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    • 30 May 2012, 9:13 gig history on Facebook Timeline

    Does anybody know if it's possible to sync my complete gig history with Facebook timeline. I have arranged it in a way that it syncs upcoming gigs that I will attend, but I would like to add the real concert dates to my Facebook Timeline.

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    • 30 May 2012, 9:21
    try songkick it might do what you want

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    • 30 May 2012, 9:23
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    • 30 May 2012, 16:06
    Any chance we'll get a little Music icon next to our names any time with Spotify and Rdio do it.

    Check out for setlists, photographs, and videos of the best shows in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania!
  • Baaatt sagte:
    Something simple, that displays the 'top 5 artists listen to in last 7 days', and a second tab to switch between the top 5 artists and 'last 5 tracks recently listened to'

    Yeah, that'd be fine. Maybe another tab with the top artists of all-time too.

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    • 5 Jun 2012, 22:27

    "Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before... He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way."
    Kurt Vonnegut
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    • 6 Jun 2012, 10:32
    Definitely would like this. The fact is that everyone is on Facebook hardly anyone is on I love being able to see what my friends are listening to on Spotify. I would like to see what other people are listening to using other apps like iTunes using Maybe Apple will release something with iTunes that works as flawlessly as Spotify. Seems more likely than doing anything anytime soon as hasn't evolved at all for years.

    If it wasn't for recommending new music and archiving all of my listening then I would have left a long time ago.

  • definitely +1 here. no idea why spotify is winning here

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    • 14 Jun 2012, 14:36

    Free fxn promotion for!

    Seriously devs, facebook groups recent activity by app, it can't be that difficult to let me share my scrobbles automatically! This is something I would actually want, unlike creepy social reader apps.... I'm already making this data public on purpose, I would love to have frictionless sharing integrated into!

    We're offering you free promotion here! Take up the offer and easily expand your user base! MORE MONEY!!! Facebook integration should be a #1 priority, and is something every web dev should have experience with... in fact, it's getting to the point where software developers are expected to know how to use the facebook API too... If you guys don't do something about this soon I'm going to look into alternatives, maybe even create a decentralised, open source alternative myself... better watch out!

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    • 14 Jun 2012, 23:25

    A would rape spotify so easily .. please add the demanded functionality

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    • 15 Jun 2012, 18:12
    Agreed. an app that publishes open graph listens from directly would be awesome.

  • I want it like spotify, but for

  • I second this as well. It would be very nice to see doing something like Spotify or other music services to allow friends on Facebook to see what we all might be listening too. Would it be possible if you guys could set up an app like that? =]

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    • 19 Jun 2012, 11:32


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    • 25 Jun 2012, 0:08
    Spotify locks up ALL THE TIME! I hate it! I love because it all happens seamlessly. I want what stupid Spotify does with this.

    Please make an app already!

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    • 25 Jun 2012, 21:59
    This would be great. An official app that would show scrobbles from iTunes and such. Would very much like to this come to life soon.

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    • 26 Jun 2012, 15:15

    Re:Re: How about this app?

    Maddieman a dit :
    ShaneyMac said:

    I've been testing this app for a few months now - it's does pretty much what you'd expect from it.

    Also, as Knapster01 said, we have to decide how we want's data to interact with Facebook in the best way for everyone. We don't want it to get too spammy

    Facebook timeline is not spammy, as facebook already agregates similar activities (lsitening to several songs in a row will result to "<name> listened to <song> and <n> other songs (via". And if someone doesn't want that, nobody obliges him to authorize (futur) app. has a huge database and my music history for several years. I really would like to keep using this service.

    But, let's face it, is not a succesful social network. I want to be able to share the songs I listened to and share the concerts I plan to go with no friction at all. is brilliant, but there is no reason to have it as a 3rd party app (which slows down the updates on the timeline)

  • Recent played 5 tracks!

    Here is how I show on my sidebar: And options to disply new loved tracks... New Facebook timeline seems no problem, actually you should do something like Official apps from Twitter, Foursquare for Facebook which do not flood user's FB timeline.

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    • 2 Jul 2012, 20:05

    Don't understand why this is such a problem

    I understand form my research on this issue that has tried to move away form official apps in favour of third party apps but this isn't really an app issue.

    Facebook Open Graph (which is what populates your timeline) connects directly with many website and it how it should connect to also. It would involve some site backend work obviously but all us users should have to do it connect to Facebook in the settings.

    An example of this working is Goodreads ( which recently added this feature. For anyone who doesn't know, Goodreads is similar to only for books. They even added the option to add all my past history so the books I have been reading since I joined the site are sent to Facebook. Goodreads didn't have to create anything special, the info is simple sent to the Open Graph and Facebook collected it and made a very nice books tap on my Timeline.

    I really like so I dont want it to be this difficult to get this feature. Get on it or you are going to get left behind and forgotten.

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    • 14 Jul 2012, 15:05

    I would also like to have this feature.

  • last.disappointment

    NOW I remember why I ditched my account... disappointment. I just used the Password Reminder to get back into my account FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of tying Pulsar to push the Spotify-like ticker info in Facebook. I didn't even research IF it could be done. It's such a simple feature, and Facebook is so commonplace these days, that I just assumed it was a no-brainer. Logging into and seeing such a basic feature missing is THE SOLE REASON that I'm going to abandon my account for good.

  • unbelievable

    I saw people doing this with spotify but I liked so I switched and subscribed only to be surprised by the fact that the only option is a poor quality third party app which has ads all over it. I am very dissapointed last fm, you used to be soo cool when you were based in a garage and now you are a multi-million pound app that actually is not worth paying for.

  • For it

    DoctorT said:
    I could see something like the mini-charts used as signatures in the forums which show the 5 or so most recently played tracks. I would want to have to actively send this chart to Facebook. I see no reason to automatically flood my status with anywhere up to 80 or so tracks a day listened to.

    Both MOG and rdio (and maybe other services as well) have Facebook apps that post what you are listening to in your status. I do not listen to either service so I don't know much about them except you activate the apps from within Facebook.

    I'm for it!!

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    • 1 Ago 2012, 15:27


    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! has fallen so, so behind, and this seems like it will be the last straw for people to use Spotify without blinking. :(, why aren't you listening?

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