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Cache deleting itself

  • Cache deleting itself

    I don't have an internet connection at my new place so I just cache and then submit my cache when I go to a wireless cafe. I do this about once a week but I have found that the cache seems to be deleting itself. I will have some songs cached, turn the computer off then come back later to listen to more music. When i check the cache it will only have the songs in it I have listened to in that session. The songs from other listening sessions will be gone.
    Whats going on?

  • ...I could be wrong, but could it be that the cache is limited?
    I saw how mine never scrobbles more than 10 tracks when offline

    • Jester-NL escribió...
    • Moderador
    • 17 Oct 2006, 7:04
    The cache will not delete itself. If you stop listening and reboot your PC, the counter will start anew, but if you have, say, 50 tracks cached, and you reboot, it might start over. However the first track you scrobble will be the 51st in your cache.
    @Clydefrosch: your cache is limited, yes. By the available amount of space on your harddrive.

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  • How come then after spending a week of listening to +100 songs I go to submit and it will submit only 2 or 3 tracks? It seems to go back to 0 for me after rebooting.

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