Sheek initially announced his signing to Def Jam in early May via his Twitter page.
    "D-block!! Twitter what's poppin? I got a major announcement ... Gonna tell yall in a few....," he wrote Monday (May 10) afternoon. " Ya boy just signed a new deal...y'all can call me Donnie Def Jam now!!" (Sheek Louch's Twitter)
    Donnie G represents Sheek's first major release since 2003's Walk Witt Me and latest project since his Life on D-Block independent release in 2009.
    Walk witt Me is the debut album by rapper Sheek Louch of the hip hop group The LOX. The album gained little mainstream recognition despite being on a major label, Universal. However, the album did manage to generate a buzz for the single produced by DJ Green Lantern titled "Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up)", which samples some lyrics of the song "Back Down" by 50 Cent. The song features fellow members Styles P and Jadakiss of D-Block, as well as ex-member J-Hood.

    12 Oct 2010, 18:08 de DEFJAMRECORDING

    Dear Hip Hop ,
    We would like to introduce to you a new network on television HIP HOP TV . A network bringing hip hop directly to your home . Excepting live performances ,comedys,church programs,talk shows,tv shows,commercials,movies and all formats of entertainment. You can become a producer handling all commercials for your show or simply submit specials leaving the commercials up to us .

    Submit your series :(20 episodes) every month edited in 28 minute spots
    Submit your special : Movies , stand up comedy, or other dvd content edited for one hour (58 minute) segments or 28 minute segments .
    Commercials rates start at $40 a month for 6 spins a month
    Producers with their own commercials must pay the $10 each spin fee
    If you want to go commercial free please pay the $100 membership fee



    For large files you can use YOUSENDIT.COM

    Please send cover note that include your name or business name , address ,country , website , email and contact number . or download form

    Mail any format video to :
    Attn : Kevin Lee
    50 Nevins Street Brooklyn NY 11217


    20 Sep 2010, 18:03 de DEFJAMRECORDING

    After 10 years of waiting, Rah Digga proves she is a veteran who can stand alone - in her class as well as on the microphone.

    In the May 2000 issue of The Source magazine, I wrote the review for Rah Digga’s debut album, Dirty Harriet. I opened the review by stating that growing up as a little boy, if someone uttered the statement, “Hey! You throw like a girl” it was to be considered a straight up diss. Then just as now in today’s current climate of Hip Hop with far too many posturing male emcees claiming originality that’s reticent, how fortunate would they actually be if someone said to them, “Hey you rhyme like a girl!”…especially if that girl’s name, excuse me - if that woman’s name is Rah Digga. With a resume that’s encapsulated by verses on the multi-platinum-selling Fugees sophomore album, The Score and the title of Flipmode Squad's “First Lady,” for far top many male emcees, being told that you rhyme like a girl would be considered a major step up. The lady with a commanding delivery, vibrant vocal clarity, punchlines and a deep, rich voice is back after 10 winters.

    “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap” reveals a real lyricist who just also happens to be a female to bless the game with what it has been missing. Over hard snares and nasty tops and bottoms, Rah Digga flexes her lyrical prowess. The message is simple: don’t speak when grown folks are speakin’ and Rah Digga is definitely a grown-ass woman, she ain’t a lil’ kid. The Outsidaz alum who took time off to be a mother to her child, lost no luster in her braggadocio style. Digga possesses the type of pen game that most rappers would be afraid. As you listen to her spit it’s more than obvious that the she never stopped writing songs and verses. “The Book Of Rashia” is a track possessed with Gothic musical accompaniment and instrumentation. Digga's commanding flow shows that a sleeping giant has been awoken and the New Jersey native born Rashia is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing with sheer skill and confidence. Like her debut album, Classic keeps guest appearances to a minimum. Linking back up with, Dirty Harriet producer Nottz, the duo works together uncompromisingly to masterfully carry the whole album.

    “Who Gonna Check Me Boo” is aimed directly at the heart off true Hip Hop lovers. If current emcees' musical offerings are clogging up your arteries and raising your levels of bad-Rap cholesterol, then the team of Nottz and Digga offer you classic crisp production and raw, polyunsaturated Hip Hop. Amidst hard snares, organ sounding keys, whistles, and video game laser shot noises; Digga poses the question, "Who’s Gonna Check Me Boo?" and then confidently responds, “Not 'chu!” This is simple, but effective. Rah Digga's confidence has always enhanced her appeal.

    The title track, “Classic” is a Rock-inspired joint accented by early Sunday morning church organs. The track is caressed by a Rah Digga lyrical onslaught that will have you pressing rewind to hear that classic line that she just said, one more time. On, “Viral” Digga rips dudes and kills chicks, while “Straight Spittin’ IV” is nothing but energy and a barrage of lyrical fury as Digga notes that she’ll probably be spittin’ till the day she meets her maker. Despite her plans for infinite rhymes, Digga doesn't overdo it on Classic. The 11-track sophomore album is just a bit over half an hour long, keeping it both concise, but also a bit abrupt after so much time away. Moreover, like many golden era disciples, Digga struggles at times for subject matter more than her abilities, her views of the culture's stagnation, and firing warning shots on violators.

    After 10 years of waiting, Rah Digga proves she is a veteran who can stand alone - in her class as well as on the microphone. Classic manages to mesh the best elements of the year 2000s Hip Hop with the highlights of the musical trends of today. When she burst on the scene in the late '90s, Rah Digga countered a burgeoning trend of female representation in Rap. Nearly 15 years in, she's still a Rap role model standing tall.

