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Impossible amount of plays and more issues

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    • 20 May 2012, 6:06

    Impossible amount of plays and more issues

    I created a page for my own project and there's a lot of funny stuff going on.

    First off, it says there is 1 listener (that would be myself) with 10 plays but 31 plays in the library. How can I have listened 31 of 10 plays? The total amount of plays is stuck on 10. Also there's only 1 track which appears in the Top Tracks but it says it has been played once while I personally have scrobbled it about 6 times just today. I know it's a known issue that plays are added within 24 hours and not immediately, but on an older account of a different name variation ( there are no Top tracks at all. Also, it says I have played 2 tracks of a total of 3 scrobbled but there is only 1 user. How is that possible?

    The old account is linked to a radio and shows similar artists while the new account shows 1 top track. So neither account shows the complete information. If at all possible I would like to merge them or get rid of the old account and make the new one work.

    By the way, I have no idea how similar artists can be determined for the old account when there are only 3 plays scrobbled.

  • The stats on artist pages (the number of listeners and scrobbles and the charts) are not updated in real time, like on user profiles, but only once a week - usually monday morning.
    Also the charts always show the number of listeners, not scrobbles, so it will only show "1" if you're the only one who played it, even if you did it 6 times.

    As for the older profile, in the past it was once possible for new artists to suggest some artists as "similar" themselves before they had 5 listeners. But now that's not possible anymore. I guess that's what could have happened there.

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