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Igor Zavadsky

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    Igor Zavadsky

    We suggest you to familiarise with some actual materials concerning the criminal case instituted against the Ukrainian musician Igor Zavadskyi.
    1. On March 23, 2012 Igor Zavadskyi was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing and raping of children. The court chose a preventive punishment - arrest for two months. The defence of the musician submitted a petition to change the preventive punishment. To your attention - Igor Zavadskyi's speech delivered by him during the session of Kyiv Court of Appeal for change of preventive punishment on April 12, 2012:
    2. One of the Ukrainian TV programs (TV project "Groshi") interviewed Igor Zavadskyi in investigatory isolation ward by telephone. In this interview, among other things, Zavadskyi told the details of questioning at the night of his detention by law-enforcement authorities:
    "One says: "Do take his balls". He says: “Are you going to sign?" “No, I’m not”. Squeezed. I heard: "Bring him down". I fell down and my head hit a floor, fainted".
    3. It is necessary to name the facts which were disregarded by investigation for some reason. In particular, the Snigerov’s family from town of Molochansk of Zaporizhzhia region publicly declared that before the arrest of Zavadskyi they had been suggested to put an application to militia for Zavadskyi’s criminal acts towards their minor son Denis Snigeriov (Igor advised Denis for playing the accordion, repeatedly invited him for performances at concerts and had good relations with his parents). Besides, Igor Zavadskyi's acquaintances affirmed that they were witnesses of the fact he was threatened by phone.
    4. We notice also that there is a musician-accordionist in Ukraine, who is simultaneously a People's Deputy of Ukraine representing the party in power. He is a very influential Ukrainian politician. For many years he publicly showed his hostile attitude to Zavadskyi, criticised his professional activity, called him a pseudo-musician. In particular, he asserted that titles and ranks obtained by Zavadskyi at the international competitions are fakes.
    Moreover, there is an article in the Ukrainian newspaper «Bulvar Gordona» № 15 (363) from April 10, 2012 (titled «Let his guilt be proved by court» and with an inscription under Igor Zavadskyi's photo - «In fact he is a very moderate musician who has understood that it is possible to achieve more by help of public relations than by work»). Below we give the whole text of the article:
    «Detention of Ukrainian accordionist Igor Zavadskyi on suspicion in sexual abusing of minors has drawn a wide public response.
    On March 24, 2012 Ukrainian accordionist Igor Zavadskyi was detained and then was arrested for two months. The event drew a wide public response, opinions were divided. A part of admirers of his creativity, in particular, pupils and their parents were convinced that Zavadskyi was not guilty, another part, including professional musicians, considered the charges brought by investigation bodies to be entirely logical. Today we give floor to cultural workers not only from Ukraine who addressed «Bulvar Gordona» with an open letter.

    Dear editors!
    Observing events happening today in our mass media, we, people who know the real truth about «great and world-known» Igor Zavadskyi, can not stand aloof.
    We are wondered at the fact that such person as Zavadskyi has different titles which do not meet the reality. Believe us, we (professors, senior lecturers, teachers) know, who what title at what competition won. Zavadskyi is a liar and an impostor.
    In fact he is a very moderate musician who has understood that it is possible to achieve more by help of public relations than by work. Call 20 European conservatories or organizing committee of competitions to which Zavadskyi refers, and ask accordionists and button accordionists who Zavadskyi is, and nobody will answer you, except Ukraine, where he is now especially popular, not thanks to music, but thanks to scandal of a pervert.
    In his interview to the newspaper «Bulvar Gordona» in November 2003 musician Volodymyr Besfamilnov told about « a new wave of guys who are not ashamed of means making career» («Bulvar Gordona» № 47 (421): «Igor Zavadskyi managed to deceive Semen Yufa, a founder of Mercury Company, «who had deceived the whole Ukraine»), but everybody kept silent for some reason.
    Being students and sharing a hostel with him, some of us were the witnesses of conflicts which happened, as it turned out after letters from the administration of music schools, and scolded him for his sticking to children. Both his teachers and we were aware of his non-traditional sexual orientation. And let them not pretend of nothing had happened.
    It is absurdly to hear his well-wishers saying he was crossed up in revenge. Has anybody taken his button accordion away? Are we those who brought boys for him? Are we those who decided to take a video of that disgusting thing the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are talking about? What nonsense!
    Let his guilt be proved by court. As for music, we’ll sort it out ourselves. We musicians who have well-known names, real not faked titles and awards deserved and earned by blood sweat at the most prestigious well-known international forums where has never been a trace of Zavadskyi. Unfortunately there are no musical critics today, but there are brilliant talented accordionists, button accordionists in Ukraine who will respond to this article in newspaper «Bulvar Gordona» and will write the truth about "praised to the skies" concerts of Zavadskyi.
    Besfamilnov V. V. – the People’s Artist of Ukraine, professor
    Semeshko A.A. – the Honoured Worker of Arts, professor
    Grinchenko S.S. – the People’s Artist of Ukraine, professor
    Zubitskyi W.D. – the Honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine, the winner of international competitions
    Jastriebov Y.G. – the Candidate of Art Criticism, professor of St.-Petersburg Humanitarian University
    Vlasov V.P. – the Honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine, professor of Odessa State Musical Academy
    Koltun V.A. - the Honoured Artist of Russia, the winner of the State Award of Russia
    Andrieychuk P.A. - the Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine, professor
    Zhukov K.A. - the winner of the international competitions
    Zatulovskiy L.B. - the Honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine
    Sultanov D.R. - the winner of the State Award of Kazakhstan, the winner of the international competitions
    Svjatskyavichus R. – professor of Vilnius Conservatory
    Gabnis E – professor of Vilnius conservatory
    Titarienko V.P. - the National Artist of Ukraine, professor
    Lukich-Marx T. - the winner of the international competitions (Australia)
    Sokolov S.N. - the senior teacher of Institute of Arts at Dragomanov NPU
    Hrustevich A.V. – the winner of the international competitions
    Golodyuk A.O. – the winner of the international competitions
    Міrек N.A. - the candidate of pedagogical sciences, director of Alfreda Мірека Museum of Russian Harmonic of Museum Association «Museums of Moscow»
    Sevryukov N.I. - the Honoured Artist of Belarus, professor of Minsk Conservatory
    Vahramyeyeva L.F. – journalist.

    We realize that described by us documentary picture of succession of events concerning the case of Igor Zavadskyi is likely to be fantastic for the outlook of the person who is used to the European life standards. But in Ukraine human rights are in large quantities broken, and the belief in the Ukrainian justice has been already lost for a long time.
    Under such circumstances we, friends of Zavadskyi, are, actually, powerless in protection of his rights as a person. There is a real threat of his physical destruction before the trial in the conditions of investigative isolation ward. A large-scale campaign in mass media aims to sully his achievements as a musician of international level. Therefore we address to not indifferent Europeans with the request of responding to our letter, if it possible, on our letter and if you consider it to be pertinent and necessary.

    Sincerely yours,
    Igor Zavadskyi's friends

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