    18 Sep 2010, 17:22 de DEFJAMRECORDING

    'Down on Me' is Jeremih's second single off his sophomore album, 'All About You,' expected in stores Sept. 28.

    Over synth, dance-driven back beats and Auto-Tune vocals, Jeremih recruits emcee mogal 50 Cent for a track about getting down with a girl in a club: "I love the way you grind with that booty on me / Shorty you a dime why you looking lonely / We'll buy another round and it's all on me."

    'Down on Me' follows the more R&B-leaning single, 'I Like' which featuresLudacris. To hear the 'Birthday Sex' crooner's new single

    Listen to the remix feat. 50cent

    1. All About You
    2. X’s & O’s
    3. Down On Me (feat. 50 Cent)
    4. Take Off
    5. iLike (feat. Ludacris)
    6. Waiter/The 5 Senses
    7. Broken Down
    8. Holding On
    9. Wanna Get Up
    10. Sleepers
    11. Love Don’t Change


    Only Girl (In the World) Lyrics Rihanna – Here are the sizzling hot lyrics for Rihanna’s new song called ‘Only Girl (In the World),’ which is the first single off her upcoming album, ‘Loud,’ that will be out later this year.
    The techno beat was produced by Stargate and the singer does not hold back on the lyrics where she asks her man to pretend that she is a piece of delicious pie for one night and savor her – she seems to be saying there is nothing wrong with bringing sweet things in the bedroom.

    Rihanna established her dance-pop credentials in summer 2005 with her debut smash hit, "Pon de Replay," and continued to demonstrate hit potential in subsequent years (e.g., "S.O.S." in 2006; "Umbrella" in 2007; "Disturbia" in 2008). However, it was the singer's third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, that made her a full-fledged international pop star with a regular presence atop the charts. Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 20, 1988, in Saint Michael, Barbados, she exhibited a certain star quality as a young child, often winning beauty and talent contests. Because she lived on the fairly remote island of Barbados in the West Indies, however, she never foresaw the sort of stardom that would later befall her.

    That stardom came courtesy of a fateful meeting with Evan Rogers. The New Yorker was vacationing in Barbados with his wife, a native of the island, when he was introduced to Rihanna. Rogers had spent years producing pop hits for such superstars as *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Laura Pausini, and Rod Stewart, and he offered the talented Rihanna a chance to record. Along with Rogers' production partner, Carl Sturken (the other half of Syndicated Rhythm Productions), Rihanna recorded several demos that sparked the interest of the Carter Administration — that is, the newly appointed Def Jam president Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. This led to an audition, and Rihanna both received and accepted an on-the-spot offer to sign with Def Jam.

    Come summer 2005, Def Jam rolled out "Pon de Replay," the lively leadoff single from Music of the Sun. Produced almost entirely by Rogers and Sturken, the song synthesized Caribbean rhythms with urban-pop songwriting. "Pon de Replay" caught fire almost immediately, climbing all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and contesting the half-summer reign of Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" atop the chart. The debut album spawned one other hit, "If It's Lovin' That You Want," which also broke the Top 40. Rihanna's follow-up effort, A Girl Like Me, saw even greater success and spawned three sizable singles: a chart-topper ("S.O.S.") and two Top Ten hits ("Unfaithful," "Break It Off").

    Rihanna's third album, 2007's Good Girl Gone Bad, continued her success while signaling a change of direction. Whereas her past two albums had been imbalanced — often weighed down by faceless balladry and canned Caribbean-isms — Good Girl Gone Bad was a first-rate dance-pop album, stacked with several chart-topping singles and boasting collaborations with Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Timbaland, and StarGate. The lead single, "Umbrella," shot to number one, as did "Take a Bow" and "Disturbia." Its success turned Rihanna into one of the planet's biggest pop stars. Rated R was released in 2009 during the wake of a physical altercation with romantic interest Chris Brown, who pled guilty to felony assault. The album's lead single, "Russian Roulette" — written with Ne-Yo — was one of the year's most controversial singles, and it set the tone for the singer's new, dark direction. Rated R peaked within the Top Five of the Billboard 200, while another one of its singles, "Rude Boy," topped the Hot 100. Rated R: Remixed was released in the spring of 2010 and featured ten tracks from the album revamped for the dancefloor by Chew Fu. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

    16 Sep 2010, 18:55 de DEFJAMRECORDING

    NEYO flexes his acting chops in the SkeetScorsese/Wayne Isham-directed video for “One in a Million,” the third single off his fall album release Libra Scale. Filmed on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, the clip sees the singer-songwriter backed by his boys as he chases after a girl that doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. With a little magic and some slick dance moves, Ne-Yo tries his luck and doesn’t give up.

    Shaffer Chimere Smith (born October 18, 1979, better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, and occasional rapper. Since his debut, Ne-Yo has had five top ten songs on the Billboard Hot 100 as a lead artist and two number-one albums on the Billboard 200. Ne-Yo has also amassed a catalog of chart-topping songs that he has written for other artists.
    Ne-Yo broke into the recording industry as a songwriter, penning the hit "Let Me Love You" for singer Mario. The single's successful release in the United States prompted an informal meeting between Ne-Yo and Def Jam's label head, and signing a recording contract.
    In 2006, he released his debut album, In My Own Words, which contained the US number one hit "So Sick". Then in 2007, he released his sophomore album, Because of You which contained the US top 3 hit, "Because of You". In 2008, he released his third album, Year of the Gentleman, which contained the top 10 hits "Closer" and "Miss Independent". His fourth studio album "Libra Scale" is set to be released on October 19. Ne-Yo has so far released three singles of the upcoming album, "Beautiful Monster", "Champagne Life" and "One In A Million"