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love/ban tracks

    • stevenmmm escribió...
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    • 11 Feb 2009, 20:21

    love/ban tracks

    i have a windows desktop based application that supports scrobbling. All is working fine with it, except i also want my app to allow users to love/ban a track. The submission protocol allows that rating as one of the fields but in my own testing still does not work yet.
    I could use the track.Love web service to acheive that but the issue i have is the authentication process requires a web page be opened and the user to approve the login request. I don't think that looks good, especially for a desktop app and is a pain for users as well. Is there a better way to do this without having to do the web page approval step?

    • Damaged escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 12 Feb 2009, 11:15
    The old 1.0 web services API still works, you could use that. may drop support for that though.

    I believe there's a .NET library somewhere in this forum that wraps the raw XML RPC requests you need to make.

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