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label reach vs people count on album page

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    • 8 Feb 2006, 9:18

    label reach vs people count on album page


    have emailed a slightly different question to Jonas, sorry if I'm doubling up - but one of our artists' albums says on their album page '36 people recently listened to..." (album is Azeruz) - whereas on the labels page it says our label reach is only 7 (and times played is also 7).

    (And yesterday, it said 22.) What the...?


    Endgame Records
  • Hello,

    The figures you see on the front page of the Label section are weekly figures, so they will change every monday (although they were a little late this week).

    The figures on the album pages on the main section of the site are "rolling", so they are the sum of all the weekly figures.

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