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Mispelled artist name - what is there to do?

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    • 31 Mar 2006, 17:01

    Mispelled artist name - what is there to do?

    Ogay, chaps, for some reason our band's name is missing a capital F. It should be "Frozen Flame" but everywhere in it has been changed to "Frozen flame". It bothers me :) What can I do to fix it?


  • Not much I'm afraid. This is a moderation issue, and we currently do not have an active moderation system working. This will change soon, and you'll be able to correct it.

    Did you ensure that the tracks you uploaded were tagged "Frozen Flame", not "Frozen flame"?

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    • 5 Abr 2006, 9:03
    Yeah, I made sure they were "Frozen Flame".

    • stulli escribió...
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    • 10 Abr 2006, 10:13
    i have the same issue: artist name spelled wrong ... now i am in a state of hoping and waiting for the album to be removed. actually this is a very embarrassing situation for us, the artist, and last too.

  • Stulli, what is the artist name?

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    • 10 Abr 2006, 10:59
    Bigsouls is wrong. must say BGSouls!

    i would kindly appreciate the entire artist to disappear. when the label control works i'd then love to re-upload the entire album properly. when uploading the tracks i did one after another, but it was said that this causes the system to overwrite the existing tracks in the label control panel but not in the database. result: all tracks can be played by users, but i can not access the uploaded songs. only one track appears in my label control.

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    • 17 Abr 2006, 10:55

    I think that doesn't solve the problem completely..

    hiya Stulli,

    I'm not sure if that will avoid the problem happening again...

    As a mini-disclaimer, I'm new to this and have just setup a label account and have been digging around for the last few days wondering why an artist with my label appears numerous times in the charts with slightly different spellings..i.e.

    The 4 of Us (Correct spelling)
    THE4 OF US (incorrect spelling)
    THE 4 OF US (correct spelling - all uppercase)
    The Four of Us (common alias for the band)

    What would be a great help is if in the LABEL CONTROL PANEL, there was an option to add in ALIASES. So incorrectly tagged (spelled) artists are mapped to their correct name.

    I.e. let's say Joe Bloggs in Musicville has ripped an album by THE 4 OF US to his computer and is listening in itunes with the audioscrobbler plugin switched on. But when ripping the CD he mis-spells the name of the artist (a very very common mistake - one I have made myself). The result is that mis-spelt artist becomes a "new" artist on LAST.FM.

    It's only a minor thing..but if there was a way to add in an ADD ARTIST ALIAS option on the LABEL CONTROL PANEL, I think it would help labels keep tabs on the tags.

    I hope that makes sense.


    [EDITED] actually that ADD AN ALIAS option would really help bands with foreign characters. allows you to add in aliases for an artist like that, which is great.

  • There is currently no way of "merging" artist names in the system. It's a surprisingly difficult thing to do because of the data we get from the Audioscrobbler plugins.

    However, we are working on things to improve the state of this problem.

    The idea that "eff gee" suggested is great on paper, but in reality it would be difficult because we would have no way of checking the real ownership of an artist name.

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    • 18 Abr 2006, 16:50


    The idea that "eff gee" suggested is great on paper, but in reality it would be difficult because we would have no way of checking the real ownership of an artist name.

    I think it's definitely worth pursuing.

    It would be a natural progression to allow labels to "own" the artist pages on, especially if there isn't going to be a PUBLISHERS CONTROL PANEL or MANAGERS CONTROL PANEL to sit beside the LABEL CONTROL PANEL.

    At the moment, under the LABEL CONTROL PANEL, labels have an option to add images to "their" artist page(s). It would make a lot of sense to add an extra few textfields below that allows the label to enter in ALIASES for that artist.

    Let's face it, if the label account has been approved, it would make sense to allow name "ownership" at that level, because it's in the labels interest to ensure that statistics, click-thru's and tags point to the correct artist.

    The key advantages, beyond the obvious, would be:

    (a) miss-spelt artist names at source.
    e.g. where Joe Bloggs has ripped a CD but typed in "THE4 OF US" (incorrect spelling) instead of "The 4 of Us" (correct spelling) as the artist name when tagging the ripped cd. When listening to that ripped CD on his ipod or winamp player, the plugin will register that as a new artist on

    (b) international bands.
    e.g. a (great) Norwegian band called Royksopp would be spelt differently by Norwegian music fans..(where the "o" is one of those special norwegian characters)

    hope that makes sense..I know it's not as simple as adding a few more textfields to the EDIT ARTIST PAGE option in the LABEL CONTROL PANEL, but...

    • stulli escribió...
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    • 18 Abr 2006, 22:28
    if people have tagged their songs differently, ok. not a problem. it is more annoying that what is once uploaded to last in the label control can be changed or removed at all. once uploaded, it's there, people have access to the songs, while labels can not retire or alter songs.

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