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    As you can see from we're trying out loads of new UI ideas on the new Radio page. Feedback/ideas/suggestions here please!

    • WichitaQ escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 14:25
    new radio is awesome, and it would reach pure awesomeness if we could directly choose to which playlist to add the currently playing track :s

    bugs: slideshow dissapears after you move on the next track, and the button to disable/enable slideshow becomes useless as it gets "stuck" once you click on it..
    images appear sometimes, but not always, although it always says "image added by xy"

  • @WichitaQ thanks for that. We'll be adding 'add to playlist' functionality soon. We're working hard to iron out slideshow bugs now as I type.

  • I really like the new radio, but it would be great if the album art was displayed somewhere, maybe if when you switch off visual radio it reverts to album art. And why is there still no pause button!?

  • @alexswanson yeah we're looking into album info/art now. Lots of room for improvement. Due to the way our licensing works, we only have a stop button right now.

    • qw3rtyy escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 14:41


    the new radio takes too long to load. i understand that there are bugs that have to be worked out, though.

    • KlaymenDK escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 14:44
    As mentioned here, simple album art would be nice as an alternative to the slide show. If you ever add visualisation, please also add an option to hide it so users can have a page without a lot of animation/movement.


    • zazi0815 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 14:48

    Combo Search

    It is good to see that you get the the multi tag search system to work, but what about the issues I've mentioned here?
    One of the most important changes is the option to disable scrobbling, while I'm just listening to a radio station. Because "My Library" should represent my library and not something else (I know you implemented it as listening history, but that is a different usecase).

    Cheers zazi

    believe in music to survive
  • Track info

    the new radio compltely got rid of all the track info...the player itself doesnt even display what its playing, you have to find that info elsewhere on the page. For someone like me, who disables the slideshow, the new player amounts to a giant useless play button.

    • fmera escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 15:01
    appreciate the effort with the screen overlay to mask artist image imperfections and all, but with the new slideshow metrics, there's more reason now than ever to insist on a minimum pixel dimension for all artist image uploads, so the slideshow won't end up like the sorry state that embedded youtube videos on this site is.

    i just measured the slideshow window - and it's 568x320. that's even wider than the present preview page image (500px).

    U.G.L.Y. - changing the face of music, one artist at a time.
    there are some things pngs can't fix. for everything else, there's pngoptimizer.
  • @fmera yeah this is the first version, we're looking for the perfect balance of image quality/CPU load/bandwidth, so there's definitely room for improvement.

    @WonderPenguin, you should see track info, and a timeline, just above the bottom panel with the scrobble / slideshow toggles.

  • First: it looks great, you guys are surely on the right track. The new features are awesome!

    I would like the following features:
    - ability to have some control over the speed with which the pictures update
    - ability to turn of the movement of the pictures: just let me look at the entire picture at once

  • @irvinebrown: I've got the same behavior as WonderPenguin: no track info and no timeline... just the slideshow window.

    For the wish-list... I also thing it would be nice to have a way to add the current song to a specific playlist, and also a "pause" button :-)

    • bgod escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 15:44
    Love it so far. The one thing that's missing for me is the album cover. I'd really like to see that worked in somewhere...

    One man he resist.

  • Multi-artist/tag doesn't work for me

    I don't have a Flash player, which the old player required, so I set my preferences on the website to play things in the desktop software where possible.
    This works fine except for multi-tag and multi-artist stations. The play button doesn't do anything for me. (It's a link to the same page?)
    If I navigate to a page such as*piano
    (linked in the blog post), I get a something that sort of resembles a player, but doesn't play anything.

    If this is caused by not having flash, here are my suggestions:
    1) The web site should detect if flash is not installed, and then not show the features that require flash, or show a message saying "This content requires a Flash player.".
    2) Multi-tag and multi-artist stations should be supported in desktop clients.

  • Copying over from the blog as requested:

    I love it but I’m a bit lost. If I want to edit a playlist while I’m listening to it, is there a direct link to the tracklist? There used to be a “playlist” link right above the radio. All the links I see around are just restarting my radio which is a bit frustrating.

    Also, when the radio box just showed the album, it also linked directly to the album which was kind of nice. Is there an album link anywhere on this page? It might also be nice, when you turn off the slideshow (as I do) to show the album cover instead of freezing on an image.

    Finally, it would be nice to be able to add to playlist a track I’m currently listening to without having to open the track in another window.

  • we're ironing out the visual bugs right now. keep the requests coming!

    • bgod escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 16:02
    I agree, would love to see "add to playlist" functionality

    One man he resist.

  • user comments on songs

    I like the new radio but please bring back the user comments on the song at the bottom of the page.

  • Oh no! I don't like the new one and have been trying to get back the old one to no effect :0( I can't even seem to figure out how to tag tracks now.

    Agree with WonderPenguin - I prefered the simple old version as I prefer to listen to the music and not watch the screen...any chance that users could choose which to use so that everyone is happy?

    • _oao escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 16:06

    More space for Track\Artist Info please!

    It would be nice if we had a few more lines of text for the artist bio. And when we click (read more) the behavior should be similar to the one in the Artist Pages: expand to show a few more lines of text.

    It also would be cool if you could squeeze some space for Album descriptions...

    PS: The scrobbling timeline is great, i really love it!
    Any chance for this to be added in the Artist Pages/User Libraries?

  • hmmm, OK, found the tagging button. But still liked the simplicity of the old format!

    • maz35 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 16:16
    I cant seem to get the multi tag and multi artist stations to load, I select my options but clicking on play produces no reaction.

    All the changes look nice though, much nicer then the old player :D

    Editado por maz35 el 6 May 2009, 16:24
  • Collapse Visual Part

    I like the new player but the visual part isn't work-friendly.
    Could add a collapse feature?

    • _oao escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 6 May 2009, 16:23

    Another Request!

    Can you enable the Share/Love Track/Add Tags/Add to Playlist/Remove From Library button to the Your Recent Tracks box?

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